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Icon-build This article is about a/an transformation device in . Evol-Driver


"Evol-Driver!" ―Activation announcement "(Organic Evolbottle name)! Rider System! Evolution! Are you ready? (Form name)! (Form name)! Evol (Form name)! Fuhahahahahahahaha!" ―Evol form transformation announcement "(Organic Fullbottle name)! (Inorganic Fullbottle name)! Evol-Match! Are you ready? (Best Match name)! Fuhahahahahahahaha!" ―Best Matching Fullbottle transformation announcement "(Fullbottle name)! Rider System! Creation!" ―Any Fullbottle + Rider Evolbottle combination announcement "(Fullbottle/Evolbottle name)! (Fullbottle/Evolbottle name)! Are you ready? (rock music with choir)" ―Trial Form transformation announcement "Ready, go! Evoltic Finish! Ciao!" ―Evol finisher announcement "Ready, go! Evoltic Attack! Ciao!" ―Evol-Match/Trial Form finisher announcement "Ready, go! (Fullbottle name) Finish! Ciao!" ―Fullbottle + Rider Evolbottle finisher announcement "(Organic Evolbottle name)! Rider System! Revolution!" ―Evolbottle insertion announcement with the Evol-Trigger "Hazard Fever!" ―Announcement whenever a device that occupies both slots is inserted along with the Evol-Trigger

The Transformation Belt Evol-Driver (変身ベルトエボルドライバー, Henshin Beruto Eboru Doraibā) is the of and . It is the basis of the weaker and uses a variant of the known as the Evolbottles (エボルボトル, Eborubotoru).

The origin of Evolto's original Evol-Driver is unknown, but it was damaged when Evolto decimated using the . However, when Soichi Isurugi first discovered the box, Evolto managed to possess him and used his body to unearth the Evol-Driver and brought it along with the box to Earth. When was contacted by Evolto, he repaired it and studied it along with Evolto himself. His son, , eventually hid it away from Evolto, recognizing Evolto's destructive goals. Much later, Evolto bargained with to find it in exchange for 's life. Sento discovered Shinobu's hidden research and recognized the Evol-Driver as the power source for the Fullbottle-purifying device that he built, retrieving it and reassembling it. With the help of , Sento and the other Riders planned to save Taizan without giving the Evol-Driver to Evolto, but managed to steal it out of 's hands and threw it to Evolto.

According to the research of , a of 5 is a required to transform into Kamen Rider Evol using the Evol-Driver, a level unattainable using conventional means. He also describes the Evol-Driver as being able to consume the power of the and control the universe..




Similarly to the Build Driver, Kamen Rider Evol transforms by inserting two Evolbottles into the Evol-Driver and cranking the lever. Unlike the Build Driver's Best Match combinations of two paired Fullbottles, Evol accesses his forms using the Rider Evolbottle along with any other Evolbottle to access a Rider form themed after the varying Evolbottle used. The Evol-Driver is still capable of using normal Fullbottles to transform into a Rider form in the same way as the Build Driver, and also recognizes Best Matches, as seen with Kamen Rider MadRogue transforming using the Bat and Engine Fullbottles.

It is unknown why the forms accessed with the Evol-Driver do not utilize in their construction. While Evol, using Evolbottles, features the diagonal undersuit of Halfbodies, MadRogue does not. The transformations differ from the Build Driver, as well, as Evol still shows a similar construct to the Snap Ride Builder, while MadRogue's appears as an interconnected mass of tubing.


While transformed, Evol/MadRogue initiates a finishing move by turning the Vortex Lever.

Evol's finisher in his normal forms is the Evoltic Finish (エボルテックフィニッシュ, Eborutekku Finisshu).

