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Easy Little Girl Hairstyles

Don't miss web page highlighting my book that shows how I added lasting curls to little girls hair without  curling irons, sponge rollers or chemicals. (See Photo of Computer Book Below).  Using my fantistic curling meathod, all of the girls hairstyles can be easily accomplished at home without spending money on a professional!


  To Find Out More! 

Starting with our Easy Hairstyles, you will see several ideas to give a special look to a little girl’s hair. See how beautiful a simple ponytail can be if it is styled just the right way! .

Check out our  page which is perfect for wedding flower girls! Each style has tips and photos that highlight several different hairdos that look just beautiful with accessories such as floral headpieces, flower wreaths (sometimes called flower halos), or even babies breath flowers added to her hair.  to see our flower girl hairstyles' photos and styling tips.

Every girl wants to be a princess! Visit our Girls Tiara Hairstyles page and learn how to create the perfect style of hair to showcase your little girl wearing a tiara. Tiara hair accessories are perfect for flower girls, pageant girls and even girls tea parties. There are some basic hair styles that work best with all tiaras. Remember to think of a tiara as decorative hair jewelry. The tiara should add sparkle and the final touch to her hair, not just sit on top of her head all by itself.  to see examples of beautiful hairstyles with tiaras.  

Don’t miss our  page which is full of ideas for girls who want an elegant hairdo look. This is a great style for girls' pageants, wedding flower girls and other formal occasions. See our tips and suggestions for your girl’s next formal style. More than just a simple bun,  to see photos and tips to styling her updo hairdo. 

Is your little girl going to be in a child pageant? Don't waste your money on fake hair for your little girl! Let her win the judges favor with her own natural hair - you just need to know the secrets!! See the all new page and I think you will agree that kids pageant hairstyles look beautiful when they are natural - not stiff and made-up looking!  See my customers comments on the next page!!

Finally, brand new for 2014, I added a page and drop downs for moms and greandmothers look ing expecailly for preschool or toddler hairstyle ideas! Having had toddlers myself, I know the issues with little girls and their hair! Baby fine hair can be hard quinceanera to keep out of her eyes and you always want to make sure whatever hairstyle you choose it is comfortable for her to wear! to get started with hairstyles for toddlers, tots and preschoolers!

So Many Beautiful Hairstyles For Your Little Girl to Wear!! 


  to see the Little Girls Hairstyles Photo Gallery to find the perfect look for your little girl!  


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