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Beauty and hairfall 2018 nail colors

Date: 15.10.2018, 16:52 / View: 33164

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beauty and hairfall 2018 nail colors Dear Beauties,

Hope you all had nail a great and relaxing weekend! Today I am going to review a product which I am using since last 26years!!! YES you heard it right!! Let me start at the beginning, when I was about 2 yrs old during a visit to my masi’s place my mom came to know about her relative who was facing severe hairfall problem..in ayurvedic terms its called “undri”. People suffering from undri develop patches on their head due to severe hair fall. This relative of my mom had gone almost bald!! And she was prescribed this hair oil for her hair fall problem! About a year later when my mom saw her again she had got all her hair back 😯 From that day onward she started using this hair oil for our entire family. Though I have been blessed with straight hair right from the beginning thanks to my mom for her jet black hair and to dad for volume of hair 😛 I think this hair oil has really helped me to preserve and maintain my hair making them thick and shiny!

Cantharidine Hair Oil

comes in various sizes and often is easily available at any medical store. It manufactured by bengal chemicals. The co says “A Superfine Hair Toiletry exquisitely perfumed and golden colored oil for preservation and growth of hair”. As mentioned earlier I have been using this hair oil since I was 2 yrs old! During school days we had to compulsory oil our hair and the only time my hair was not oiled was on sunday when I used to wash my hair using aritha and shikakai powder! Till 10th std this was the procedure I have followed without any exceptions and my hair were 10x times more thicker than they are today!! Yes this is not exaggeration though it may feel so! Infact my mom used to joke around that she got spondylitis due to combing our hair everyday :sidefrown: yeah I know!!

But after joining college due to pollution and bad diet I used to face constant hairfall 🙁 I had tried everything right from almond oil to castor oil to medications etc! nothin really worked. Also during the same time I was diagnosed with low hemoglobin which led to even more severe hair fall 🙁 The only thing worked for me was constant use of this hairfall and mintop hair fall solution which I have always suggested here on IMBB..will review that one soon!

Cantharidine Hair Oil

No I am not saying by using this hair oil your hair fall will stop immediately. We face hair fall due to several reasons! The best thing is to first get in touch with a derma and check out our iron content. There may be other reasons like pollution and hormonal changes! But with regular use of this hair oil your hair will get prevented from further damage and also it helps in regrowing of your hair faster! Again don’t expect to see the results over night, for any medication to work may be for hair or eyes or skin it takes atleast 3 months to show the effects! So have patience!

Also proper eating habits are also extremely important! Include green leafy vegetables in your diet rich in iron and calcium! With permission of your derma you may also include a vit tablet for your hair. Last drink lots of water! Its simple enough even if you have lots of rich in nutrients food how does the body transport these nutrients to different parts of our body? Yes through water! So drink atleast 2 litr of water everyday!! Also include nuts in your diet like almonds and walnuts! Very good for skin and hair!

Follow this for atleast a month and see the results for your self. Also always try to use a mild shampoo which does not strip of the natural moisture of your hair.

-> Helps in new growth of hair
-> Helps in maintaining and preserving the existing hair from pollution and harmful chemical
-> The fragrance is not too strong and very mild
-> Doesn’t really make your hair extremely oily like castor hair oil, in fact its quite light!
-> In long run will make your hair thick and long! I am a living proof of it 🙂
-> Easily available and inexpensive!

-> Sorry can’t think of any

Rating:- 5 out of 5!!!

Price:- 38 Rs for 100 ml

Hope this review has helped all those who are facing hair fall issues, if you need any further info pls write down below in the comments and I will be happy to help you out!

Finally below is my pic of my current hair situation. The below pic was taken about 1 hour after I had my head bath and previous night I had applied this hair oil!


Until next time..take care 🙂

AromaMagic Mineral Glow Scrub

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