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Wild bridesmaid dresses 2018

Date: 16.10.2018, 05:02 / View: 95163

My name is Carol Walker, and I have been taking photographs since I was old enough to hold a camera at age 4. I set up my business, Living Images by Carol Walker 15 years ago, specializing in horse photography. Eleven years ago I started following wild horses and photographing them, and wrote my book Wild Hoofbeats: America's Vanishing Wild Horses to help educate the public about the issues facing wild horses. I am on the board of directors as the Director of Field Documentation at Wild Horse Freedom Federation. I donate proceeds from my book, calendar and print sales to Wild Horse Freedom Federation, the Cloud Foundation, and other wild horse groups as well as using them to fund my own efforts to help save America's wild horses. In 2010 I published my second book, Horse Photography: The Dynamic Guide for Horse Lovers. My favorite thing to be doing is spending time with and photographing horses.
I have 3 adopted mustangs that live with me, Mica, Claro and Cremosso.
My third book Mustangs: Wild Horses at the Heart of the American Legend was released in France in October, 2014 and my newest book, Galloping to Freedom: Saving the Adobe Town Appaloosas came out in November 2015.

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