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The Heart Truth is a campaign meant to raise awareness of the risk of in women. The campaign is sponsored in the United States by the , an organization of the ; a similar campaign is promoted in Canada by the . It focuses mainly on educating women aged forty to sixty, as that is the time when the risk of heart disease begins to increase.


Campaign history[]

The campaign began in March 2001 on recommendation from over seventy experts on the health of women. The research stressed the need to communicate to women about the risk of heart disease, and endorsed The Heart Truth as a means of doing so.

Logo and marketing[]

The of the campaign is a red dress. It came into being as a way to attract attention to the Heart Truth, and eliminate perceptions that heart disease is an issue only for men. The dress reminds women to focus on their "outerselves", as well as their "innerselves", especially heart health.

The campaign has also conjured a , meant to take place on the first Friday of February annually.

Group shot of the models from the 2005 Red Dress Collection

The Heart Truth has joined with the and fashion industries, in an attempt to appeal to female audiences.Red dresses have been displayed across the country, primarily at New York's Fashion Week. The first Red Dress Collection Fashion Week took place in 2003 when nineteen designers, including , , and contributed dresses that were displayed in the Byrant Park Tents. Many fashion shows have been put on in recent years during the Fashion Week festivities; many famous celebrities have participated in walking the aisle, including , , Natalie Morales, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

, the Wife of Canadian Prime Minister has been a great supporter and has served as guest of honour at the event at in , for many consecutive years.

at The Heart's Truth Red Dress Collection Fashion Show in 2009

Laura Bush's involvement[]

Former has been the ambassador for the Heart Truth since 2003. She has led the federal government in giving women more information relating to heart disease. Bush has coordinated many events relating to the Heart Truth, including a ceremony in 2004, the Kennedy Center exhibit, the Reagan Library exhibit, and has participated in all Fashion Week events dating to 2003.

A signature component of Mrs. Bush's involvement is her communication with women at hospital events featuring those living with heart disease. She promotes the campaign through various media interviews as well.

First Ladies Red Dress Collection[]

In May 2005, the Heart Truth constructed a special exhibition at the in , known as the First Ladies Red Dress Collection. The collection featured seven red dresses worn by America's first ladies , , , , , and . The exhibit was unveiled by Laura Bush, in the presence of many Congressional spouses and Cabinet secretaries.

In February 2007, the Heart Truth moved that exhibit to the in . There, the exhibit was opened by former First Lady Nancy Reagan along with television personality and Laura Bush. A conference was held at the library with leaders of the heart disease awareness movement as well as Bush and Reagan.

Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show 2013[]

In February 2013, the Heart Truth presented a fashion show at Manhattan's Hammerstein Ballroom. Celebrities who walked the runway included , , , Brenda Strong, , , , and others.

Notable participants[]


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