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Audrey hepburn dresses my fair lady 2018

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Audrey Hepburn photographed by Cecil Beaton for My Fair Lady, 1963.

asked: I just watched Sabrina and i've read some of the information about this movie and I really want to know that, is that true Humphrey Bogart want his wife (at that time is Lauren Bacall) to be in the role Sabrina instead of Audrey??? And is that true he didn't get along with Audrey???

Humphrey did want Lauren to play the role of Sabrina.  There was tension on the set of Sabrina.  Audrey was very close with her co-star Bill Holden and director Billy Wilder during production.  Billy and Humphrey had a contentious relationship and Humphrey spent his time socializing with the crew. 

asked: Did you know that apparently Audrey served as an inspiration for the character design of a Pokémon character (Champion Diantha)?

I did not. Very cool.

asked: This blog is amazing! I'm huge fan of Audrey so this blog is real treasure!

Thank you!! I appreciate the compliment. 

asked: Hello! Out of curiosity I wondered if you had any information from Audrey's hairstylist on Funny Face about how they styled her ponytail look. I've been wanting to replicate that hairstyle and I noticed her ponytail has a deep side part and her bangs are combed to one side although I believe her hair was cut in a way that they wouldn't be able to do that unless they were fake bangs? Sorry if this is a strange question lol her haircut has always alluded me though. Keep up the amazing blog!!

Her bangs were real.  They may have been a side-swept cut, so that she could achieve that hair part. 

asked: This may be too specific of a question, but do you know if Audrey ever visited the midwestern part of the United States?

Yes, while touring in the broadway play Gigi. 

asked: I love your blog, thanks for all the effort, dedication and love. Could you post more pictures of Audrey's childhood? Thank you!

Will do and thank you.  

cinnamon709 asked: How much of the book 'Audrey and Bill' do you think is accurate? I can certainly see the chemistry between them but I've also seen Doris' comment on instagram that there was no affair.

I bought the book and have yet to read it.  I heard it wasn’t too factual. 

asked: Hello! This might be a strange question but I just moved to Paris and am beyond excited mostly because it's been my dream since I saw Sabrina as a child. I'm planning on traveling around France and Europe and was wondering if you have any ideas on an Audrey-inspired trip? Thanks and I adore your blog!

This is a great question for the well traveled Audrey fan.  Leave suggestions in the comments please!

asked: Do you have any theories on why Cary Grant turned down parts in Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and Love in the Afternoon due to not wanting to seem like a "dirty old man" opposite Hepburn, but starred with Grace Kelly, who was the same age as Hepburn, in To Catch a Thief in 1955? I also find it interesting that he finally chose to star in Charade with Audrey in 1963 when he was 10 years older than he would've been in Roman Holiday. I wonder if he just perpetually perceived her as childlike?

I don’t understand his reasoning either.  It may be that Audrey was more innocent looking on screen and Grace read, not older, but more mature/sophisticated.  Audrey had a very youthful, gamine look in the beginning of her career, and typically played characters younger than her age. It’s a shame, though.  He would have been wonderful in those roles, especially Love in the Afternoon. 

Audrey Hepburn at a cafe, during a visit to the Brussels World’s Fair, 1958.

“I don’t like fancy food at all. I much prefer an extremely simple meal that’s exquisitely done.  A perfectly cooked steak, a beautiful salad, some raspberries.“ - Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Vogue covers. 

1. Vogue Paris May 1963, by Bert Stern.
2. Vogue US Nov 1964, by Bert Stern.
3. Vogue Paris March 1971, by Henry Clarke.
4. Vogue UK April 1971, by Henry Clarke.

Audrey Hepburn with her dog Assam of Assam photographed by Bob Willoughby for My Fair Lady, 1963.


Audrey Hepburn attending a benefit premiere of Roman Holiday, Westwood, California, September 14, 1953.


Audrey Hepburn photographed in her dressing room at the Paramount Studios during an interview about her new movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, two days before the start of the filming in Hollywood, California, October 04, 1960. 

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