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If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that last month I flew to San Francisco to spend some time with my family. I call them family because they really are just that. It’s rare to feel so connected to a brand but with Stitch Fix, it’s about much more than just a partnership. I was first introduced to Stitch Fix a couple of years ago when they brought me on, along with two other influencers, to be consultants for their plus size launch. They really wanted to make sure that they got it right so instead of just relying on their own expertise and research (of which they did a ton of), they wanted to hear straight from the mouths of consumers.

For those that have been rocking with me for a while, you may remember where I talked about the intensive meetings and fit sessions that we had with the team, giving our honest feedback. You may also remember where I excitedly announced the official plus launch. Since then, I have done a host of other things with the brand including being a part of a (of which I still can’t believe). So needless to say, Stitch Fix is near and dear to my heart.

What sets Stitch Fix a part is that they are relentless on improving the plus business. Although they are a very popular brand, they don’t rely on that to get them through day-to-day operations. They realize that there are so many opportunities for growth within the plus business in offering trendy styles and quality fabrics. So, it’s no surprise that Stitch Fix brought me back, along with this time seven other amazing women of whom you will see below. They not only wanted to catch us up on all of the things that they have been working on, but to also hear our opinions and our insight…along with having a little fun in SF!

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Here are all of the ladies. From left to right, starting from the top row and working your way down, we have: , , , , , , , and finally me! We started off our day at the Stitch Fix headquarters, which is one of my favorite offices by the way, to talk with the team and meet the CEO and founder!

The amazing Katrina Lake, CEO & founder of Stitch Fix

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Plus Size Fall Fashion OutfitFall Colorblock Style

If there is one item that is a must-have for Fall, it’s the suede moto jacket. It is as much of a staple as a great pair of skinny jeans. Like most jackets, you can style them in so many different ways, dressing them up or down. A moto jacket is a perfect “in-between” style that gives you that flexibility to pair with tennis shoes, booties or even thigh high boots. You could opt for a leather type of moto jacket but suede is one of my all time favorites. Not only do I think that they are a bit more comfortable to wear, but they also give off the very rich, chic feel.

Target A New Day PumpsOld Navy Suede-Knit Moto Jacket

What I love about this suede moto in particular is that it is buttery soft, looks expensive but it is actually very affordable. I’m talking affordable! It’s a suede-knit blend so it has plenty of stretch for optimal ease of wear. It also comes in these beautiful Fall tones such as this Creme Caramel, as well as a deep wine, a rich teal and a taupe.

Fall Moto Jacket StylePlus Size Grey Bodycon DressTan and Gray Fall Outfit

For my look, I opted to style the jacket with a bodycon style dress. I love this color combination of muted tones between the tan and the gray. I also like where this jacket hits me slightly below my waist that allows me to wear fitted dresses comfortably. As I mentioned previously, I could take this same color palette and style my outfit a different way. For instance, I could wear a gray top, a pair of white denim jeans and tan booties. The options are there!

Be sure to check out the outfit details below. And go ahead and cop this jacket while it’s still in on sale!

Outfit details:

Jacket: (wearing a size XL) | Dress: Similar  | Shoes:


I’m so excited to share this post with you all for a couple of reasons. The first is that I get to feature my beautiful sister in this post of whom probably reluctantly agreed (thanks sissy!). The second is that we are both wearing an amazing brand and that is LOFT! So, let’s get a couple of things out of the way that I know some of you may be thinking. “Are they twins?!” No, we are not but we are very close in age. We are only a year a part so we get mistaken for twins all of the time. Matter of fact, we were shopping at Trader Joe’s the other day and there was a mother/daughter duo that spotted us. The mother thought that we were twins and the daughter said she didn’t think so. They stopped us while we were loading groceries into the car to see who was right (haha). The second thing I’m sure you’re wondering is about the outfit details. We will get to that in a minute.

The funny thing is, since we are so close in age, my mom used to dress us alike a lot when we were younger and I hated it. I don’t know why, I guess I was just a sassy little girl that wanted her independence. Fast forward to present day, we not only dress alike unintentionally, but we borrow each other’s clothes, have practically the same style, and even order the same garments online unknowingly. I guess my mom was on to something.

So, let’s talk about these clothes. Since it’s Fall, it was only right to rock the Fall color palette. We are both wearing the same that are so comfortable. They are a great item to wear to work with pumps and a as I have done. You can also tuck them into booties and rock a for a weekend casual look as my sister has done. It’s a really thick material so it not only holds you in but will keep you warm in these cooler months ahead.

The great thing about LOFT is that they not only have great quality pieces and amazing staples, but you can shop them in store! Yes, you heard me right ladies! At select LOFT locations, you can shop the merchandise in store. As we know, this is a luxury that we are not often afforded. It was so refreshing to walk into the LOFT store in the Glendale Galleria to see a fully stocked section with big and bright signage identifying plus. Here’s the . Hopefully there is one in your area!

Clearly, we couldn’t end this shoot without cracking up at each other at the most random things. Sometimes I feel like we have our own language that nobody understands but us. I guess it’s a sister thing. To shop both of our looks, check out the outfit details below!



This post is sponsored by LOFT. All opinions are my own. Plus, my sister would never wear anything she didn’t like. Trust me, she speaks her mind loud and clear (lol)

A black and white outfit is a classic style that will always be on trend. It seems like no matter the season, this timeless color combination will always be prevalent. And while black & white are very minimalist, it creates such a chic, sophisticated type of look. Like any color combination, there are an endless amount of possibilities. That’s one of the reasons why this will never go out of style. There’s always a way to reinvent and revamp with new patterns, prints and designs.

For this look, I decided to keep it more on the simple side. I felt as though it really didn’t need many embellishments or frills. This was the perfect base because it provided an eye-catching, geometric print. Since black and white are on the complete opposite side of the color wheel, when you put them together, it really stands out. We are still pretty warm here in Los Angeles so I opted for a high neck, sleeveless bodysuit to pair with the skirt. Once I put these two garments together, I felt like it still needed something else. Although I was going to simple, it was coming across as a little too simple. The solution? This gold metal plated belt from Eloquii! This belt is a must in your wardrobe. You can use it for just about any style top and it instantly ramps up your look. With that, my outfit was complete and so chic (if I do say so myself!).

Outfit details:

Top: | Skirt: (wearing an XL) | Belt: | Pumps:


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