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Homemade christmas costume 2018

Date: 16.10.2018, 05:26 / View: 54565

This week we’re kicking off our Handmade Halloween series we do every year.  ( to browse costumes from the last five years!) We’re starting off with one of my favorites, A DISCO BALL! As always these can be used for adults too, just make them bigger. Ha!

Disco Ball Costume | Oh Happy Day!

This costume is easy to make but takes some time, so put on a good movie and get to glueing on those little squares. For an adult costume you would buy a weather balloon for the bigger mould. Time to start the party!

Disco Ball Costume | Oh Happy Day!

Disco Ball Costume | Oh Happy Day!

Disco Ball Costume | Oh Happy Day!

Disco Ball Costume | Oh Happy Day!

Disco Ball Costume | Oh Happy Day!

Materials: Newspaper, Flour, Water, Bowl, Small Pebbles, 3′ Balloon, String, Gray Spray Paint, Mirror Paper, Cutting Board, X-Acto Knife, Spray Glue

Step 1: Inflate balloons, fill with a few pebbles, and tie with string.

Step 2: Tear newspaper into long strips, the strips should be small enough that they don’t wrinkle and fold when placed on the balloon.

Step 3: Prepare the paper maché by mixing equal parts water and flour in a bowl. We covered our balloon a bunch of layers.

Step 4: Soak the newspaper pieces in the mixture, the wetter they are the easier they are to stick to the balloon.

Step 5: Lay the pieces on the balloon making sure to cover every part and as close around the balloon knot as possible.

Step 6: Hang on a line of string to dry. (The pebbles should keep the balloon weighted down.

Step 7: Once totally dry (this could take overnight), repeat steps 4-6 for a second layer. It is important to make a many layers because you don’t want it to collapse when you remove the balloon.

Step 8: Once the balloon has completely dried and sturdy, use scissors to cut a hole near the balloon knot to release the air. When the balloon has completely deflated, remove it from your piñata.

Step 9: Use an x-acto knife or box cutter to cut wide holes in the top and bottom so that it fits over your head and legs. Cut out holes for your arms.

Step 10: Spray paint the sphere gray.

Step 11: Using an x-acto knife and cutting board, cut out at least 500 1″ squares of mirror paper.
Step 12: Use spray glue to attach them to the sphere.
Step 13: Attach elastic straps inside the sphere so they criss cross over your shoulders (this will hold the ball up.)
Step 14: Start collecting your candy!


Disco Ball Costume | Oh Happy Day!

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day
Crafting by
Art Direction by Amy Moss


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