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Shoulder length brown hair with side bangs

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A Modern Chop

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Contributor

 is a former Vogue editor and founder of. She reportedly cut off her super-long blonde locks when someone mentioned that all the New York girls have the same long hair.

According to writer Plum Sykes, shoulder length brown hair with side bangs Santo Domingo went to New York stylist Valery Joseph and asked him to cut off the unhealthy parts of her hair. The result, she told Sykes, was "this new length weird length. I was immediately obsessed. I love it. I wish I had done it before."

Models, actresses, and singers soon followed suit and chopped their long locks to shoulder-length. Although Santo Domingo has since grown her hair long again, many devotees of the chop are still walking the streets of Los Angeles and New York.

Since it became popular, the cut has moved beyond the realm of a trend and has found its place as a classic. That's most likely because shoulder-length hair is simply the most versatile, flattering hair length on all face types and for all hair textures. 

This look first became popularized in 2008 and remains popular. The question is, how long can "the chop" last before it hits its past-fresh date? Santo Domingo, for one, expressed her concerns to Sykes.

"I made Valery promise he wouldn’t do the same cut for everyone else," she told Sykes. "But everyone is going to him for shorter hair. So now we all have the same hair. Again."

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