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How to Adopt a Baby on Animal Jam


  1. Go to a busy server.Especially "Aldan" there are a lot of people who only like to adopt there. You can always enter servers that say they're full, as one or two players, or "Jammers", may leave and make room at any second. By entering a busier server, you'll have a higher chance of coming upon babies or children that need parents - and even possibly adoption centers!
  2. Dress nicely.Do not dress in scary outfits or be a zombie, vampire, werewolf, etc. because this can scare babies! Try making a cute outfit!
  3. Be nice to the babies in the Adoption Room.If you are nice to one baby in the Adoption Room/Pillow Room, or where ever you are adopting, make sure you are nice to everyone because if you don't then the others could get jealous and not want you as a parent!
  4. Be sure the den you'll be living in is ready!Make a nice room with some plushies and a bed (Made with couches/towels and a cushion/pillow at the head) and maybe some toys and a TV. Some babies like it when you make your den into a realistic home. You can do this by adding in a dining room, bathroom, parents' room, playroom, living room, etc.
    • Make sure that the house is baby-proof - keep all dangerous areas (Kitchens, laundry rooms, grills, fires, possibly stairs, anything with pointy objects) off limits to your baby. Try adding a Shoji Screen for the effect of a wall or gate. Keep them mostly in the cribs and don't let them out even if they ask to and chew on the bars.
  5. Pick which ever baby you like.Be sure to add the child to your buddy list, so you can go to their den and follow them. (If you are a non-member they may say members only - just move on these people just want the best for themselves)
  6. Bring your baby home to wherever they'll be living.Whether you're staying at a hotel, friend's den, husband's or wife's den, or your own den be sure that the baby knows that wherever they live is a safe place to go. Also let them know whoever owns the den via username, so the baby can always enter the den.
  7. Take care of your baby.Whether you're a mom or a dad, the baby will need care. If they're hungry, take them to the dining room or, if they're old enough, Captain Melvin's Juice Hut or the Mt. Shiveer Hot Cocoa Hut. If your baby requests something, try to get it for them if it isn't too hard. If your baby is upset, ask them why and make it better. If your baby gets sick try to give them medicine and bandages. If your baby is even more sick, take them to Gabby's animal hospital and see a doctor. If they pretend to keep on being sick, ask them why, and if they don't respond send them back to the pillow room to get adopted again. If they ask you why you are sending them back, explain to them a bit harshly. (But not too harsh! Just make them understand!)
  8. Let your baby grow up.If they don't want to be a baby forever, you'll have to accept that. Support your child as they grow and help them with any troubles they may have. If they get married be sure to attend their wedding and support them! If you really don't want your baby to grow up, just think about the future. Your child may have babies of their own, then you'd be a grandma or grandpa to them!
  9. Take them all the way through life because, you know.Your baby needs some knowledge, right now, as a child, it knows nothing about the real world, take them to school, preschool, college, etc.

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  • Try to treat the baby well and don't moan at it too much.
  • Try adding music, so your baby is happy. Don't add Deep Blue, try Pet Parade.
  • If your baby wants a pet or sibling, let them have one (as long as you're ready). The same thing may happen with a mom/dad if they don't have one. Just be sure that you are ready for the change!
  • Don't abandon your baby or he/she will report you or you may hurt their feelings.
  • Try to adopt an animal that isn't bigger than yours. (e.g.: You are a bunny and you adopt, let's say a lion), that animal might soon want to eat you.
  • Keep your baby safe by locking your den, keeping all dangerous objects out of reach, or by watching them all the time. If a kidnapper or murderer shows up, protect your child by saying "Please stop, she/he is my baby" a few times. If that doesn't work try going to your baby and saying "Let's go home, honey". If you yell or attack the offender you may scare the baby! Make sure that you report the kidnapper if they are violating Animal Jam's rules. Another reason someone may threat your baby is that they think they adopted he/she first. This is rare, but if it does happen, ask your baby to change colors. If this does not work, say "I like this baby, and you cannot take him/her away from me." If you are kind try letting the person visit and play with them, unless the baby gets scared.
  • If your child is not online, don't adopt a new one! You won't be able to keep track of all of your children.
  • Don't leave without the baby, they might think you don't like them.


  • Don't take your baby to dangerous places! Your child may want to follow you everywhere, so be sure not to take them to dangerous places. These sort of places are anywhere they could get hurt (i.e. Sarepia Forest due to the fire and cliffs, underwater or Crystal Sands due to drowning risk, very public places where creeps may hang out such as town central or the Juice Hut).
  • If your adopting a child as a bunny, you could have the risk of getting adopted as well, because bunnies are a very popular animal to be used as a baby.
  • Don't blare out rules as soon as you arrive home! This may annoy the child and make them think you're no fun or very strict. Just offer them some snacks or show them around the house. If they do something you don't like, gently let them know that what they're doing is "a no-no". Be sure to explain why they should not commit "no-nos".
  • (Continued from Tips) Don't trust every babysitter. Not all babysitters are what they seem. Some could be hackers, scammers, or even killers! If you don't trust buddies or other Jammers, ask a sibling to handle while your gone.


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