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Little Bo Peep / Sissy

May 20th
Do go to and look at Madame's blog, Stephy is back!!! see some new pics read of what is instore for shy sweet Stephy more to follow xxxx.
More NEWS NEWS NEWS!!! Go to Stephy has started to write a blog there about her times under her Beautiful Mistress.
Well another year nearly over and it has been a so busy one for stephy,Serving her beautiful Mistress Madame C who owns me now and Stephy is LOVING IT lots of new pics soon do look on my flickr page for updates.
Stephy has been making some films this year well Mistress has been making them with stephy tied and used lol so watch out on Mistress's site for those.
Mistress is also seeking a g/f from me to play with She can be sub or Domme please contact Mistress
I wishe everyone i have met chatted to over the years A Merry Christmas and a so happy new sissy year I hope all your dreams come true and peace starts to prevail in our world xxx
Nove 12th 2016.
Goodness me this year has flown I am so so sorry I have not kept up to date with my escapades
I have been so busy at work and had health issues to.
I am having a amazing time with Mistress (Madame C) we are on this amazing new journey where both myself and Mistress are learning new things,So many things have happened since i last wrote So I will write some highlights for you,well Mistress has at times had little stephy assisting her in the dungeon in my Miss Stephanie role (trainee cd Domme) and I so so love it,so much of a contrast to being a frilly sissy,which i off course still am so so often,as Mistress says I am her frilly sissy dolly,and in that role I have been assisting Mistress in other ways in her dungeon with so many other subs,again I am loving this.
In September I had the great honor of taking Mistress and Mistress Jenny to Goodwood revival what a WOW day we had,stephy did not go dressed but she was still in chastity and pantied and in tights under my male clothes,It did cause a few looks to see me massaging Mistress feet in public.
Both Mistress and Mistress Jenny were in 50s fashions and looked STUNNING!!!!,we all had such a fun day and the night before again Stephy was lucky enough to sleep in Mistress's dungeon well did I sleep? lol with so so so many toys in there.
Stephy was also so lucky in October that Mistress took her to the international FemDom Ball In London Now there was Mistress,Mistress Jenny and myself and Eloise,WOW!!! what a night we had just getting there was fun as we had to park quite a way away,and there was stephy skipping through London in her frilly,very short strawberry shortcake dress,ruffled panties on show a lot lol
Mistress and Mistress Jenny LOOKED STUNNING!!! as always in long evening gowns,we had a real fun and very naughty wicked night,lots of worship,and serving.
Stephy was spanked in front of a lot of Mistress's (what fun ) also Stephy bought some raffle tickets and had the numbers written on my bum so not to forget them lol well those numbers took over 3 weeks to wear off lol.
It was so lovely to meet so many other Mistress's there,but to me the best and most Stunning there was my Mistress.
There will be new pics soon and i hope to write more soon to everyome that i know i so miss you all xxx
I am so so sorry to be so far behind writing about my adventures with Mistress I have been so busy with a boring thing called work,but I have just come back from a day with Mistress so have lots to write about soon xx.
July 2016.
Again I am so far behind in writing all that's going on in my life this is down to lots of normal work (oh to wind the lottery ).
But also so much has been going on in my sissy life to.
Have had two amazing days with Mistress last week,as always my excitement was building as each day past and I tend to go into like a count down,where I am counting the hours and mins till I am with Mistress,and as always I had no idea what was install for me,what wicked naughty ideas Mistress had in her lovely beautiful wicked mind mmmmmmmmmmm,mind you I did have some ideas lol.
Now the first day Mistress had decided to do a series of pictures and to make two films for her website,now I am a shy girl as you know (smiles) and all I asked was that I had blue smarties in my dressing room and some champagne,of course Mistress well kinda came up with something similar in the guise of a red sore spanked bottom and a glass of water (smiles).
Now you may have seen some of the pics from the films On twitter or Madame C site,I shall not tell you what my first outfit was other than tight corset over a very frilly satin black blue and white maids dress,with black and blue 5 layered petticoats under it.
And the story line was stephy had been caught playing with other sissies in the garden (now would I? ) and Mistress decided to punish me by tying me up in the garden shed and putting my locked bits in a bondage device.
And Mistress then came in to punish me with her cane in her hand,and after that poor stephy was tied and chained to the lawn mower to cut the lawn,now with locked heels and a hobble chain this was not easy,so for my failings I was pegged out in the garden and caned again
Now if you see the pictures and films you can see why I had failed,Mistress like always was dressed to tease and distract me,and yes It worked lol.
So you see it is a hard life being in films,I mean after take 6 of the caning now I am sure the first 5 were ok but mmmmmmmmmmm and then a really lovely evening with Mistress,and there was more to come as guess where stephy was sleeping that night?,well stephy was sleeping in the dungeon yes surrounded by latex chains gags hoods electrics clamps vibes OH MY!!! a a very sub sissy heaven,how on earth can can this sissy get to sleep with all this around her,well I will leave to your imagination of my night in the dungeon let me just say it was mmmmmmm
Day 2.
