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Rose wrist tattoos for women 2018

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If you are looking for a new tattoo design that incorporates a rose design, then look no further than this article.

rose wrist tattoos for women 2018

Rose tattoos have always been a popular choice for both men and women. Many people enjoy the look of the tattoo, but there are also symbolic meanings behind a rose tattoo. That tattoo has more value because of the symbolic meaning. Roses are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers out there; they are the most prized flowers that a boyfriend can send to his girlfriend. It’s considered the symbol of love, the flower of choice when you want to show someone how you feel. It’s one of the most fashionable choices available out there. It’s a global choice for tattoo designs because of the natural beauty of them. The reason why they are such a popular design is due to their versatility. You can virtually put a rose with any other design or message, and it will look beautiful. It can be any shape or color and can be used for both sexes.

The Symbolism of a Rose Tattoo

Although many people choose the rose tattoo simply because it’s a beautiful design, there is also a symbolic meaning to the rose tattoo. Despite the aesthetic appearance of the rose, there is more value than just the design. Rose is the flower of choice when we give gifts of passion to our loved ones. By having a rose tattoo placed on your body, you are expressing your love for someone or something. There are many hidden meanings behind the rose tattoo that you may not be aware of. Having a rose tattoo is symbolic of life and soul together. It can also stand for blood, resurrection, and rebirth. Roses are dedicated to the deceased and are often seen on graves after a person passes on. It’s supposed to mean a new and bright beginning to a new life.

Different Rose Tattoo Designs

Although these tattoos are more loved by women, they are often used for both sexes. Women love rose tattoos because they stand for femininity and beauty. There are many different beautiful designs that incorporate the rose tattoo which is loved by many around the world.

There are many rose tattoos that involve quotes or messages of love. Many people choose a rose tattoo design whether it being a single flower or multiple and they will add it with a message of love. It’s a personal touch to a tattoo that gives special meaning to a tattoo choice. Many people add the name of their loved one alongside a rose as a symbol of their affection towards that person. It’s not just lovers that get rose tattoos; people get them in honor of their parents, friends or siblings.

Tribal Rose Tattoo: Tribal designs look great with rose tattoos. Roses are in a linear and long design that compliments the rose. It’s the type of design that works for both men and women. The roses are usually featured in black with these designs. Due to the style and color of the design they can appear appealing and fashionable.

The Black Rose Tattoo: You don’t see it too often, but there are some rose tattoos that are black. It is an appealing design, however, due to the nature of the tattoo design. Most people like it because the rose appears to be gothic. It is often associated with sadness or passion. The rose is symbolic of the romantic side while the black can symbolize sadness or even death.

Rose Tattoos as a Combination

There are virtually thousands of tattoo designs that you can get that incorporate a rose with other elements. By adding extra features to the rose tattoo, you add more meaning to the overall layout. Many elements that can be added are crosses, butterflies, daggers, skulls, vines and even barbed wire. You can depict the meaning behind a rose tattoo with hearts to represent love or even a diamond. By adding a diamond which stands for prosperity.

There are many different and unique designs that tattoo designers can create to give you a creative tattoo. There are tattoo designs that are in full bloom as well as roses designs that are just buds. You can have roses with thorns or without. If you want something spiritual, there are many different religious symbols such as the cross that can be added to a rose tattoo.

1. Rose Sleeve

This sleeve is entirely black and white. The sleeve tattoo has multiple rose tattoos in it.

2. Skull Design

A beautiful skull design that has a rose as the signature element.

3. A Large Design

This black and white design is a large tattoo if that’s what you’re looking for.

4. A Shoulder Tattoo

A simple single rose in bloom makes a great shoulder tattoo.

5. Stunning Skulls

A large back tattoo that is beautifully designed with skulls and roses.

6. Beautiful Rose

This beautiful rose is another example of a shoulder tattoo with a single rose.

7. Many Different Flowers

These gorgeous flowers really compliment the rose, creating a wonderful design.

8. Arm Tattoo

A beautiful design of a large single rose. The color is bright and beautiful.

9. Sexy Shoulders

This tattoo shows off the sexy shoulder.

10. A Collection of Roses

A black and white design that shows multiple roses together.


11. A Tiny Rose

A small rose may be the perfect tattoo for you.

12. A Rose in the Hair

A great example of how you can have roses incorporated into a larger design. In this case, the girl has a rose in her hair.

13. Inner Arm Tattoo

A different type of rose design found on the inner arm.

14. Leg Tattoos

This black and white tattoo that has vines as well as smaller roses.

15. Triple Rose

A large tattoo of three roses together.

16. Side Tattoo

This rather large tattoo looks incredibly sexy on the side of her body. The black and white coloring really makes the tattoo pop.

17. Rose Outline

A simple tattoo design made through casual lines. It’s an elegant design.

18. Behind the Ear

A stunning rose design that can fit easily behind the ear.

19. A Neck Tattoo

If you are looking for something large on the neck, then try this rose design out.

