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Gastric bug? Put yourself in isolation...

Dr Akbar says:"Treat yourself by supportive care: paracetamol for cramps and fevers; plenty of fluids, and bland foods when you feel better."


Diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, fevers and bloating - all unpleasant, but it's usually self-limiting and you should recover in one or two days. However, you won't get the muscle aches of food poisoning.


Gastric bugs, including the norovirus, are contagious, so can spread fast at Christmas when we're likely to shake hands or kiss more frequently. If you've been infected - or are caring for a child with the bug - take 48 hours off work and partying to stop the spread and wash hands regularly.

Longer Term

Scientists at Cambridge are testing an antiviral drug called Favipiravir, already thought to be effective against viruses that cause influenza, yellow fever and foot-and-mouth disease, and believe it could reduce and even eliminate the norovirus too, by causing it to self-destruct.

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