  • Cobra Form: This finisher has two variations:
    • : Evol generates an energy star map beneath his feet that then transforms into a dark red and dark blue energy galaxy that flows into his right foot before delivering an explosive kick.
    • : Evol delivers a flaming punch.
  • : Evol coats his hand in dark blue flames before delivering a punch that projects an energy Chinese Dragon upon impact.
  • Rabbit Form: This finisher has two variations:
    • : Evol delivers a roundhouse kick covered in red and orange energy that generates an energy star map upon impact.
    • : Evol delivers a punch covered in flames and purple energy that sends the target flying.
Evoltic Finish Prelude

Evoltic Finish (Cobra Form) (Kick) (Prelude)

Evoltic Finish

Evoltic Finish (Cobra Form) (Kick)

Evoltic Finish VS Volcanic Knuckle

Evoltic Finish (Cobra Form) (Punch)

Dragon Evoltic Finish

Evoltic Finish (Dragon Form)

Evol Rabbit Kick

Evoltic Finish (Rabbit Form) (Kick)

Evol Rabbit Punch

Evoltic Finish (Rabbit Form) (Punch)

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The finisher of Evol-Match forms is the Evoltic Attack (エボルテックアタック, Eborutekku Atakku).

  • MadRogue: This finisher has five variations:
    • MadRogue flies into the air with the Mad Night Flyers (マッドナイトフライヤー, Maddo Naito Furaiyā) and rams into the enemy.
    • MadRouge leaps into the air and sprouts the Mad Night Flyers before delivering a flying dropkick to the enemy.
    • MadRogue performs a low kick covered in purple energy to an enemy on the ground.
    • MadRogue fires a steam projectile covered in purple energy from the Nebulasteam Rifle.
    • MadRogues unleashes two energy slashes from the Steam Blade that travel through the air and follows them up with sustained fire from the Nebulasteam Gun.
    • MadRogue leaps into the air and performs a jumping roundhouse kick covered in purple energy.
    • After replacing the Engine Fullbottle with the Bike Fullbotle and initiating the Evoltic Attack, MadRogue summons the Machine Builder, which redirects the enemy's attacks by binding them to it's front wheel before ramming into the enemy.
Mad Rogue Evoltic Attack wings

Evoltic Attack (Ramming) (Prelude)

Mad Rogue Evoltic Attack clash

Evoltic Attack (Ramming)

Mad Rogue Evoltic Attack kick

Evoltic Attack (Flying kick)

MadRogue Close range kick

Evoltic Attack (Low kick)

MadRogue Evoltic Attack shooting

Evoltic Attack (Nebulasteam Rifle shot)

MadRogue Evoltic Attack slash & blast

Evoltic Attack (Slashing and shooting)

MadRogue another style Evoltic Attack

Evoltic Attack (Jumping roundhouse kick)

Double Rogue water creation

Evoltic Attack (Bike Fullbottle) (Prelude: Water creation)

Bike Evoltic Attack

Evoltic Attack (Bike Fullbottle)

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  • While in Black Hole Form, Evol can crank the Evol-Driver again to activate the (ブラックホールフィニッシュ, Burakku Hōru Finisshu). This finisher has three variations:
    • Evol spins rapidly as a miniature black hole is generated behind him. The black hole then compresses into halo-like rings of energy as Evol delivers a powerful flying kick to the enemy, sending them into the black hole which kills them after a period of time.
    • Evol delivers a punch covered in purple energy that creates a small black hole upon impact.
    • Evol summons a massive black hole in the air that is capable of consuming entire buildings.
    • Evol surrounds his foot with a small purple black hole and performs a roundhouse kick.
Black Hole Finish spinning

Black Hole Finish (Step 1: Spinning)

Black Hole Finish disintegration

Black Hole Finish (Step 2: Black Hole disintegration)

Black Hole Finish explosion

Black Hole Finish (Step 3: Explosion)

Black Hole Finish punch

Black Hole Finish (Punch)

Evolto giant Black Hole

Black Hole Finish (Large black hole)

Black Hole Finish roundhouse

Black Hole Finish (Kick)

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Pressing the Evolution Switch again and turning the Evol Driver's lever again activates Feverflow (フィーバーフロー, Fībāfurō) mode, which transforms Evolto into his Monster Form. Cranking the handle once more will then activate the Black Hole Break (ブラックホールブレイク, Burakku Hōru Bureiku): Evolto summons a black hole large enough to consume an entire planet.

