The Best Stocking Stuffers For Him Under £20

Frantically racking your brain trying to think of game-changing ? Call off the search. We’ve trawled through the budget-friendly buys to pull together a list of the best stocking stuffers for men.

Not only are these small but mighty gifts practically guaranteed to impress him, they’ll avert pre-Christmas shopping centre hell. He’s happy, you’re happy, and with all of them under £20, your wallet is happy too.

Ted Baker Icart Textured Organic Socks

As kids, socks at Christmas were an insult; a needless practical gift that could have so easily been replaced with a toy that we actually wanted. As grown-ups, however, the reverse is true. Buy the man in your life an Action Man and he will likely think you’re beginning to lose your grip on reality. But buy him these handsome, textured foot warmers from Ted Baker and we’re sure he’ll be left grinning from ear to ear.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Spiking Wax

Waking up with a hangover at Christmas means plenty of bad hair days. Help someone remedy that with some heavy-duty hair wax courtesy of Schwarzkopf, slipped into a stocking. The formula strengthens hold without heading into dreaded wet-look territory.

Bombay Sapphire Gin Miniature

Like anybody needed another reason to drink over the holiday period, Bombay Sapphire gave us one anyway – 5cl of gin-filled goodness that will kick off Yuletide proceedings as is tradition. Just don’t blame us if he wants another.

Charles Tyrwhitt Shoe Brush Set

Anyone north of 16 years old should be cleaning his own shoes. And it should be done with a professional bit of kit like this set from gentleman’s outfitter Charles Tyrwhitt. Including two soft bristle brushes – for light and dark footwear – it will save you from spending a fortune on a new pair by transforming tired-looking kicks into something that appear brand new.

Hotel Chocolat Vietnam 60% Supermilk Chocolate

You can do better than another Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Hotel Chocolat’s Supermilk Chocolate slab, with its 60 per cent Vietnamese cocoa content, is far higher than any supermarket fodder. Beats a consolation advent calendar any day.

Ted Baker Elmpark Mug And Coaster Set

Being a nation of tea connoisseurs and coffee addicts, mugs make for excellent Christmas gifts. The problem is, they’re all too often a tacky novelty affair, embellished with some lacklustre comic statement. “My other mug is a pint glass,” might warrant a sharp exhalation of air through his nose accompanied by a grimace the first time he sees it, but it’ll soon get old. This tasteful zebra design from Ted Baker, on the other hand, will do no such thing.

Sneaky Cleaning Kit

How to gain permanent access to a sneakerhead’s good books: help him bring back his most battered pair of creps from the dead. This handy kit contains everything needed to restore white trainers to their former box-fresh glory.

M&S Collection Brushed Woven Scarf

Yes, it’s a good stocking stuffer for women, too, but no matter how cold-resistant he claims to be, there’ll come a point in the year when every man needs a scarf. A good one shouldn’t just keep out the cold, it should also complement his coats and jackets. This camel version will work with his entire wardrobe.

River Island Grey Marl Fisherman Beanie

It may not be strictly true that most of his heat will escape through his head, but nobody likes a chill up top, regardless of the science behind it. Simple enough for him to actually wear but with a stylish fisherman ribbed texture, this beanie is a stone-cold no-brainer.

Mr Black Denim Refresh Travel Size

Denim-loving men will know that jeans are not meant to be regularly washed, while others simply forget to introduce their favourite pair to the washing machine’s drum. Whichever camp he sits in, this refresh spray promises to keep his denim pristine, odour and bacteria free, and will extend his jeans’ lifespan.

Hawkins & Brimble Beard Oil

Maintaining the perfect facial topiary isn’t just a matter of getting a trim once in a while and leaving the rest to nature – beard hairs need TLC too. This beard oil will soften and moisturise his facial bristles, meaning his chin decoration won’t inflict harm on others under the mistletoe.

Mr Porter Paperback The Manual For A Stylish Life: Volume One

For those inevitable hours stationed in front of the TV sat in a post-lunch food coma,The Mr Porter Paperbackoffers an infinitely more useful way to pass the time. From fashion commandments to tips on how to dance at a wedding, with one read of this he’ll be well-versed in all things stylish.

Uniqlo Lambswool Crew Neck Sweater

Even the fussiest of men won’t object to adding a classic grey crew neck sweater to their knitwear collection this winter. This pure lambswool style is a snip at under £20, so your wallet won’t have reason to object either.

Reiss Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are one of those items that every man needs, but often neglect in favour of the latest cult sneaker release. This pair of stretch cotton trunks will right that wrong and ensure that his underwear is brought into line with the rest of his wardrobe.

Victorinox VIC Hiker Swiss Army Knife

Since so few of us venture into the wild, you’d consider a Swiss army knife redundant, right? Wrong. We may not build dens in the Arctic, but we do buy plenty of crates without a bottle opener and wrestle with plastic clothing tags on a weekly basis. That’s 21st century survival, and we need your help.

River Island Round Lens Sunglasses

Only the rich (or foolish) would drop a wad of cash on trend-led sunglasses. So, come down a price bracket and make like all those beautiful models on Instagram in a pair of round lens shades. Being of-the-moment needn’t warrant a quick cash loan.

Topman Green Marl Print Swim Shorts

It takes a madman to go swimming on Christmas morning, and a genius to book his summer holiday during the Christmas lull. Topman’s green marl swim shorts are a foolproof choice year-round, whether it’s a dip in Bognor Regis or two weeks in Bermuda.

Rocket & Rye Mini Deer Trophy

In the 21st century, even the most chest-beating alpha males rarely hunt their food. That doesn’t mean you can’t play pretend with Rocket & Rye’s mini deer trophy, though. A plywood design is as simple as it is cool, and assembly is easy with no tools required. Extra man points all-round.

Vodka Infusion Kit

Now there’s a real excuse to dodge the own-brand bottle of rip-off Baileys. The Vodka Infusion Kit set lets you kick the party up a notch with the essentials you need to create your own brew. Unsure where to start? Two recipes cards are included, with over 35 more recipes accessible through its associated (free) app.

Baxter Of California Daily Face Wash

Soap and water just won’t cut it anymore, and neither will nicking someone else’s cleanser. This foaming daily face wash will not only keep his face looking its very best, it’ll save any unwanted product sharing situations. Everyone’s a winner.

Gentlemen’s Vintage Shoe Shine Accessories & Storage Tin

Much like buses, shoe polish is pretty much guaranteed not to be there when needed. For weddings, interviews, meeting the parents or even a dinner date, this shoe shine accessories set will ensure that he’s never in a tight spot when he needs to shine.

M&S Split Textured Tie Clip

Donald Trump has taught us many things this year. Chiefly, that scotch tape does not make for a good tie fastener. So, make his wardrobe great again with a choice tie clip from M&S – a sharper alternative to the stationery cupboard and one that can flit from office to occasion with ease.

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The Best Stocking Stuffers For Him Under 20
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