I woke early as Mistress wanted me in my maids uniform,with my shoes locked on ready to serve Her at 8 am,and yes right on time Mistress came into the dungeon to inspect me I shall say that got me 6 with the cane,and the cane seems to sting more early in the morning.
And then Mistress give me my list of chores to do which i carried out,dressed in my pink pvc french maids outfit with black frilly petticoats i do so love the outfit,and I was really in my element I do so love doing house chores,and I had the honor to open the front door to greet Mistress Jenny,and then I prepared breakfast for Mistress and Mistress Jenny, and Mistress outlined my role in the day to come.
Mistress was going to film the day and wanted me all in latex,but in a different role I was to assist Mistress with a very sub latex slave a gimp
has been going on this month again and WOW!!! Stephy got to go to Pedastol,for those who do not know what that is it is a big fetish club in south London,Mistress was getting a minibus to take us all and OH MY!!! I was so excited to say the least,There was to be Mistress Mistress Jenny and two other Ladies ams and myself Eloise (who is a lovely girl ) angelica and a really lovely sub guy.
Now the question was what to wear lol,not that it was up to me but up to Mistress well Eloise was going as a traditional french maid,angelica was in a black short dress yelow and Mistress had decided I was to wear my Strawberry shortcake sissy dress mmmmmm.
Now of course at Mistress's house late that afternoon chaos reigned lol,well poor Mistress having to get three girls ready.
But as always Mistress took control and in no time at at all there we were all ready to go,of course like us girls do there was this big scramble to look in mirrors well one has to make sure and us girls are well you know lol.
While us girls sat and chatted about the night ahead Mistress Jenny came in and WOW!!! all in black latex a dress so tight so short with long black boots mmmmm (oh my why are chastity devices so tight )and then Mistress appeared and WOW WOW WOW!!!her stunning red hair set of by a black and yellow latex dress which clung to her figure and showed it off to it's best.
Now in the kitchen the champagne was flowing quite a lot,and I think we were all so wanting to get on our way.
Mistress then rounded us all up and we all stepped out the front door of her house and we all piled into the mini bus,it was going to the seaside lol,now we then discussed what if we broke down lol the AA man would be in for a treat we thought.
I of course organised the on board singing and after three verses of the wheels on the bus I was nearly thrown of the bus.
Well after what seemed so long we arrived and guess yes no where to park,but our lovely latex clad driver found this side street not to far from the club.
Now this street had some very nice flats in it and well what a sight we must have made as 4 Mistress's and 3 sissies and a latex clad driver got out of this minibus,Mistress had decided to have us 3 sissies on a leash and she leashed all three of us together and once we were all sorted off we trotted down the road,lead by Mistress,we were really all laughing so much and actually enjoying our pet walk lol.
At that point a car pulled up and out got two mature very posh Ladies,who were so lovely and complimented us all on our outfits and then proceeded to take photos of us all (fame at last lol )they were really so lovely and really loved and were so interested in all our outfits,we did spend some time chatting to them and then it was off again on our walk to the club.
And we then reached a very busy junction where we had to cross three main roads,now here was a lot more traffic and we seemed now to be attracting more attention from drivers,why I have no idea I mean come on 3 frilly sissies tottering on heels on a leash,and 4 four Mistress's in latex walking down a street in London is nothing out of the ordinary is it lol.
As we arrived at the club we were all searched,I of course being so shy assumed the position legs spread lol, I was told this was not needed damm it I thought.
March 2016
,I wasOh My so sorry i am so far behind in writing of my adventures,It has been rather hectic you all know sadly that at times the boring part of our lives get in the way of us having so much girly fun.
I could not wait again to be my Mistress's toy again her sissy her latex pet mmmmm.
So as always my mind was full of what the day could hold for me.
And with Choccy bunnies in hand (Mistress has a passion for those ),I set off to see here and the closer I got the more excited and nervous I was feeling,which is always a lovely feeling,and before I knew it I was there and to greet me was the Lovely Mistress Jenny who I had no seen in ages and OH MY!!! She looked stunning in a black sheer top and short leather skirt and black nylons and heels mmmmm after I had put my eyes back in my head,there was lots of hugs and then Mistress Jenny wanted to check I was wearing my tights panties and I was locked away.
Then Suddenly Mistress appeared her smile lighting up the room,dressed in a long coat and under a short latex dress mmmmmm,and along with Mistress Jenny she inspected me to and OH MY!!! did they tease me fondling and touching me cage this was really driving me mad,then suddenly it stopped and Mistress and Jenny started to strip me,I was just a play thing in there hands.
then naked I was teased more.
Mistress put a robe on me and told me to sit as Mistress Jenny was going to do my nails,but to add to my teasing Mistress placed some chocolate in Mistress Jenny's cleavage,and told me to get it out with my tongue and mouth,well you can imagine my response to this,but I must tell you it is not easy but like all good sissies I tried my hardest and yes succeeded mmmmmmm.
Mistress had gone to change and was back in a lovely Blouse and a very 50s style full skirt mmmm which i so love.
