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20th century classic style icons

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20th century classic style icons Audrey Hepburn is one of the 20th Century’s most heralded style icons, and for good reason! The famous actress and activist had consistent, classic style throughout her life, sticking to simple staples that ooze class. When I think of Audrey Hepburn, I think about the perfect little black dress, elegant tailored pieces, and a simple color palette. But capturing Audrey Hepburn’s style is really about studying the little nuances of her most striking ensembles. If you love Audrey’s style, you can copy it this Fall by adding just ten classic pieces to your style arsenal. You can find them in the slideshow below, along with the original inspiration from Audrey herself.

  • Fall Basics for Audrey Hepburn Style 1 of 21

    audrey hepburn style

    For decades, women have been influenced by Audrey Hepburn's effortless style. You can look just as easily elegant this Fall by adding any of these ten classic pieces to your personal wardrobe.

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  • Audrey’s Shoes 2 of 21

    audrey hepburn style

    One of Audrey's most famous style choices was for her feet. She most often was photographed wearing flats, and usually simple, unadorned black ballet flats.

    Find a similar pair of ballet flats on the next slide.

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  • Black Ballet Flats 3 of 21

    audrey hepburn shoes

    These ballet flats are simple and fitted- perfect with a pair of ankle pants or a simple dress.

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  • Audrey’s Slacks 4 of 21

    audrey hepburn pants

    At the height of Audrey's fame, it wasn't very common for women to wear pants. But she seemed to be comfortable in dark slacks that were worn high on her waist, and ended right at her ankle. The style works great with the other basic tops you can find in this slideshow, particularly a basic white blouse.

    Find a similar pair of slacks on the next slide.

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  • Black High Waisted Slacks 5 style of 21

    audrey hepburn pants

    These black pants have a classic high rise and are also available in tall and petite, so you can find the right length for the cigarette style pants that Audrey famously wore.

    Available at for.75

  • Audrey’s Dress 6 of 21

    audrey hepburn dress

    Audrey Hepburn's most iconic role was in Breakfast at Tiffany's where she famously wore an elegant black dress, a multi-strand pearly necklace, and held a cigarette at the end of a long cigarette holder.

    Find a classically styled little black dress that you can wear day or night on the next slide.

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  • Black Dress 7 of 21

    audrey hepburn black dress

    This black dress has a '60s style silhouette and a universally flattering cut. It's simple enough for daytime wear, but special enough to transition into a nighttime look.

    Available at for.99

  • Audrey’s Eyebrows 8 of 21

    Perhaps the most striking feature that set Audrey apart from other style icons of her era is her perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Thick, but still feminine, they certainly make a statement!

    Find your own makeup for Audrey-like eyebrows on the next slide.

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  • Eyebrow Brush 9 of 21

    audrey hepburn eyebrows

    Try a thicker brow on your own face with this eyebrow set. You can go thicker like Audrey, or just give yourself a little extra definition as a more subtle homage to the classic movie star.

    Available at for

  • Audrey’s Sweater 10 of 21

    audrey hepburn sweater

    Simple pieces are what make Audrey's style so timeless. This black crew neck sweater is so basic, but perfectly styled. The dark color is universally flattering and brings attention to her face.

    Find a similar sweater on the next slide.

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  • Black Crew Neck Crop Sweater 11 of 21

    audrey hepburn sweater

    This crew neck sweater is a lightweight knit that maintains the simple neckline we loved on Audrey and the flattering, somewhat cropped length that works well with 1950s-1960s styled pieces that are reminiscent of Ms. Hepburn's wardrobe.

    Available at for.90

  • Audrey’s T-Shirt 12 of 21

    audrey hepburn

    Audrey looks stunning in this simple striped shirt! It works great with her tailored black pants and crisp makeup. Nothing's more classic than a breton striped t-shirt.

    Find a similar shirt on the next slide.

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  • Breton Striped T-Shirt 13 of 21

    audrey hepburn striped shirt

    The boatneck style of this breton-striped shirt perfectly captured the midcentury style we saw on Audrey. This is the kind of shirt you can wear over and over again with jeans, or dress it up like Audrey did with a pair of statement earrings and tailored trousers.

    Available at for.95

  • Audrey’s Sunglasses 14 of 21

    audrey hepburn

    Whether it is was the 1950s or the 1980s, Audrey was frequently photographed in this iconic shape of sunglasses. Oversized like a proper movie-star's sunglasses, Audrey's shades also had a subtle cat-eye shape to them.

    Find a similar pair of sunglasses on the next slide.

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  • Oversized Tortoise Sunglasses 15 of 21

    audrey hepburn sunglasses

    These sunglasses perfectly capture the drama and shape of Audrey's shades and easily fit in with this year's trends.

    Available at for.99

  • Audrey’s Shirt 16 of 21

    audrey hepburn style

    Who looks this perfectly put together when lounging around in simply a white shirt? Audrey Hepburn, of course! This crisp white button-down blouse benefits from a collar large enough to turn up at the back and long enough appear carefree.

    Find a similar white shirt on the next slide.

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  • Crisp White Tunic Shirt 17 of 21

    audrey hepburn white shirt

    This crisp white shirt is perfect for emulating Audrey's chic style! The collar is the perfect size and can be worn folded or flipped up at the back. The length is great for an almost-tunic style, or can be tucked in with a pair of high-waisted trousers for a more classic look.

    Available at Nordstrom for

  • Audrey’s Patterned Pants 18 of 21

    audrey hepburn style

    Patterned pants were all the rage in the midcentury, but Audrey kept it classic with stripes. Hers were fitted, hit at the ankle, and had a high rise.

    Find a similar pair of slacks on the next slide.

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  • Patterned Pants 19 of 21

    patterned pants

    These patterned trousers have the classic high-waist fit and hit at the ankle for the perfect vintage style.

    Available at  for

  • Audrey’s Headscarf 20 of 21

    audrey hepburn scarf

    Here she is in her patterned pants and a coordinating headscarf. Audrey looks charming with the scarf tied under her chin to protect her hairstyle from a windy bike ride, but when the bicycle is parked, the scarf would look great around her neck too!

    Find a similar headscarf on the neck slide.

    photo by

  • Plaid Headscarf 21 of 21

    audrey hepburn scarf

    This mod styled plaid scarf can be worn as a headband, neck scarf, or headscarf. It's also available in black and white and can coordinate with any of the Audrey-styled basics shown in this slideshow.

    Available at on sale for.98

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