Black Hole Break summoning

Black Hole Break (Step 1: Black Hole summoning)

Black Hole Break planet consume

Black Hole Break (Step 2: Planet consuming)

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Evol can also access finishers utilizing Fullbottles by inserting one along with his Rider Evolbottle. This allows him to execute a finisher attack named after the Fullbottle used.

Evol-Driver + Weapon

Evol and MadRogue can combine the powers of the Evol-Driver and a weapon to perform a powerful finisher.

  • (機関砲フィニッシュ/フルバレット, Kikanhō Finisshu/Furu Baretto, lit. "Machine Gun Finish"): Evol summons the Hawk Gatlinger and fires a stream of large energy hawks.
  • (パイレーツフィニッシュ/海賊電車, Pairētsu Finisshu/Kaizoku Densya, lit. "Pirate Train"): MadRogue summons the Kaizoku Hassyar and fires a green and azure energy train that rams into the enemy several times.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description /// Evolto's Evol Driver was originally found by Soichi Isurugi on Mars near the Pandora Box. After Soichi brought it back to Earth, Takumi Katsuragi dissassembled it and hid the parts in nascita's basement. Sento later reassembled it after being blackmailed into giving it to Evolto in exchange for Taizan Himuro. He did not intend to give the Driver to Evolto, but thanks to Utsumi's help, the Driver still went back into his hands, allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Evol. Evolto made a second Evol Driver and offered it to Utsumi, under the condition that he join Evolto's cause, which he initially refused. However, after Evolto kills Namba and the Washio Brothers, Utsumi went insane and pledged his loyalty to Evolto. Evolto then gave the Evol Driver to Utsumi, who used it with the Bat and Engine Fullbottles to become Kamen Rider MadRogue. Utsumi is able to use the Evol-Driver due to his cybernetic nature.

Behind The Scenes


The voice of Evol-Driver was provided by (金尾 哲夫, Kanao Tetsuo), who voiced / in the series.


  • The Evol-Driver also demonstrates backwards-compatibility with regular Fullbottles.
  • The Evol-Driver's looping stand-by music is a modified version of the beginning to Ode to Joy, the symphony previously used in the opening scene of .
    • Incidentally, and somewhat ironically, this was the last symphony composed by , just as the Driver is portrayed as the instrument of Evolto's endgame plans, while technically being the progenitor of all known Rider systems derived from the Nebula Gas experiments.
  • The Evol-Driver is similar to the , the first upgrade-type Driver to possess the same core aspects as its base:
    • Uses the same type of trinkets to transform.
    • Most of the older trinkets have different announcements with the new Driver.
    • Used primarily by an antagonist that pretended to be an ally.
    • Produces more power than its base due to the background of the wielder.
    • Ending announcements for transformations and finishers reference the background of the user.
  • Like the , the Evol Driver announces most of the inserted Fullbottles in the opposite language as the Build Driver counterpart, so that if the Bottle name in the Build Driver is in Japanese, the Evol-Driver will announce it in English and vice versa. Examples include:
  • Diamond = Houseki (宝石, Hōseki, lit."Jewel")
  • Comic = (マンガ, )
  • Taka = Hawk (ホーク, Hōku)
  • Gatling = Kikanhou (機関砲, Kikanhō, lit. "")
  • Lion = Shishi (獅子, lit. "Lion")
  • Soujiki = Cleaner (クリーナー, Kurīnā)
  • Harinezumi = Hedgehog (ヘッジホッグ, Hejjihoggu)
  • Syoubousya = Fire Rescue (ファイヤーレスキュー, Faiyā Resukyū)
  • Kaizoku = Pirate (パイレーツ, Pairētsu)
  • Densya = Train (トレーン, Torēn)
  • Octopus = Tako (蛸, lit. "Octopus")
  • Light = Denki (電気 , lit. "Electricity")
  • Phoenix = Fushichou (不死鳥, lit. "Phoenix")
  • Wolf = Ookami (狼, lit. "Wolf")
  • Smapho = Keitai Denwa (携帯電話, lit. "Mobile phone")
  • Unicorn = Ikkakujuu (一角獣, lit. "Unicorn")
  • Keshigomu = Eraser (イレイサー, Irēsā)
  • Rose = Bara (薔薇, lit. "Rose")
  • Kuma = Bear (ベアー, Beā)
  • Televi = Television (テレビジョン, Terebijon)
  • Turtle = Kame (亀, lit. "Turtle")
  • Watch = Tokei (時計, lit. "Clock")
  • Kabutomushi = Beetle (ビートル, Bītoru)
  • Dog = Inu (犬, Inu lit. "Dog")
  • Spider = Kumo (蜘蛛, lit. "Spider")
  • Reizoko = Ice Box (アイスボックス, Aisu Bokkusu)
  • Kujira = Whale (ホエール, Hoēru)
  • Jet = Hikouki (飛行機, lit. "Airplane")
  • Shika = Deer (ディアー, Diā)
  • Tora = Tiger (タイガー, Taigā)
  • Kirin = Giraffe (ジラフ, Jirafu)
  • Senpuki = Fan (ファン, Fan)
  • Same = Shark (シャーク, Shāku)
  • Sai = Rhino (ライノ, Raino)
  • Bat = Koumori (コウモリ, lit. "Bat")
  • Engine = Hatsudouki (発動機, lit. "")
  • Hachi = Bee (ビー, )
  • Sensuikan = Submarine (サブマリン, Sabumarin)
  • Obake = Ghost (ゴースト, Gōsuto)
  • Magnet = Jishaku (磁石, lit. "Magnet")

