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Natural red highlights in blonde hair photo

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Pretty Simple Hair Highlight Ideas

The warm season is all about versatility and inspiring looks. In order to make sure you rise above the mass with your unique appearance check out these cute hair coloring ideas. It's not necessary to go for a block dyeing project if you're not prepared for a similar radical change. Pro hair stylists will furnish you with a parade of pretty simple hair highlight ideas that suit all skin tones and hair lengths. Consider the following inspirational alternatives as the best means to update your tresses to the hottest beauty trends. Live out your...

Brunette Hairstyles with Blonde Highlights

Brunette hair colors can instantly add a touch of sobriety and seductiveness being preferred by a lot of powerful confident women who want a hairstyle that represents all these characteristics and that enhances their femininity at the same time. Many women are completely satisfied with brunette shades however, for those who are not used to dark tones, certain shades can appear too harsh. To lighten up dark shades or simply to upgrade a simple hairstyle, blonde highlights can be an excellent alternative that you might want to consider if you...

Amazing Red Hair Color Ideas

Stop your tresses from turning plain and boring with a quick beauty fix! Use the amazing red hair color ideas below to revitalize your tresses with vibrant shades. Staying on trend is a decision, not a natural gift. Put your best fashion foot forward and match the right red tone to your complexion and eye color. Your new hue doesn't have to be super-bold if you want to go for a gradual transition natural from your natural color to a voguish shade. Opt for ginger, copper and natural-looking red tones which radiate refinement and femininity. Furthermo...

Dark Red Hair Color: Is It Right for You?

Dark red hair color is a great option for olive, tanned skin tones, as well as for those with natural dark hair. Remember that dark red hair shades are equally flattering when paired with dark eyes as well! A dark red hair shade you can't go wrong with is dark cherry reds. This dark red hair color has a violet undertone in it, and it looks gorgeous if your natural hair color is rich, dark brown or even black. How to Dye Dark Hair Red If you don't want to go to a professional hair salon to dye your locks dark red, you may do it...

Hair Color Trends for 2012

The new season is spicing things up as far as hair color goes, so let your inhibitions go and revamp your look by opting for a color transformation that will make heads turn. There are various hair dye hues that will suit your needs as well as skin tone and personality but that doesn't mean that all choices are in sync with the new trends. To make sure you choose right and make a style statement, take a peek at the following hair color trends for 2012 and draw inspiration for your new hot look. From rich blondes to fierce reds, the new hair...

Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

There is nothing hotter than a fabulous hair color which just enlightens the face, but that fab shade isn't going to maintain itself looking shiny and vibrant. There are a myriad of hair care tips for colored hair that most women ignore and end-up with a dull looking hair color just a few weeks after the process has been done, so why not pay a little bit of attention to your hair care and learn how to make it look luscious for longer. The beauty of colored hair isn't supposed to last just a few days, until the event you've had coming passes,...

Choosing the Perfect Red Hair Color

Check out the season's most sizzling red shades and find the one that suits you best!There really is a red out there for every one - it's just a question of choosing the right shade for your skin tone.If you are naturally blonde or have light brown hair and pale skin, a Lindsay Lohan-esque rose shade will add warmth and it's an ultra modern take on those strawberry hues.If you'd rather opt for a darker shade with a sun-kissed effect, then go for spice - richer, spicier shades of red.With highlights of tangerine and gold mixed in with copper...

Red Hair Color Ideas: Try the One that Suits You Best!

There is a wide range of red hair color ideas to experiment with, all you have to do is to choose the best one according to your skin tone and begin your life as a brand new redhead!You natural red highlights in blonde hair photo don't have to have a natural red hair color, you just have to be brave enough and choose your red hair color, as there are different shades of red hair color dyes available: from ginger to copper and natural-looking red tones, to fiery red, all these shades indicate refinement and femininity.Red Hair Color Ideas: Bright Red Hair ShadesMagenta, burgundy and fi...

Stylish Red Hair Color Hairstyles

Women have always been in search of stylish red hair color hairstyles as they look fabulous due to the vivid and pleasant coloration. Red hair color has been popular for decades, when women opted for just 3 basic hair colors: dark, blonde and red. The red hue has a certain attractiveness attached, making this hair color timeless. The vivid coloration of the red hair helps create a certain glowing look, a look which appeals to most women. Hair color trends seem to change every year and this year red hair color is becoming quite popular. The v...

Prevent Red Hair Color From Fading

Choosing red as hair color might seem pretty daring since there are so many factors that can influence the quality of your brand new hairstyle. Indeed, there's no room for a sloppy hair care if you wish to bring out the best of your strands. Following a basic conditioning and cleansing schedule is only the first step towards having a flawless hairdo. Additionally, it is essential to protect the color from other harmful agents as weather, heat and chemicals. The after-care is just as nitty-gritty as the hair dyeing process. If done To a T th...

2011 Long Layered Hair Styles

In order to show off your rockin' signature fashion style make sure you complement your look with a fab haircut that suits your face shape as well as hair type. Those who are thrilled to try their hand at cutting edge and glam haircuts should take a peek at the 2011 long layered hair styles. Hair stylists will advise you to take advantage of the smashing effect of graduation as the best tool to strip off your locks from the worn-out look. Tapered haircuts will do miracles with all face shapes and hair lengths. As there are no limits when it...

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