Best 10 Guy's Haircuts & Hairstyles Trends 2018.

51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019

Looking for the best men’s spiky hairstyles? Spiky hair emerged onto the scene in the 90’s and instantly became one of the most popular haircuts for guys. Nowadays, spiked hair is trendy again, and men are looking for the hottest ways to to style a spiky haircut. From short spiky hair to medium length and long styles to messy textured versions, we’ll show you how to get a spiked hairstyle for the modern gentleman.

And while not long ago, spiked hair meant using copious amounts of hair gel to clump strands together into thick spikes, the latest hairstyles tend to have a more natural, textured look. This means men are foregoing strong-hold hair gels in favor of styling products like pomade, wax or clay.

Here are examples of cool long and short spiked hair for guys to try in 2019!

Spiky Hairstyles For Men


Best Spiky Hairstyles For Men

With so many variations of spiky haircuts and styles, it can be tricky deciding which look to get. For starters, almost all of these cuts have short hair on the sides. Whether you choose a spiky hair fade or undercut depends on your personal preference, but the “short sides, long top” trend provides a stylish contrasting finish.

How you should spike your hair really depends on how much length you have to work with and your hair type. Different styles will work with different textures and determine how strong of a pomade or wax to buy. Obviously, straight thick hair is the easiest to work with.

Whether you like short spiked hair or long hair with spikes on top, there are various types of spiky hairstyles.

Spiky Hair For Guys

Spiked Up Front Hair

Hair spiked in the front is the traditional look. Guys with the spiky front used to frost or highlight their tips. While you can still spike your bangs up, we recommend a more textured, natural finish.

Hair Spiked In Front

Short Spiky Hair

Short spiky hairstyles are always easier to manage and style, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. Combined with a fade or undercut on the sides, guys can keep the look simple and neat or messy and complex.

Short Spiky Hair

Spiked Faux Hawk

The faux hawk has become one of the coolest haircuts for men. Because of its edgy and rebellious style, the spiked faux hawk is definitely a barbershop favorite. Use a good hair product to keep your strands standing up as you direct it all towards the middle to achieve the style.

Spiked Faux Hawk

Long Spiky Hair

Men’s medium and long spiky hairstyles are gaining popularity as longer lengths and tapered sides come back in vogue.

Long Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair Fade

The spiky hair fade is the most versatile version of the cut. With faded sides that require no styling, this hairstyle really serves as the basis of all other modern spiky fade haircuts.

Spiky Hair Fade

How To Spike Your Hair

Spiking your hair well requires a good styling product, comb, and blow dryer. We don’t recommend gel because it creates stiff, hard hair that breaks and flakes. Instead, the best product to spike hair is either a strong pomade or wax.

To spike your hair, you’ll want to follow these instructions:

  1. Wash your hair to remove any previous product and start with a clean head of hair. Towel dry, but leave it slightly damp to make it easier to work with. If you have curly or wavy hair, use a comb to straighten your strands and work out any knots or tangles.
  2. Styling short spiky hair is a little easier since your hair has less weight to it. For short spiky hairstyles, scoop up some styling product with your fingers and work it in, continuously going front to back. For messy spiky hair, use a lighter styling wax or pomade instead of gel or glue. Make sure the product doesn’t clump in any one spot and is evenly distributed throughout.
  3. Now grab handfuls of your hair and start pulling them up to create the spike. You can direct and hold each in place for 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. For long spiky hair, repeat the same steps, but use a firm hold pomade and possibly blow dry your hair to ensure the hold.
  5. Finally, for extra hold, you can even apply some hairspray to keep wavy or frizzy hair in place.

Just remember that, if you’re looking to style messy spiky hair, feel free to have the spikes going in different directions or run your hands through your hair for a less structured, more tousled hairstyle.

How To Spike Your Hair

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51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019
51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019 images

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2019 year - 51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019 pictures

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51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019 pictures

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foto 51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019

Watch 51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019 video
Watch 51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019 video

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Discussion on this topic: 51 Spiky Hairstyles For Men 2019, 51-spiky-hairstyles-for-men-2019/ , 51-spiky-hairstyles-for-men-2019/

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