Mistress then set about my transformation and as always with such care and skill I was turned into Stephanie again,Mistress had decided I was to wear my birthday dress which I so love along with 4 layers of petticoats ruffled panties and ankle socks and flat pink ballet shoes,I always feel so girly so sissy in this dress,and spent the rest of my time doing some chores for Mistress and being teased by Mistress and Mistress Jenny where they both had me kissing there heels and feet and so leg worship,and yes that meant stephy going up Mistress very flared full skirt OH MY Heaven mmmmmmm.
Sadly Mistress Jenny had to leave us at that point,and after a long goodbye,Mistress decided it was time for me to be taken to her dungeon to be as Mistress said "to be dealt with".
And Mistress decided to it was a time for a change off outfits,so after being stripped I was led by a leash into the the dungeon,and slowly i was put into latex stockings a latex dress,but no panties i was soon to find out why,Mistress then placed a tight latex hood over my head and pulled the zip at the back down encasing my head tightly in the mask with my mouth free and i could still see.
There is something about a latex hood,the tightness the restriction on your hearing,but more was to follow,Mistress made me lay on the bench and inch by inch she encased me into a latex body bag with my arms inside she zipped it right up and then did the 8 straps up that secured me even tighter.
More was to come very quickly a gas mask with breathing tubes was pulled over my latex hood i now could hear my breathing even more and the mask had persepex eye lenses so i seem to be starring out of my latex encasement,Mistress was so so close to me her face her smile "saying poor stephy all helpless in her latex world and stephy I control all of you now" with that Mistress held her hand over my breathing tube just for a split second but showing the control she now had over me
I was in her hands under total control and i felt so safe to with that the electrics were swiched on and Mistress started my my milking again showing the power she had over me and that my body was hers to play with tease and control all she wished,and as i looked at my Mistress through my perspex covered eyes I was so happy that I belonged to such a beautiful and wicked Mistress,Stephanie is such a happy lucky sissy.
15th 2016.
Well Christmas is over and yes yes yes I am having a day with Mistress talk about excited,I was doing somersaults,and hey that was in my car driving to see Mistress (smiles),now it was not just Mistress I was to be serving today,Mistress Jenny was going to be there to WOW WOW!!! two Mistress's to serve and be teased by (gulps) now I was excited but also nervous to as having two Lovely Ladies to serve and please is very daunting,but Stephy does love a challenge.
Now I had no real idea as always of what was planned for me,but as always Stephy went prepared her car full of dresses petticoats and other delights (well I can never make my mind up ).
I think I didn't just get of my car and walk to the front door of the house I think i lept out of the car and flew to that door,and there to greet me was Mistress Jenny looking as lovely as ever in a so tight white blouse and a lovely very tight pencil skirt and OH MY!!! she had knee boots on to mmmm.
Taking me by the hand I was led into the lounge.
Of course Mistress Jenny wanted to make sure I had followed the instructions I am always given days before so I stood there and showed her my painted nails then my pink panties I was wearing and my tan tights and of course under all that I was locked in my pink chastity device,which Mistress Jenny delighted in inspecting and teasing.
At that point Mistress walked into the room and OH MY!!! Looking stunning as ever,of course Mistress had to also inspect my chastity device and OH MY!!! chastity to,now how can a sissy cope with two Lovely Mistress's inspecting and teasing,think of fishing? no that didn't work,tile grouting nope nor that,og my what the heck i gave in and thought of how lucky I was,and I seemed to be floating away of a cloud into sissydom.
Bump I came down to earth,when Mistress told me they were going to take me out (GULPS) and with that I was stripped of the rest of my clothes by two Mistress'es (us sissies do suffer so SMILES)
as Mistress did my make up Mistress Jenny decided to change my nail color to a darker pink
I was put into a lack white bra and a very tight waist corset that was partly lace and rubber,goodness me was that tight yes yes yes but comfy to and really gave me a nice waist,matching lace panties were slipped up and over them very glossy velvet touch black opaque tights were pulled up,now I don't know if you like me have a thing about white panties under black tights mmmm.
But then over the tights very tight lycra black leggings were pulled up so now two layers of nylon and lycra,as the song says " Heaven I am in heaven",Mistress decided i was to wear a lovely dark satin blouse on top but also a little short skirt to,the blouse not being tucked it,but a nice wide belt around my my waist,so now in nylon and satin mmmm.
Mistress decided I was to wear knee boots also and gloves and a lovely black coat,and with some jewelry,I was told I was ready,and it seemed suddenly I was being whisked out the door and into the car.
Where were we going?,well after about 20 mins we arrived at this lovely antique shopping centre
as Mistress parked the car,I suddenly had this awful thought,"had Mistress brought me here to sell me " lol.
We had a wonderful time looking around so many stalls,one even had a cane for sale which Mistress of course had to try out on me OUCH!!!,then we found this stall with amazing vintage clothing now between us I think we could have bought the whole stall lol,then it was down to the lovely cafe and morning coffee,where Mistress took great delight in cutting up my tea cake and feeding me lol,anyway it was a really lovely morning out and as we drove home Mistress told me if it had not been so cold that they were going to have taken me to some woods and tied me to a tree to take some pics,well something to look forward to in the summer lol.