  • Separate Legend Rider Fullbottles are announced in the opposite language:
  • Doctor = Isha (医者, lit. "")
  • Mahoutsukai = Wizard (ウイザード, Uizādo)
  • Yujou = Friendship (フレンドシップ, Furendoshippu)

  • Lost Fullbottles and 's Fullbottles/Gears are announced in the opposite language:
  • Bat = Koumori (コウモリ, lit. "Bat")
  • Castle = Shiro (城, Lit. "Castle")
  • Fukurou = Owl (オウル, Ouru)
  • Kuwagata = Stag Beetle (スタッグビートル, Sutagu Bītoru)
  • Hammer = Tonkachi (とんかち, Lit. "Hammer")
  • Shimauma = Zebra (ゼブラ, Zebura)
  • Hasami = Scissors (シザース, Shizāsu)
  • Crocodile Crack = Wani (ワニ, Lit. "")
  • Gear Engine = Hatsudouki (発動機, lit. "")
  • Gear Remocon = (リモートコントローラー, Rimōto Kontorōrā)

  • When inserting a Legend Rider Fullbottle in the Evol-Driver, it will pronounce the Legend Rider's corresponding .
  • = (コズミックステイツ, Kozumikku Suteitsu)
  • = Infinity Style (インフィニティスタイル, Infiniti Sutairu)
  • = (極アームズ, Kiwami Āmuzu)
  • = (タイプトライドロン, Taipu Toraidoron)
  • = (ムゲン魂, Mugen Damashi, lit."Infinity Soul")
  • = (ムテキゲーマー, Muteki Gēmā)

  • Unused Fullbottles:
  • Kyoryu = Dinosaur (ダイノソー, Dainosō)
  • Kappumen = Noodle (ヌードル, Nūdoru)
  • Energy Drink = Kenkouinryou (健康飲料, lit. "Health drink")
  • Keisatsukan = Police (ポリス, Porisu)

  • However, it is unknown why there are certain Fullbottles (i.e. Tank, Tantei, USB Memory, etc.) that do not follow this trend.
    • Some of them, specifically Tank, Lock, and the currently unreleased Kyoryu Fullbottle, trigger new transformation announcements for Evol when paired with the Rider Evolbottle. This could mean the release of future Evolbottles.
    • Sounds for the F1, Gold, Scorpion, Kangaroo, Ichigou, Kuuga-OOO, Showa Rider and Heisei Rider Fullbottles are not included in the Evol-Driver.
    • Interestlly, the Evol-Driver pronounces the Rabbit as Rabitto, instead of the japanese name of Usagi.



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