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Industrial design is a style that celebrates appreciates the visual appeal that lies within utilitarian objects, stripped-bare architecture, metal and wood surfaces, and neutral tones. It has an amazing ability to achieve aesthetic balance by juxtaposing sleek and modern with vintage and classic. This design became a trend in the late 2000s with the increasing demand of converting industrial places like warehouses, factories and barns into urban living places. It is quickly becoming a popular design trend increasingly used to style loft apartments, warehouse apartments, commercial spaces and even modern homes. Exposed brick walls, pipes, beams and ducts are a common trait on industrial designs.

They give the place an unfinished, raw edge. Concrete or wooden floors, large windows, and open floor plan are some features of this style. These structural elements are paired with functional and clean furnishings to give a modern look. Wood and metal furnishings along with industrial style lamps and lighting fixtures are another feature of this style. Industrial décor is simple, subtle and sleek. Hence, the colors used in this style are neutral and earthy shades that can form a good base for your room decorations. The decorations can have various shades and accents which can bring color to the place. Vintage furniture and salvaged objects can also be used for decoration.

Home Remodeling: Industrial Style Soft Minimalist Interior Design

July 30, 2019
Soft minimalism is quickly becoming the latest trend in interior design. It counters the idea that minimalism is cold and sterile and proposes a design style that is clean and contemporary but also warm...

Home Remodeling: Small Space Old Industrial Building Under 870 Square Feet

July 21, 2019
Remodeling often involves improving or transforming the existing design or layout of the room. Jessica Helgerson Interior Designs has achieved something similar while finishing the home remodel of the loft apartment featured here. This...

Home Renovation: A Renovated Industrial Loft Apartment In Amsterdam

July 9, 2019
Loft Apartments are originally apartments with an overhead loft area that is partially open to the main living space. This loft area is often converted into a bedroom or in some cases, a home...

Home Remodeling: An Excellent Industrial Style Penthouse Design

February 18, 2019
Penthouse suite can be considered as an apartment with unique luxury features that may not be available in other normal apartments.

Video: Modern Industrial Bathroom Designs With Vintage Or Minimalist Chic Small Space Living

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