And then there we were home again and the second part of the day,which was going to completely different to the start of the day.
Again I was stripped and Mistress had decided that I was to wear my so pretty white satin and lace dress,which was so influenced by Mary Poppins dress,and under that still my so pretty white lace undies and now also a 4 layered white petticoat.
I felt so pretty and I was thinking how lucky I was to be under the control of two so Beautiful Mistress's,what was in store for me I was unsure.
I soon was to find out once dressed I was led into Mistress medical area where I was very quickly strapped to the big medical with mt legs strapped tight and wide open,then my wrist and arms were strapped tight to the chair to,then the teasing started,how can this poor sweet innocent sissy stand this lol,well goodness me tormented by Two Beautiful Mistress's my skirts and petticoats were pulled right up,and when I saw Mistress coming towards me with a pair of scissors and a big smile on her face OH MY!!! and with that she cut my tights open,to get at my still locked naughty bit s,after a lot of teasing where she undid her blouse and well her breasts were so close to my face but so far away to as I could not move closer to kiss them.
With a vibrator in the hands of each Mistress,they both smiled and slowly applied them to my cb6000
No matter how I struggled how i wriggled I could not get free,and now the vibrations on my cage were having a well enlarging effect on me,and the pressure in the cage was building,the pleasure and excitement was building, with that Mistress stopped.
Slowly she unlocked my cage and slipped the cage of,I was free yes yes,but that was not the end,once free I was toyed with,and Mistress decided I still needed control so electrics were attached to my now free very excited parts and slowly the power was turned up,with Mistress looking into my eyes "Stephanie she said as your leaking maybe this will stop your naughty thoughts" did I get relief
I cannot say but the tormented went on for a few hrs,where i was brought so so close over and over then denied the final pleasure,but was I given it in the end?.
A Friend did pass away
A friend that had brought so much pleasure our way
We knew him as Davi
d,the great white duke and Ziggy Stardust
He was more than a singer he was a friend to us
We travelled with him on his many a journey
Our first was into his space oddity
Then with Ziggy he showed us we could all be free
We are in shock and so sad to see you go
But in our hearts and minds you will always be our Hero
Jan8t h 2016.
Firstly I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas and a Happy new year xx,I know we have had so much rain down here but my heart goes out to all those lovely people in Cumbria Lancashire Yorkshire and Scotland who have suffered such terrible flooding.
I have to tell you there are lots more adventures for Stephanie in 2016 so do watch out,Mistress has a lot planned for me (but won't tell me what lol is that a good or bad thing i wonder).
Sadly over xmas Stephanie managed to catch Pneumonia (and I had been wearing my vest to lol )
And I have been rather poorly hence i am so behind in writing my dairy here sorry for that xx
But i am well on the mend now and I shall be with my Stunning Mistress next Friday YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!.
So i will have more to tell you then thank you to all those who have sent me Xmas wishes etc xx
Dec 19th 2015.
Well firstly MERRY CHRISTMAS XX To all the girls i know and I chat to here xxand to all of you who contact me saying they like all the things I get up to and write about here.
I am on my new journey with my Beautiful amazing Mistress,and WOW!!!! stephanie's boundaries are being pushed and she is loving it.
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year and thank you all for all your lovely compliments and being my friend I love you all so much xxx
Nov 3rd 2015
I always think it is very special when a sissy does not know what the day holds for them,and today I was full of anticipation and feeling rather nervous, oh yes very excited to of course lol.
The reason for my nerves was that Mistress had asked me to write to her telling her of any dark deep feelings and fantasies i had,now if you are like me your head like mine is full of so many lol
And this is all about Mistress getting to know me and of course Stephy getting to know what pleases and amuses my Beautiful Mistress.
So I did as i was requested and sat and wrote a lot of my fantasies and desires and wishes,now this was really only to be a short email,but well you know me it ended up pages and pages long lol,and the longer it got the more i revealed,Now Mistress knew a lot about me already from my former Mistress Elaine and this was revealing more to her.
And i knew Mistress had read it as her reply was well very short and to the point and I quote
" Dear Sb looking forward to seeing you and I have a few suprises in store for you"so what had stephy done, what was in store for me,what would the day hold,this is getting like a what Stephy did next lol.
So a early wake up and a nice hot perfumed bath checking I was all smooth and soft,though something in my restraint was rather tight,after drying myself I slipped on the pink and white candy stripe cotton panties and then the glossy tan tights Mistress likes me to wear on my journey,I then sat and painted my nails pink as told to by Mistress,and sprayed my body with perfume and put on some soft velvet touch trousers on and a nice shirt,and no socks to hide my tights.
And then I was off driving to see me so Beautiful Mistress,my mind full of so many thoughts and also I had that very lovely feeling of shiny tights on my legs mmm,and then I was pulling into the drive of my Mistress.
Now I had been told just to bring two dresses with me,but I mean how can a sissy decide which two so as i got of my car which was nearly full of dresses and petticoats lol,so opps would Stephy be in trouble yes is the answer lol.
