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Rubber band bracelet fishtail pattern

Date: 15.10.2018, 16:20 / View: 95493

The fishtail is the easiest and prettiest Rainbow Loom bracelet around as far as I'm concerned. :D

A fishtail bracelet only takes as much time as a pattern but looks loads better. You'll need just 10-15 minutes to complete one.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

If you buy the rainbow loom kit above, you will get the hook shown, some c-clips and some bands - won't need to buy anything else! :D

Step 2: Start the Bracelet

This bracelet uses only two pegs on the loom, so you don't need to worry about the way it's set up. :)

Place your first band in a figure eight shape around two pegs on the edge closest to you. This will ensure that the end of the bracelet is nice and secure. Then place two bands over the pegs on top of the figure right band.

Step 3: Build the Bracelet

This part is fun because it's so easy. :D

Pull the left side of the figure eight (bottom) band over the peg so it's looped over the two top bands. Repeat with the right side of the figure eight.

Then place another band over the pegs.

Continue looping the bottom band over the two top ones and then adding a new band on top until you reach the length needed to fit around your wrist.

The key with the fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet is that you should always have three bands on the pegs. Also, after the initial figure eight, the rest of the bands are placed normally.

Step 4: Pulling It Off the Loom

Grab the bracelet at the top by the band looped over the bands on the pegs. Make sure to hold that band in place!

Step 5: Remove the Extra Bands and Clip It

Pull out the two extra bands and then attach a clip!

Step 6: You're Done!


You can also use the to create fishtail bracelets. :)

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27 Discussions

this made it easier to understand

This helped me alot!

Great instructable!! :)

so cute

Thanks for the easy instructions :)

I made it! It was so easy from the instructions! Thanks!

Hi, I'm new to this app and I'm a rainbow loom MASTER!!!:)could u show me how to make tutorials on this app!:)thank you

theres this camera thing on the top right corner.(the creat button)

i present my creations:by the way if u dont have a loom u can make a simple loom like this:


this is soooo cool! i made 2 for my sister! she luvs them!! thanks!

I loved making this.it was really easy

These instructions are the way I make them but it never wors for me! I don't know how you make it so big

Hi. I've started the loom craze last week by making basic loom bracelets using a loom kit I bought from my local bargain shop for only £1. Today I started making a fishtail anklet and a bracelet and they were easier to make than they look. My loom kit didn't come with C-clips so I used S-clips to secure my anklet and bracelet.

I honestly don't know why people specify c-clip or s-clip. I honestly hate the c-clips due to them breaking easily. s-clips work MUCH better.

Reccomendation: if you use 3 colors it's easiest to make a pattern. when you flip a color up, the other two mean colors you don't need to put on that time around.

thanks so much!!! i did not realize how easy it is till i read this


It is so much fun making them.. I do one like every day :)


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