Diy skirt tutorial 2018

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DIY T-Shirt Skirt

diy skirt tutorial 2018

Whenever I go to a concert and try to pick up a t-shirt from my favorite band, they’re often sold out of my size, leaving me with men’s large or extra-large! Not wanting to leave empty handed, I settle for the large and end up with t-shirts that I can only wear to bed or around the house!

Tired of only having baggy t-shirts, I started cutting them up and turning them into curve hugging pencil skirts instead! I’ve been making these easy and one-of-a-kind skirts since high school for myself and friends. Whether you have an oversized version of your favorite band/sports team’s shirt or you’re looking for something to do with all those shirts your ex left behind, keep reading for a step-by-step guide to turning it into your new favorite clothing item!



Large, XL, or 2XL size t-shirt

¼ inch elastic

Coordinating thread color

Straight pins

Safety pin

Chalk or pencil

Measuring tape



One tip to remember is that whatever graphic you have on the front of your t-shirt will end up over your crotch and any graphic on the back will end up across your bum once this is a skirt. My reprint Zeppelin tour shirt I used for the example says “SOLD OUT!” across the back, but if my shirt covers the “out” I end up looking like an auction item.. “SOLD!” haha

So to save yourself from awkward remarks or jokes, avoid St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts that say things like, “Get Lucky” or any other phrase or photo that can be turned into an inappropriate innuendo!

Start by measuring your hips since this will be where you want your skirt to hug. Add one inch to your measurement, then divide in half, and measure across the t-shirt. Ex: 36 inch waist, add one inch, divide in half, and measure 18 and a half inches across the t-shirt. As long as you’re not measuring past the seam of the t-shirt sleeve, then you have plenty of room to work with. If it’s going past the seam you’ll want to use the next size up for your t-shirt skirt.

Using your chalk or pencil (depending on color of shirt) make small dashes at both ends of measurement. Continue making a dotted line down the entire length of the shirt and across the top. If you would like to turn yours into a mini-skirt, make a dash across the bottom where you would like your hemline to fall.

Cut along your dotted line but don’t worry if some of the chalk or pencil marks show since that will get sewn into the seam. Flip your two pieces inside out so that the inside of the t-shirt is facing out.

Using straight pins, put a pin every couple of inches down lengthwise to form a seam.

Sew a straight line down both sides. If making yours shorter, fold up a half inch of the shirt, pin down, and sew in new hemline.

Next, fold down the top of the skirt about a ½ inch to an inch to form a waistband. Pin along the edge to keep in place. Sew around waistband leaving about an inch open so you can feed elastic through.

Measure hips or waist (depends on where you like to wear your skirt) and cut your elastic to that length. Attach a safety pin to the end of your elastic and feed it through opening you left at the waistband. Once elastic is through the other side, safety pin the two ends together.

With the skirt still inside out, try it on and adjust elastic to be comfortable but snug. Readjust safety pin to mark that point. Slip back out your soon-to-be-completed skirt and sew elastic ends together (I usually so back and forth 3-4 times so I don’t have to worry about it unraveling with wear and tear). Snip off extra elastic, tuck in the waistband, and sew the gap closed.

Turn right-side out again and you’re done!

What’s great about these is that you can throw on a tank top and pair it with flats for a casual day look or change into your highest heels for a fun night-out look! Now go show your love for your favorite band or show that ex-boyfriend what you did with all of his old t-shirts! : X

Thanks tutorial for stopping by!


P.S. I should let you know that I have assistance when I sew and make craft projects.. it’s just not helpful assistance as you can see!

This would be Punk! My 10 year old, 13 pound cat that I love. She’s always interrupting me when I try to do photos for my posts so I scooped her up for some candid shots.. She’s pleased as you can see! haha

Until the next post! : )

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