As I entered the house Mistress was stood there,looking stunning as ever in a dark blue satin blouse and well a quite short little skirt and very shiny hose and stunning heels,I knew then that today was going to m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Mistress then had me strip so she could,inspect my restraint and tease the end of it with her long nails,Mistress told me she wanted to do some glamour pics of me in a long evening dress,so after Mistress did my make up I was laced tight into a corset and had long dark nylons attached then fitted into a very tight but slit to thigh black evening gown with halter neck,long velvet gloves were slipped up my arms and ankle strap heels were slipped over my silky nylons.
I just felt so so sexy so elegant and looking back at me in the mirror was not the usual frilly sissy.
Mistress took quite a few pics of me in different poses.
Now Mistress decided I could stay in the same underwear but,then showed me a full length tight latex dress.
So again I was stripped and then encased in this so sexy so tight long dress,my wig was changed to a very different one than I had ever worn,you will have to wait to see the pics.
Mistress decided then the best place to take another set of pics would be in her so amazing dungeon,I was led into this dimly lit room and with each step i took I could feel the latex caressing my legs and hear that so sensual sound of the latex, Mistress led me over to her high backed bondage chair as i sat,I looked at Mistress and could see that really wicked look in her eyes,and with that she started to secure me to the chair each strap she fastened i felt my freedom being taken away.
four straps securing my arms 3 on my legs and one around me body,i again looked and could see that wicked smile in her face as my dress was lifted,to expose my chastity device which Mistress then started to tease and torment with her long fingernails into the end of it then a large vibrator, OH MY!!! talk about wriggle and struggle Stephy was still caged but now so so excited.
I will stop there as the tormenting went on for so long with me begging so for release but I am sure you can guess the answer was NO!!!.
The next stage of the day was another complete change,and I was led back into the dressing room where Mistress told me,she was going to take me out for a walk in a local park,I know what your thinking no not in the latex dress,so yes another change and Mistress had decided I was to wear a satin outfit out,as she had a very lovely satin pencil skirt which was tight but had a side slit but not to high and under the skirt i was to wear a satin waist slip,now my underwear was to be satin panties and over them gloss velvet touch opaque black tights which were yummy to wear MMMMMM,Mistress also laced me into a waist corset and then slipped a satin long sleeves satin blouse on me,so there I was encased in satin and as I stood up and walked across the room,I felt the restriction in my steps caused by the skirt and the sensation as my velvet tights rubbed on my satin slip,OH MY!!! what a feeling I was in satin heaven,and after my heels were slipped on and a wig change Mistress gave me a shoulder bag and a coat to wear and yes then it was out to her car,and before I knew it we were parked by a lovely park,now I am not sure how a lot of girls feel,but I do always get very nervous going out in public and then yes so quickly we were out of the car Mistress taking my arm and like to lovely girlfriends we strolled into the park chatting away,and with each step i took i could feel my tight satin skirt restricting my steps,and the satin slip rubbing on my velvet tights mmmmm
WE then sat for a while and chatted about our dreams and fantasies,of course Mistress had to get me to stop or we would have still been there now lol ( well i have many fantasies ).
And then we were back at the house and sat having some lunch,then Mistress smiled at me and said " stephy let's go play it is time you were my latex dolly ".
And yes before I knew it I was in a tight top skirt stockings
Again I was so so excited on my journey to be serving my Mistress again,as I have said before on this journey each time my mind is so full of naughty wicked thoughts.
And I was wearing my brand new cb3000 which is bright pink,now this had been purchased on the strict orders of Mistress.
Now as always I had no idea of what was in store for me,I know I could not wait to be with Mistress,and i expect a lot of you are like me and the last hour before you get to see your Mistress seems to be the longest ever.
And then I was there outside the door and now my heart was beating so fast and I could not wait to enter the beautiful home of Mistress.
And then like magic I was there before my Beautiful Mistress,her long golden hair seem to cascade over her shoulders,and today she was dressed in a very tight red and black latex dress,which seem to hug the contours of her Beautiful body which of course sent my heart rate even higher,and her legs were encased in the shiney tights(now a lot of you may not know but Stephy has a massive fetish for tights) and seeing my Mistress in them really made my restraint so tight.
Mistress wanted to check that i was all securely locked away,and took the greatest pleasure in having me strip to my panties,and then she slowly pulled them down to reveal my pink restraint.
She was so happy and very pleased with what she saw and spent then next 15 mins inspecting it and asking me how it felt,Stephy was now so in heaven but so so wishing I was unlocked,suddenly she stopped and told me the first part of the day she was going to have me as her sissy frilly baby.
The sound of the latex she was wearing seem to be amplified with every step she took,and slowly i was dressed put into a very short high waisted sissy baby dress,and with my make up done my hair was put into pig tails tied with satin ribbons.
