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By now you know all about my obsession with Stitch Fix. There once was a time that my stylist changed often; but no matter who selects my clothing, my fixes for the past year have been consistently flattering, gorgeous and just my style. The success of my fixes depends tremendously on the feedback I leave after each fix. I take great care to share as many details about what I love (as well as what I hate) with my stylist in several ways. I am happy to share all of my feedback secrets for how to get the best clothes from Stitch Fix so your stylist can dress you from head to toe in fashions you will love too.

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Tip #1 — Share Your Style Board on Pinterest

Your style profile gives your style valuable information about your sizes, preferences and sense of fashion. If you scroll all the way down, provides an opportunity for you to share social media links. The most important link at the bottom of your profile is for your fashion Pinterest board. In many ways, the success of your next fix depends on Pinterest. I would argue that aside from your size information, Pinterest is your stylist's most valuable piece of information as she selects items to include in your fix. If you don't have a fashion Pinterest board, you NEED one. Here's why. Your style profile is great and loaded with tons of basic information but remember the ld adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine an entire Pinterest board filled with photos of the styles you love. What better way to communicate with your stylist, than by sharing photos of the fashions you love.

I love the little notes my stylist always includes in my fix. My past several fixes have been from Layla and she is always so sweet! Layla writes great personal notes and lets me know exactly why she selected the items for me.

how to get the best clothes from Stitch Fix


Tip #2 — Write Notes to Your Stylist on Pinterest

It feels like my stylist really knows me and I wanted to find a more personal way to communicate directly with Layla. That's when it occurred to me: PINTEREST! Lots of women share pins of their favorite styles on their fashion boards, but I take this one step further. I use many of the pins to write my own form of personal notes to my stylist.

If you check out My Style board on Pinterest, you will notice lots of my pins have notes directly to my stylist in the pin descriptions. Sometimes I highlight fashions from other bloggers and request pieces with a similar style.

At other times, share photos of myself wearing specific pieces that arrived in my fixes. In those pins, I take a moment to thank my stylist and explain what I loved about the pieces in the photo. I try to be specific as possible so she knows if it's the fabric, the cut, the style the hemline or something else that I loved.

Sometimes I just take a selfie and upload that photo to my style board. I believe it's important for my stylist to see the type of clothes that I already own, enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in. Stitch Fix has been amazing for pushing my fashion boundaries out of my comfort zone (in a good way) but it's also worthwhile for my stylist to see me wearing some of my basic clothing pieces. If Stitch Fix pushes my boundaries, sharing photos of myself in existing fashions from my closet helps my personal style stay grounded.


Tip #3 — Leave Feedback for Stylist at Checkout

Making good use of your Pinterest board is a great strategy, but don't overlook the checkout process on When you check out, Stitch Fix asks you to rate each item in your fix based on the style, fit and cut. You also have an opportunity to leave comments about this fix. I ALWAYS comment on every single piece. If I loved it, I leave feedback explaining why it was special to me. If the item didn't work for me, I give even more information about what was wrong. Sometimes, even the most beautiful pieces just don't work. The Tobie Folklore Scarf Dress that was included in was simply gorgeous. I loved the print, the colors, and the length.

how to get the best clothes from Stitch Fix - leave meaningful feedback

Unfortunately, the top of the dress was way too big on me and it had really big arm holes (my biggest style nemesis). As much as I loved this dress, it had to go back and I was so disappointed!

how to get the best clothes from Stitch Fix - leave detailed and meaningful feedback

It nearly broke my heart to send back a dress that I loved so much. But the the dress was so big on top, I knew I would never actually feel comfortable wearing it in public. I would prefer to have more clothes that fit properly in my future fixes so it was important that I clearly explain the issue to my stylist.

Here is the  specific feedback that I left for my stylist after my most recent fix.
(You can see more photos from that fix on the Kinder Craze blog.)

how to get the best clothes from Stitch Fix - leave detailed feedback


Tip #4 — Follow Me and Pin What You Love

Did you know you can request specific pieces in your next fix? If you see a blogger wearing a garment that you absolutely love, pin it to your style board on Pinterest and leave a note to your stylist in the description asking to see it in your next fix. The Stitch Fix stylists love to honor those requests. I always blog about my fixes. The posts alternate on this blog and on . You can follow and  on Instagram and via email so you never miss a Stitch Fix giveaway or any inspirational photos. I also pin my favorite styles to my . Become a follower and repin anything you love to your own board with a message to your stylist!



Tip #5 — Request a Stylist

Sometimes you can end up with a stylist that you just don't seem to click with. It's actually very common for to match you up with a few different stylists when you are just getting started until they find someone who really seems to “get” you and your fashion preferences. The same thing happened to me and I am glad for all of the juggling because I ultimately ended up with Layla, who has been my stylist for over a year. When you finally fall head-over-heels in love with the styles that have come your way, you can always request that same stylist to handle your next fix when you make a make requests for your next fix. If she is available, Stitch Fix will try match you with her again. Talk to your friends who also use about their stylist or pay attention to the stylist used by your favorite blogger.

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Sign Up For Stitch Fix

Do you want beautiful fashions hand-picked just for you and delivered direct to your door? Sign up for Stitch Fix! This online shopping service has completely transformed my wardrobe. It's the perfect shopping solution for busy women. If you aren't already a Stitch Fix customer, please consider signing up using (included throughout this post). I receive a small commission from your sign up that is the only reason I can stay well-dressed while Rob and I work through Dave Ramsey and save up for our house.  Learn more about the service and complete up your

Want more great tips for getting the most of your fix? Check out this the that Stitch Fix has to share.

how to get the best clothes from Stitch Fix

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