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James bond tuxedo daniel craig photo

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Brioni suits are worn by Pierce Brosnan in all of his Bond movies and by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Brioni, a famous Italian bespoke house, was introduced to Bond by costume designer Lindy Hemming in the movie GoldenEye.

In the book, Lindy Hemming explains that she wanted a company capable of tailoring in the Savile Row manner, and - because of GoldenEye's tight shooting schedule - could produce a lot of suits very quickly. She also wanted something that that was sheer luxury, unmistakably synonymous with expensiveness. In GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day, Bond wears Brioni suits, often combined with a  or Sulka tie and shoes.

In Die Another Day, Bond also wears a more casual blue floral shirt.

After the Brosnan Bond era, Daniel Craig continued the new Brioni tradition in Casino Royale. Craig wore a charcoal gray Brioni suit, at the London announcing his role of Bond in Casino Royale, and in the movie he wears Brioni as well. (Craig wore a Dunhill dinner jacket to the premiere of Casino Royale). The famous tuxedo worn by Bond during the poker scenes in Casino Royale is Brioni. With the tuxedo he wears the with and shoes. According to a 2006 article in the Times Online, everybody at the casino table in Casino Royale was dressed by Brioni.

Just before Casino Royale came out, Brioni launched a £3,000 Bond-themed tuxedo, which had "James Bond" stitched into the silver lining and was sold in a few select stores.

Brioni has been worn by celebrities since the 1950s, including by stars as Clark Gable, John Wayne, Gary james bond tuxedo daniel craig photo Cooper and Henry Fonda.

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