Mistress now was very happy with what she saw,but felt something was missing,and then she suddenly produced a very soft but very crinkly pair of pink plastic panties,which she slowly pulled up my legs and made sure they were snuggly fitted over my bottom and front parts which were still locked,Now Mistress was happy my shame was completed and noe for being naughtyi was pulled over her lap and got my bottom spanked very hard, no i did not get 20 or 30 or 40 but because I was not counting them out loud enough I got 90 yes 90 hand spanks some done slowly some done very quickly,but at the end of it my little bottom was pinker than the plastic panties i wore,Mistress carried on teasing me and shaming me for what seemed ages,but also I got lots of cuddles to.
Then suddenly after all this teasing I was stripped again and was told I was now to become her latex play thing her latex dolly who was to be subjected to many new sensations that little Stephy was not used to.
First long black latex stockings were pulled up my legs and attached to my latex suspender belt,and Mistress made sure my bottom was reddened even more with some more hard slaps.
A very short tight latex dress was then pulled over my head and zipped up so tightly so now each inch my body was being covered in tight latex,long black gloves were pulled up my arms they reach the short sleeves of my dress so none of my skin was showing there.
And then a tight red and black hood was pulled over my head and zipped and laced up very tight so now looking back at me in the mirror was just a latex doll all my features had been taken away,I was now just this latex dill Mistress's play thing her toy her pet her slave.
With my collar on and a lead attached I was taken in to the dungeon where i was to spend the next hours.
Firstly secured by my wrist and ankles to the wall but sat on a small seat that exposed my locked bits which Mistress toyed with slapped and teased,then after what seem so long,my restraint was slowly removed,and then the real torment began.
I was unchained and taken to the couch when I was secured on my back by 5 straps over my body and straps to me wrist and my legs were spread wide and strapped into stirrups so now I was fully exposed and totally helpless and to add to my restriction my head was strapped down to the bench to so I could not see what Mistress was preparing for me.
No matter how I struggled i could not move and my struggling seemed to excite Mistress more
and for the next few hours I was subjected to electrics on my parts,more teasing as Mistress squatted over my face,then more electrics to start my training as her latex dolly,with Mistress telling me that i still had so much to learn.
Now fed up with my moans as the electrics tormented my parts,Mistress fitted a mask over my hood
and this was connected to a long tube which Mistress fitted to a re breather bag or she put the end of the tube down inside her panties so I was breathing her, inhaling her devine aroma.
this again seemed to go on and on with me getting so excited and it was then that Mistress attached the milking machine to me and whispered in my ear " you are mine stephanie belle I own you,and I will do what I wish with you.
Sept 15th 2015.
Well Stephy is back again,I am so sorry to all those who follow me,what with being very poorly and so busy at work (yes that horrid thing we all need to do)lol
I know i missed out writing about my August time with my Beautiful Mistress,well what can I say,Mistress and I had a wonderful getting to know each other better day,where we did quite a few themes from very sissy to latex to some maid service, WOW!!! what a day,and Stephy also managed to get to Candy girls again (which I so had missed ) it was great to see so many lovely friends again,and I hope to be back there soon again to so watch out for the dates.
Now to my day with Mistress on the 7th September,now Stephy was up very early that day as she was so so excited,and after being so poorly I could not wait to be where i love to be the most serving and amusing my Mistress.
Again my drive to be with her was full of so many thoughts of what the day would bring,as I never know the theme of the day and what we would be doing.
Mistress had said to me to bring one sissy dress and one latex outfit with me,now I mean how can a sissy just pick one outfit,so after a lot of thought I had two latex outfits and 5 sissy outfits in the car along with the petticoats (lucky I have a estate car brb xx
I'm back lol now where were we? oh yes my car loaded up well now on my way to to see Mistress
Stephy had to pop around and see the the lovely Elaine (yes my former Mistress and the Lady who still makes my dresses for me,sadly Elaine is taking a 6 month break from her dress making,now i know that there are lots of girls who have had dresses made by Elaine (pippabelle) over the years,and like me i know you want to say a big thank you to this so special Lady for creating truly such Beautiful dresses,Now I am so hoping she will return to her sewing machine as poor Stephy has only 40 dresses to keep her going lol.
Elaine please have a lovely break and you will never leave our thoughts xxx
Now on my visit my car became even more packed lol as I got a new dress lol yes another one 4 new petticoats and a load of other items to and I had to collect some items to for my Mistress,so now I could not see out the rear window of my car all I can see in the mirror was a mass of frills lol I was kinda hoping I would get stopped (imaging explaining all the frills lol).
Now I spent over 2 hrs with Elaine and left happy that i had seen her but sad that I will not see her for such a long time.
Now i was on my way to spend the day with my Mistress and like always I had so many emotions filling my head,And like always I was feeling so excited but nervous to.
As I drove into the drive up to her house my heart was now beating about 200 per min lol, And then yes i was stood at the front door and being greeted by my lovely Stunning Mistress,who was OH MY!!! dressed to excite and tease (and she knew I was locked in chastity) this vision in front of me was dressed in a dark blue satin blouse that seem to shimmer in the sunlight,and a lovely short front pleat skirt with very shiny hose on and to die for black heels,I was already in heaven,Mistress led me into the lounge and we sat chatted and I showed her what I had got from Elaine, She loved the new dress and that would feature a lot in the day.
