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Wedding dresses vera wang kim kardashian 2018

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Vera Ellen Wang (: 王薇薇; born June 27, 1949) is an American based in.


Early life and wedding dresses vera wang kim kardashian 2018 education[]

Vera Ellen Wang was born and raised in New York City, and is of descent. Her parents were born in China, and came to the United States in the mid-1940s. Her mother, Florence Wu (Wu Chifang), worked as a translator for the, while her father, Cheng Ching Wang (Wang Chengqing), a graduate of and, owned a company. Her maternal grandfather is warlord, who was killed by the in the in 1928.Wang has one younger brother, Kenneth.

Wang graduated from in 1967, attended the and earned a degree in from. Wang began at the age of eight. While in high school, she trained with partner James Stuart, and competed at the 1968. She was featured in 's in the January 9, 1968 issue. When she failed to make the team, she entered the fashion industry.Wang continues to enjoy skating, saying, "Skating is multidimensional".

In 1968, Wang was presented as a to at the at the.

Wang was hired to be an editor at immediately upon graduation from, making her the youngest editor at that magazine. She stayed at Vogue for 17 years, leaving in 1987 to join, for whom she worked for 2 years. At 40 she resigned and became an independent bridal wear designer.

Wang has made wedding gowns for public figures such as,,,,,,,,,,, and.Wang's evening wear has also been worn by.

She has designed costumes for, including,,,. Kerrigan wore Wang for the and, Kwan for the and, Lysacek for the, and Chen for the.Wang was inducted into the in 2009 for her contribution to the sport as a costume designer. She designed the uniforms worn by the.

On October 23, 2001, her book, Vera Wang on Weddings, was released. In June 2005, she won the (CFDA) Womenswear Designer of the Year. On May 27, 2006, Wang was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the.

Wang's evening wear has been worn by stars at many red carpet events, including at the 2012 Academy Awards, and at the 65th Emmy Awards.

She was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

In 2006, Wang reached a deal with, a chain of department stores, to produce a less expensive line of ready-to-wear clothing exclusively for them called Simply Vera.

In 1990, she opened her own design salon in the in that features her trademark bridal gowns. She has since opened bridal boutiques in New York, London, Tokyo, and Sydney and has also expanded her brand through her fragrance, jewelry, eyewear, shoes, and homeware collections.

"White by Vera Wang" launched on February 11, 2011, at. Prices of the bridal gowns range from 0 to,400 which gives more brides a more affordable way to wear Vera's designs. In 2002, Wang began to enter the home fashion industry and launched The Vera Wang China and Crystal Collection, followed by the 2007 release of her called Simply Vera, which are sold exclusively by.

In Spring of 2012, Wang teamed up with to offer two styles available in both the retail and rental areas of their inventory. In June 2012, she expanded in with the opening of "Vera Wang Bride Sydney" and her first Asian flagship store "Vera Wang Bridal Korea", helmed by President Jung Mi-ri, in upmarket neighborhood in,.

In an interview with a CBS reporter, Wang said, "(It's) painful, and not only that, I have no choice. So I think when you start there's a certain innocence because of that freedom, and as you evolve you begin to see the parameters of what you can and can't do. So I make decisions that are very tiny that will affect an hour of work, I make decisions that will impact the lives of the people that work for me. It's in fashion as well, micro work, a centimeter of proportion and then it's macro to see what a vision is on the red carpet."

Personal life[]

In 1989, she married in an and. They resided in with their two adopted daughters: Cecilia (born 1990), who currently lives in New York City, and Josephine (born 1993), who attended and currently attends. Becker was the CEO of the information technology services company until August 2010. In July 2012, Vera Wang Co. announced that the couple had separated. The separation was amicable.

Vera Wang loves sports and exercise. She spends her day dealing with all the different lines of product she handles, from poring over china patterns to small leather goods at Kohl's. She usually doesn't take phone calls during the day.

In popular culture[]

Several movies and television shows have mentioned Wang's works.

In the TV series, found Wang's wedding dress to be the perfect wedding dress, and wore it for her wedding to Trey MacDougal.Wang's design was mentioned in the television show in the episode "". In ABC's TV series, Vera Wang makes a as herself, designing a dress for Wilhelmina Slater's wedding to Bradford Meade.

In the film, Vera Wang was among the bridal gowns wore in her Vogue photo shoot. In the film, and wore custom-made Vera Wang gowns.

In the episode "The Wedding Crasher", a villain named Wera Van (parody of Vera Wang), desires revenge on those who rejected her wedding dress designs.

Vera Wang also designed a wedding dress for 's character in the TV Series episode "".

In the TV series,, the character mentioned a custom Vera Wang wedding gown when confronting her fiancé,, about his sexuality.

In the political satirical comedy, Vera Wang takes the president's daughter Samantha Mackenzie, played by "", and her friend Mia, played by "", to try on wedding dresses. She is shown to have a close friendship with Mackenzie, cheek-kissing and grasping hands. She later comforts James played by "" after Samantha bails on her wedding to him and buys him a limo.

In the TV Series, Vera Wang is mentioned in multiple episodes and is one of 's favorite designers. Blair has a wedding dress designed by Vera Wang for her wedding to Prince Louis of Monaco. Blair decides she can no longer wear it after losing her and Louis's baby in a car accident, and has another designed instead. The three bridesmaids in Blair's wedding wear Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses.

Also in,, played by, wears a steel gray Vera Wang mermaid gown in her second wedding with (). The dress was actually shown in black at Wang's Fall 2012 show.

At the, wore Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2017.

In the second season episode of, "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk", Mr. Mxyzptlk snaps his fingers and puts a wedding dress on Supergirl. When she protests that he "can't just put [her] in a wedding dress", he responds, "Why not? It's Vera Wang".

Similarly, in episode "My Big Fat Geek Wedding", Edna Krabappel walks out on her wedding to Seymour Skinner. Nelson Muntz refuses to egg her with a canola oil egg per Bart Simpson's request because the dress is a Vera Wang. He eggs Skinner with it instead.

She is mentioned in a film,, as the character Dana Cummings describes her as the designer of a dress that she coveted for her senior prom.

She is interviewed in a movie, "", which chronicles the history of the famous department store in Manhattan.




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