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Halloween chevron wallpaper photo

Date: 15.10.2018, 16:15 / View: 61233

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A few years ago I put up “removable wallpaper” in my. It’s also known as “renter’s wallpaper” or “temporary wallpaper.” When I was researching it I was promised it would come right off and you just had to halloween chevron wallpaper photo wipe the wall with a damp cloth and you wouldn’t even have to repaint it. A lot of people were interested in this so I thought I would do a follow up post since we removed it before we moved. If you are looking for information about where to get removable wallpaper and where we got ours please refer to.

Taking it down was sad just because it was the end of an era. (Plus remembering all that work it was to put it up!) The wallpaper came right off. I pulled it all down in less than ten minutes (a friend called dibs on the used stuff) There were light marks left on the walls from the glue (you can see them in the fourth picture.) so I took a damp sponge to the wall. It did make a slight difference but there were still very clear glue marks left. And the walls definitely needed a new coat of paint to get it back to normal. (Though not as much coverage as if you were covering up a solid color.)

After you’ve read, if you still have questions please put them in the comment section below and I’ll try to answer them.


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