But first I was to be put into latex that was after she had checked I was in panties and tights under my trousers and I was locked securely in my chastity.
I was then led by my device through to the dressing room and told to strip,as Mistress sat and looked on.
Firstly I was put in to long black latex stockings,which were attached to a latex suspender belt,next I was put into my tight black little skater dress which as I felt the zip do up felt so tight,and yes it is very short to,now I thought latex panties would be next but no how wrong I was<Mistress said to me and had a really wicked look in her eyes " Oh no panties for you my latex dolly I want that to tease"
next a black latex hood was pulled over my head and as that was first zipped then laced then the buckles were done up,I saw in the mirror this latex doll looking back at me a collar was then fastened to my neck And I was led by a leash into her so well equipped play room.
Mistress told me to stand still head up and to listen very carefully to her,as she spoke to me very sternly saying " you are to be my latex dolly my play thing " I had noticed that on a bed was a latex sleep sack with straps attached to it i was told lay down on that dolly,and as I layed there the long zip was pulled up slowly encasing me in a another thick layer of latex my arms were in side the sack to so i was helpless the long zip went all the way up to my neck where Mistress then fitted a padlock and clicked it shut as she looked into my pleading eyes,then slowly each long strap was fastened tightly to the bed so i could not move at all,all the time Mistress was saying "this ill show you stephy your place in this house"
So there i was totally helpless,as i could not really see much all i could hear was Mistress's heels clicking on the tiled floor,and the noise of her getting things ready,i heard a trolley being wheeled over.
Then Mistress smiling at me,saying " right let the treatment begin" though still encased Mistress pulled a zip slowly down and then it came to me why i as not wearing any panties as she reached in and took my still locked cock out and then did the zip back up so all that was sticking out was my restrained cock,which she toyed with inspecting slowly," this is mine Mistress said to me I own it "
And then slowly she unlocked me and removed each part making me lick out the tube part as i was dripping.
Before I knew it Mistress has made me so hard and after being locked i was finding it hard to stay controlled.
She lent over me and whispered to me" i am going to subject you to my milking machine stephanie"
And with a big smile on her face,she lubed my cock up and slowly slipped a very tight tube over me and switched the pump on.
MY GOD!!!! what a so instense feeling, i struggled wriggled but still the pump kept sucking on me,Mistress watched and smiled,I was now getting so so close,nearly to the point of no return,then suddenly it was stopped," with Mistress saying" oh no no your not getting that pleasure yet my dolly"
and the tub was slowly pulled off me,and i was made to lick it out.
t 7th 2015.
Sorry for my absence but Stephy is back after being very poorly,but shes well again and soon new pics to YAY!!!!
And i will tell you all about my day with my lovely Mistress and all the wicked lovely things we got up to OH MY!!!!
July 14th 2015.
Today I was very excited as I set off to collect my new dress,as always lovingly made by Elaine,now this dress was extra extra special as this dress was made with a lot Of Mistress's input she had spoken to Elaine who makes the dresses,and as I drove to Elaine's i knew the colour of my new dress but had no idea of the design.
Well when I saw my new dress as always I was bowled over by its outstanding beauty,another stunning creation from Elaine,I can tell you now the colour is peach satin and yes mmmmmmm,it is such a lovely colour,the rest you will have to wait to see as I have been sworn to secrecy,well I have been told until the pics are shown if I tell Id be spanked OH MY!! ok well its peach satin and lol no no i must not,but if you look at the Pippabelle site in the sweet shop section you will see it.
It was so lovely as always to sit with Elaine and chat and see her new sewing room,I can tell you girls if you want a dress to turn heads get it made by pippabelle.
The really lovely thing to is Elaine is now good friends with Mistress and has made her 3 dresses so watch out for those.
July 15th 2015.
I woke this beautiful sunny day with my mind full of all the things I could be doing this day,I was of course very excited and yes still after all these years nervous to as I never really know what will be happening and I do so love it that way.
As I drove into Mistress's drive and parked and got out and walked to her lovely house,the wooden front door opened slowly and out from behind it popped the lovely smiling wicked face of Mistress Jenny OH MY!!!! now that was a big suprise as Mistress had not told me she was going to be there.
After greeting me in the normal lots of huggs etc way,Mistress Jenny did her very personel greeting to me by checking that under my male clothes I was wearing the pair of Mistress's tights that she had worn the last time mmmm my panties and under those I was locked in my chastity device which Mistress Jenny took a long time teasing and inspecting,and as MIstress Jenny was so sexily dressed in a very tight black skirt and a very teasing low cut top,so the teasing part was easy.
At that point I could hear the very sexy clicking on the wood floor as Mistress approach the door of the room we were in,and as the door slowly opened Mistress appeared and OH MY!!! goodness me well my heart rate went up to about 200 lol as Mistress came into the room wearing a dress that showed every beautiful curve of her so lovely body,a dress in black and red,a dress of latex MMMMMMM,goodness me Mistress looked STUNNING!!! and as she slowly walked across to me and embraced me i felt the lovely latex material.
