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Tom ford summer 2018 makeup collection

Date: 14.10.2018, 20:26 / View: 34583

Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2018 Makeup Collection Review Swatches Photos Face Look

Every year, I look forward to Tom Ford’s summer beauty releases because they consistently bedazzle me and leave me with stars in my eyes with their gorgeous packaging, on point color selection and sumptuously luxuriant textures and finishes. This year’s is no exception. Tom Ford’s Soleil Summer 2018 makeup collection hit counters a month or so ago, and ever since then, I have been dying to get collection my hands on it to play with and review for yall! Keep reading for tons more photos, swatches, and, of course, face looks!


In a collection this chock full of gorgeousness, it feels like a misnomer to call one particular item the star of the collection…however, Tom Ford’s enormous, cheek trio compacts are always especially eye-catching to me because of their size, beauty and functionality. This year’s (0 for 0.74 oz.) in Nude is my favorite of all the previous releases – it includes two highlighting shades, a warm glowy gold and a neutral-cool glowy pink, in addition to a bright, peachy coral blush that is perfect for summer. The amount of product is equivalent to 3 full-size blushes or highlighters from most brands, so in my opinion, these compacts are quite a steal.

Every shade is pigmented with a beautiful, soft, finely milled texture that all of Tom Ford’s powder products have. Like all of TF’s blushes, the blush is super pigmented, so be sure to use a duo fibre brush or at least a light hand when you apply. The highlighters applied quite beautifully with a duo fibre brush also… the gold one at the top really gives the cheeks a golden glow that is so achingly beautiful, and the pink one gives more of a lit from within, fresh glow that is slightly more subdued.

In the photo above, I am wearing the Soleil Contouring Compact in ‘s blush and gold highlighter (top shade), along with Lip Sheer in and Cream + Powder Eye Duo in .

The second, equally gorgeous, palette of the Soleil Summer 2018 collection is the Sheer Cheek Duo in  ( for 0.30 oz.) which is mixing it up this year with two blushes, a raspberry pink and a hot reddish-pink coral. In past years, this palette has consisted of a highlighter and a blush. The two blushes are a special, pressed, gel-like powder texture which is different from the powders in the larger palette…this special texture allows the blushes to apply in easily layered, sheer washes of color that adhere to the skin and blend almost like a cream or stain product and really give the effect of blushing from within. I use a duo fibre brush to apply these and build to the desired intensity, and I love the effect so much. It’s like having a cream or gel cheek stain with the ease of a powder and the convenience of a compact!


In the above look I’m wearing the pink top shade of the  Sheer Cheek Duo, along with Lumiere Lip Color in and Eye Duo in Emerald Isles.

The last cheek item in the collection is actually my favorite!! The Shade and Illuminate Glow Stick in  () is a two sided, twist-up stick with a gorgeously glowy highlighter on one end and a bright, punchy, blushing-from-within coral on the other end. The texture is to-die-for…it glides onto the skin effortlessly and has a beautiful emollience that is not greasy and doesn’t mess with your base makeup, but at the same time makes application and blending an absolute dream. The blush is so pigmented, but it blends out so easily with a brush once I dab it onto my cheeks…

…and then I top my cheekbones with a couple swipes of the highlighter and blend with the same brush and oh my goodness. Y’ALL. The effect can only be described as the peak of gorgeous, natural, glowy deliciousness. It is so glowy and delicious…sorry to repeat myself, but I can’t get over it. And my favorite part of all is that it achieves that effect in such a way that it looks like it really could just be my own skin. Like maybe I might have gotten some color on my cheeks from running around in the sun and my skins own oils have blended with moisturizer and sunscreen to give me candlelit, glowing look. Anyway, take a look for yourself:

In the above look I’m wearing the Shade and Illuminate Glow Stick in  as highlight and blush, along with Lip Sheer in  and Eye Duo in .

Below are swatches from left to right of: Contouring Compact in Nude, Glow Stick in Sunstruck and Sheer Cheek Duo in Exotica Flora:

Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2018 Contouring Compact Nude Cheek Duo Blush Exotica Flora Shade and Illuminate Glow Stick Sunstruck Review Swatches Tom Ford Cream Powder Eyeshadow Duo Azure Sun Emerald Isles Review Swatches Photos Face Look

For Summer 2018, Tom Ford has released two brand new shades of the cult favorite  ( for 0.24 oz. + 0.07 oz.) in Azure Sun and Emerald Isles. Azure Sun is a shimmering Prussian, turquoise blue with a rose quartz pink glitter topper. Emerald Isles is a deep, emerald green shimmer with a clean, sunny, golden glitter topper.

Both of the sparkle toppers are stunning, gorgeous, sparkly, glittery goodness – classic Tom Ford and the reason why these Duos will turn heads wherever you wear them. The cream base of Emerald Isles is fantastic: thick, pigmented, glides onto the lids and is easy to blend. The cream base of Azure Sun interestingly applied thickly and seemed pigmented, but then when I went to blend, it kept sheering out to what you see in the photos below. Personally I like the effect because it makes it more wearable for me and less intense, but be aware if you’re looking for a strong, opaque, azure blue that it might not happen with this cream base. In both of the looks below, I have applied the cream shadow first and then patted the glitter over top of it.

There are also two duos ( for 0.08 oz.) that are included in the collection – in all the looks in this post where I’m wearing the Azure Sun duo, I am also wearing L’Avventura Eye Kohl Duo. In all the looks in this post where I’m wearing Emerald Isles duo, I am also wearing Soleil Blance Eye Kohl Duo!

Tom Ford Sheer Lip Color Nudiste Bambou Lumiere Balm Review Swatches Photos Face Look

Lastly: Lips!! There are two new ( for 0.1 oz.) in Nudiste, a gorgeous, glowy nude (my favorite!!) and Bambou, a shimmering, semi-sheer, brownish plum, along with one brand new in Lumiere, a brightening, glowy, sheer, tinted lip balm that looks deceptively simple in the swatches but on the lips completely lights up the face!

All the lip colors have a beautiful, hydrating finish that glides on smoothly to lips and lasts for several hours. The Sheer Lip Colors last well into 5-6 hours on me, while Lumiere absorbs more quickly and leaves barely any pigment behind since it’s a tinted balm. I have almost worn my Skinny Dip Lip Sheer from a couple years ago down to the nub, and now Nudiste has become my new obsession. I will be buying multiple backups of this one and suggest you do that same if you love any of these as much as I do since they are limited edition!

Swatches from left to right above are: Azure Sun, Emerald Isles, Lumiere, Nudiste, Bambou, Soleil Blanc and L’Avventura.

Finally, here are some more photos of all the looks for you!

Look 1:


I am wearing the Soleil Contouring Compact in ‘s blush and gold highlighter (middle and top shades), along with Lip Sheer in , Cream + Powder Eye Duo in , and Eye Kohl in.

Look 2:

I’m wearing the pink top shade of the  Sheer Cheek Duo as blush and the pink highlighter (bottom shade) of the Soleil Contouring Compact in, along with Lumiere Lip Color in , Eye Duo in , and Eye Kohl in.

Look 3:

I’m wearing the Shade and Illuminate Glow Stick in  as highlight and blush, along with Lip Sheer in , Eye Duo in  and Eye Kohl in .

In case you couldn’t tell, I love this collection so so much!! I am so excited to wear it all summer, and in particular, I am so in love with the Sunstruck Glow Stick, Emerald Isles eye duo and Nudiste Lip Sheer! Have you checked out this collection or picked anything up from it? I want to hear all about what your favorites are – let me know in the comments below!

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xoxo Georgia Grace

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