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A Velvety Birthday

Red velvet birthday cupcakes with cream cheese icing, pink and white flowers, and sugar pearls! ------------ CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME! Check out my price lists

Sugar and Cupcakes in Wonderland

These red velvet and vanilla marble cupcakes were topped with brightly-coloured, handmade, sugar paste cupcake toppers – sugar paste domes with decorations, completely covering the butter icing – little teapots, toadstools, pocket watches, hearts, and top hats. I also made several separate sugar pieces and cupcakes for this Alice in …

Sugar in Wonderland

These sugar pieces were made to go on an Alice in Wonderland-themed cake (baked by someone else). A bottle with a “drink me” label, a Cheshire cat smile, colourful toadstools, and the white rabbit’s pocket watch. There were three white roses too, painted in a few places with red “paint”. …

Here Be Dragons!

I have done a few cakes for Theuns’s birthday celebrations, and this year he wanted a black dragon with red eyes! I absolutely LOVE dragons, and I have done several dragon-themed cakes over the years, but this was the first one covered in scales! I am super thrilled with how …

Unicorn Cupcakes

I can’t believe I never posted these on my blog, and I was so pleased with how they turned out! o.O   😀 The vanilla cupcakes in gold paper cups are topped with white vanilla butter icing, brightly coloured sprinkles, pearls, and flowers, and little gold unicorn horns and ears. In …

Hulk! Smash!

This green vanilla cake, filled with cream cheese icing, was made as a gift for my nephew’s 7th birthday party! He had a superhero party, so I made it to look like Hulk’s fist smashing through the ground! My nephew was thrilled with it! NB! This cake is not available …

Fruitcake and Butterflies

Decadent deliciousness! These are fruitcake cupcakes with a little brandy, topped with cream cheese icing, and decorated with sugar paste butterflies! Happy 80th birthday Glenda! ------------ CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME! Check out my price lists

Cupcakes for the Office

Vanilla cupcakes, cappuccino cupcakes, and chocolate cupcakes, for Ernest to treat his colleagues with, on his birthday! Bet you wish you worked with Ernest! ------------ CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME! Check out my price lists

Cake Designs!

I’ve been working on cake designs with complimentary cupcake toppers, and working out prices to go with them. This way you can pick a cake design and cupcakes to match, and I have some creative freedom to get my art on! I have even come up with designs for a “Winnie-the-Pooh” …

Everyone Loves Unicorns!

I was thrilled with how this turned out – I loved the bright colours on the pink cake, and I finished with time to spare… Then I checked my invoice again as I always do when I file it, and the unicorn and rainbow were supposed to be pastels, not …

Cupcakes made fresh in an incredible variety of flavours, with the best ingredients!

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These are perfect as wedding or party favours. I can create the perfect combination of colours and flavours for your gifts!

Cake and cupcake toppers - I can do just about anything with sugar paste! :)

Beautiful and delicious - pick your flavour and your decoration!

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