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Painting living room gray 2018

Date: 14.11.2018, 17:41 / View: 51473

Adding a glaze to a piece you are working on is a very quick and easy way to get more of an antiqued effect. When painting furniture I’m always inspired by Restoration Hardware, and this gray dresser was no exception. I was digging RH’s  color, but wanted to take the antiqued wood “look” a little further with this piece. I’ve been working on refinishing this bronze gray dresser for most of this month, and it’s been another good learning curve for me for furniture painting.

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I’d been inspired with the use of General Finishes glazes by other painters and wanted to give it a try. Glazes are very neat little mixes that brush-on semi-translucent, the excess gets wiped off, and you’re left with a beautiful finish that adds extra dimension to the base paint painting living room gray 2018 color ().

Here’s a list of the supplies needed for this project:


To start, I painted the dresser GF’s, a mid-tone grey, (see another example of it ) as the base color.

After applying 2 coats of the milk paint and dry times in between, I waited for the last coat of paint to dry a few more hours than necessary and then it was time to get the glaze on (woot!). As this was my first time trying a glaze, I was a bit apprehensive to use it and mess up my work. Actually, I almost DID mess it up!

Before applying the glaze I looked up the process one more time online to be sure I was doing it correctly, and if it hadn’t been for Suzanne from ‘s sagely advice, it would have gone downhill really quickly!

Suzanne said to apply a layer of before doing the glaze. This way it’s easier to guide the glaze into areas you want it to go and wipe it off easily. I followed her directions and used, a nice bronze or antique brown color. Thankfully it went on and wiped off perfectly. Dodged a bullet!

When applying the glaze, I used a sponge brush and coated things in stages so that I didn’t risk the glaze drying before I could wipe it down. The drawers, for example, I did their front faces first, then the edge moldings. I broke the dresser down into doing only the top, or one side at a time.

If this is your first time glazing, it is useful to start in an area that is small or not as noticeable to practice on and see how long to let the glaze sit before wiping to get the look that you want. For me, I let it sit no more than one minute before wiping.

When wiping, I used a cotton cloth that did not leave behind any lint. An old and clean tshirt can work great for this. If you don’t like how the glaze comes out the first time, you can always wait for it to dry, then add glaze and wipe it again.

bronze gray dresser general finishes milk paint glaze

After the glaze dried I put on a few layers of the topcoat, painted the original hardware using, put a few  in a Satin finish on them, and added them back to the drawers.

bronze gray dresser general finishes milk paint glaze no hardware awaiting fixtures




bronze gray dresser general finishes milk paint glaze bronze gray dresser general finishes milk paint glaze bronze gray dresser general finishes milk paint glaze

I think it looks kind of steampunk. But that may just be me.


bronze gray dresser general finishes milk paint glaze detail shot of top with nothing on it


bronze gray dresser general finishes milk paint glaze bronze gray dresser general finishes milk paint glaze

Once again I’m in love with GF’s paints and the final look of this piece. It came out exactly as I had imagined it – always a good feeling.


I know I’ll now be using GF’s glazes more in the future – in fact I’ll be using it soon on my. (see the!)

Oh, I’m also finishing up the this week. Here’s a little preview of them for now:


Love the color? Me too. It’s from General Finishes and is called. (see the!)

Have any of you been dodging bullets on a project lately? (I know I can’t be the only one ^_- )

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