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Crop tops have been one of my favorite trends for a while now. They’re fun to wear and they’re so versatile – and, contrary to some beliefs,. But these tiny pieces of fabric can get pretty pricey, especially if you’re more focused on having a good summer than working your butt off to make money to go shopping.

So why not take the old clothes you don’t wear anymore and turn them into a crop top? It’s much easier than you’d think! While most of the below tutorials are no-sew, a few are a little bit more complicated (for the more experienced DIY-er). Want to show off a new top without spending much money? Here are 20 DIY crop tops tutorials made from old clothes you need to try:


1. Turn an old tank top into a really cute wrap crop top.



2. Not sure what to do with an old bandana? Make it into a cute crop top!



3. Got a pair of old jeans you don’t wear anymore? Instead of throwing them out, make them into a denim crop top.



4. Make a boring tank top into a fun, fringed crop top.



5. Even a sweater can be transformed into a crop top… this is great for fall too since the material is heavier.



6. Make a boring t-shirt into a cute crop top with some weaving and knotting.



7. An oversize denim shirt makes the cutest denim corset top.



8. This is a super simple, no-sew way to turn a shirt into a crop top:



9. Take a guy’s shirt and turn it into a really cute button-down crop top.



10. If you want to keep it super simple, this tutorial is for you:



11. Turn one shirt into three different crop tops:



12. Don’t throw away an old bikini cute summer clothes for girls tumblr top – make it into a crop top!



13. Turn a long-sleeved shirt into a cute, short sleeve crop top.



14. Here’s another easy tutorial for turning tees into crops:



15. A big scarf makes a really cute wrap crop top.



16. Make a loose crop top with an old tee:



17. Or you can tie it at the bottom:



18. This tutorial is a little more complicated, but if you’ve got time, it’s worth it!



19. Make a sequin graphic crop top for something fun.



20. You can even turn leggings into a really cute long-sleeved crop top.



Which of these tutorials is your favorite? Which one are you going to try? Tell me in the comments!

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