20. Rose on the Wrist

It’s a small design that fits nicely on the wrist.

21. Different Designs

A different look that shows a great rose design as well as some unique elements you don’t see very often.

22. Blossoming Rose

This bright red rose is blooming all over the shoulder.

23. Deep Red Designs

A much larger rose on the wrist; this one is a deep red.

24. Rose and Anchor

The design has both a rose and an anchor. If you have a love of the sea, then this might be exactly what you are looking for.

25. Double Rose

Two roses on the hip make for a sexy design.

26. The Black Rose

A black rose design that sits sweetly on the wrist. It’s a stunning design.

27. Rose on a Branch

It’s a small design that looks beautiful on the wrist. It shows a rose wrapping around the branch.

28. Rose on the Hand

If you are looking for a hand tattoo, then try out this large rose tattoo.

29. Rose on the Front

This rose sits on the front of the shoulder, and it’s in bright red.

30. Roses and Love

A large back tattoo that stretches across the shoulders. Hands that symbolize a heart and have some rose elements.

31. Stunning Roses

A great example of a rose on the wrist.

32. Neck Roses

This tiny rose sits in the center of the throat creating a beautiful and elegant design.

33. Roses as Art

A beautiful rose design that looks like heart. It’s a stunning design that any girl would love to have.

34. A Message of Love

A heart that spells love that is incorporated with a rose design.

35. Stencil Art

This stenciled art design looks great in black and white. It fits beautifully on the shoulder.

36. Rose and Beads

This rose has a necklace that is wrapped around the rose. It’s a beautiful design.

37. Large Rose

A shoulder tattoo of a large rose in black and white.

38. Hip Roses

There are two bright red roses that sit nicely on the hips. It’s not only a beautiful design but a sexy design as well.

39. Beautiful Art

A gorgeous rose design in bright colors that is showcased on the inner arm.

40. A Thorny Design

A stunning design that shows the rose with thorns, a look that is anything but dangerous.

41. Vibrant Colors

For the love of your mother, this vibrant design looks great in pink and blue.

42. Music Among the Roses

This sleeve is all about love for music. There are bright red roses that are mixed in with a mixed tape as well as a microphone.

43. A Single Black Rose

A shoulder tattoo that has a beautiful black rose.

44. Shoulder Outline

An outline of a rose but no less stunning. It sits on the shoulder.

45. Shoulder Art

A beautiful art piece that is a great example of a shoulder tattoo. The design is absolutely stunning.

46. Roses are Blooming

A sleeve that has roses, doves that trail down the arm. There is no color, but it’s still a great design.

47. Bursting With Color

A beautiful rose that looks great on the arm. It’s not a large design for someone looking for something smaller.

48. Single Rose

Bright tattoo designs are great alone or amongst other designs.

49. Black Designs

A black rose design that is large and wraps around the hip.

50. Multiple Outlines

A wrap-around tattoo that looks amazing on the shoulder.

51. Black and Blossoming

An arm tattoo with a black rose on it.

52. Thigh Tattoos

This tattoo is simple as an outline and its perfect on the thigh if you are looking for a larger design.

53. The Long Look

A large tattoo that sits lengthwise on the back. It’s a bright and beautiful design.

54. For the Love of Roses

If you are looking for a large tattoo of roses than this is the design for you.

55. Chandelier Art

This tattoo design is almost like having jewelry on your arm. This chandelier design looks great because the rose is a bright color and the jewelry design is more than elegant.

56. Rose and a Message

Multiple roses in a pretty pink color. There is also a personal message to the design.

57. Creating a Picture

A great design that starts off as an outline. You can see the progression of a tattoo as it becomes more real.

58. For the Love of Shoulders

Another example of a black rose tattoo that sits perfectly on the shoulder.

59. Bright and Bold

These beautiful colors are incredible as a sleeve tattoo. A great design that has many different elements along with the rose.

60. Designs in Bloom

On the front of the shoulder, this black and white tattoo is a stunning image.

61. The Strong Arm

A great tattoo design that shows off the rose on the arm.

62. Reds and Greens

This stunning design has a collection of red roses that look amazing as a tattoo. The red and greens are bright and beautiful. If you are looking for a stunning shoulder tattoo, then try out this style.

63. Butterflies and Roses

A large back design that has beautiful roses with butterflies fluttering around. The butterflies are unique and really compliment the overall design.

64. An Anchored Rose

A large anchored design that fits on the arm. Small roses are incorporated alongside the anchor. If you love boating or the sea, then incorporate an anchor into your design.

65. A Rose in Bloom

This rose tattoo is not quite in bloom. It might represent the start of a new life. It’s a stunning tattoo design that looks great on the collarbone.

66. Rose Inside the Ring

This rose fits nicely into the ring to create an unusual design. It’s a beautiful look that is not only unique but stunning in design.

67. Falling Petals

This design has a large amount of roses going down the arm, and some of the petals are falling off.





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