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American eagle clothes for men 2018

Date: 17.10.2018, 11:41 / View: 73162

This eagle is a collection of all of the best places to find clothes for short(er) men.

Clothes for Short MenThis list doesn't include major apparel brands who happen to carry a few items that work for shorter gents.

Instead, the brands listed on this page specialize in clothing for men who are below average height.

Some of them have actual brick and mortar stores, some operate online, and some do both.

This list will be updated as new companies are founded.

If you know of any brands that aren't listed on this page, please mention them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

If I've had the chance to review any of these brands, I'll include a link to that review in the table below.

Here's a legend for the price point column:

  • $ = Many items less than
  • $$ = Many items less than
  • $$$ = Many items less than 0
  • $$$$ = Most items over 0
Name Summary Price Point Year Founded Retail Location Review Online Store (Y/N) Classic American clothing for "not so tall" men $$$ 2011 New York, NY Peter Manning review Yes Premium clothes tailored to fit men 5'9" and under $$$$ 2014 n/a Yes Everyday clothes designed for guys 5'8" and below $$ 2015 n/a Yes Short and Fat Custom Built Shirts for Custom Built Guys $$$ 2017 n/a n/a Yes For the Fit Clothes designed for tall men and short men $ 2005 n/a n/a Yes The original short men's clothing store $$$$ 1982 Beverly Hills, CA No Casual shirts for men 5'8" and under $$ 2015 n/a Yes Clothing for men up to 5'8"??? 2016 Toronto, Canada n/a No

If you know of any other brands that specifically make clothes for shorter men, please or email (brock at themodestman dot com), and I'll add it to the list.

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