Now with this dress Mistress had on lovely black nylons that were not just plain but from her feet up to her calfs there was like a flame effect so another OH MY!!! from me and with her lovely heels,she looked every inch the Goddess she is.
And again along with Mistress Jenny I was first told to strip as they sat and watched me,then again closely inspected by them both,See can you see what suffering torture I am subject to lol.
As I sat Mistress started to transform me into Stephy,and as I always say she is a true artist that with every stroke of her make up brushes she creates me,and as always I was not allowed to see myself till I was fully dressed.
Mistress so loved my new dress,in fact at one point I thought she was going to tie me up and pinch it lol.
I was now getting so excited about seeing myself in the new dress,and both of them were teasing me so by saying no maybe they would not let me.
But OH MY!!! when i did see myself WOW!! the dress is so stunning so pretty so sissy and thats what I love.
Now Mistress told me I was to serve them coffee and tea in the lounge as they wanted to see how good of maid I am.
Of course I did my best but of course faults were found and my bottom paid the price by being spanked over the knee by Mistress,now again what torture to be laying over Mistress's latex clad lap mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Mistress then let me sit at her heels and worship her feet legs as she told me that over the next few visits I was to learn her house learn where things are so I could be there to serve her and her friends in the future OH MY!!! what a honour that will be,Mistress was taking me deeper into her own life.
After taking a lot of pictures and both Mistress's again teasing me relentlessly in my chastity,Mistress Jenny went off to change and on her return another OH MY!!! she re appeared in a so sexy so tight so short latex dress MMMMMMMM, as you can imagine Stephy was now just like a jelly lol now in the company and under the control of two latex clad Ladies MMMMMM.
Now I was told then of another suprise as Mistress,told me I was to be changed from my frilly satin sissy maids dress,into my latex dress latex panties stockings and gloves,as I was to assist Mistress and Mistress Jenny with a male slave another OH MY!!!.
I was led by Mistress Jenny into Mistress's play room and the sight that greeted me was!!!!
Well what was the sight that greeted me?well Mistress was stood by a long bench and laying on that bench was a totally encased latex figure,there was no bare skin showing anywhere on latex figure the body was in a full latex suit,the head was in a latex hood with no mouth hole and no eye holes,and over that hood was a mask with two breathing tubes,the hands were encased in inflatable mittens and the figure was so tightly strapped to the bench with so many straps criss crossing this latex figure.
Mistress summoned me to her side,and gave me a wicked smile and placed my hands on to the the helpless figure and i started to caress the smooth shiny material,I was totally spell bound by this encased latex toy,Mistress and Mistress Jenny were doing the same thing so this helpless latex slave had six hands teasing his body,and at times Mistress was teasing his breathing.
Mistress then slowly unzip a certain area of his suit and took out a very excited erect cock,and after placing a sheath on it,led me by the hand and looked into my eyes and then pushed my head down onto the erection,I to dressed in latex was to orally please this helpless figure.
I did all I was told and was down on the now wriggling and through gags and hoods muffled moans were coming,Mistress told me keep going Stephy your not to stop,at that point i felt a latex mitten under my dress caressing the flesh above my latex stockings,this did not distract me from my mission which was to please my Mistress and to keep going till!!!!.
Mistress Jenny led me back into a room and left me as she assisted Mistress with the latex slave,I was still so high of what had just happened,I was still in latex,and feeling so excited my mind kept going over and over the experience that had just occurred.
I was then led back into the dungeon and Mistress smiled and said " ah Stephy now it is your turn!!!
I was led over and a winch was lowered and I was strapped tightly into a leather swing with my legs fastened wide apart
July 9th 2015.
I must thank all of you who are voting for my picture,it means so much to me and I thank you all Mistress will love it to.
Stephy is going to be seeing her Mistress next week and OH MY!!! I cannot wait,of course I am very excited and nervous to as I have no idea what is in store for me,but that feeling of nerves and the tingle of excitement is what most of us so so need,the unknown of what will happen is the thrill and like drug to us,well it is to me lol.
Of course Stephy being so shy sweet innocent it will probaly mean she will be baking cakes,or doing some needle work (ouch lol).
Which one of my outfits will I be wearing i have a funny feeling it will be more than one.
Now I know a lot will say when I tell you this "NOT ANOTHER NEW DRESS " well yes Stephy has orderd a new one from well all her dress are made by the lovely Lady there (my former Mistress)
Now this dress has had input from my New Mistress Madame C but I dont know what she has specified,a few extra I was told OH MY!!!.
Now the other day Madame c had a evening with my former Mistress Elaine,to collect sone new dresses made for Madame C.
Well do you ever get that feeling you are being discussed,well I would not say my ears were burning,they were HOT HOT HOT on fire id say lol,now when your new Mistress and former Mistress get together the week before that is SCARY!!!.
Please do look at look at all the amazing dresses that they create,you will not find a higher quailty dress anywhere,and truly beautiful creations and do remember they can make the dress of your dreams.
I will be writing soon about my time with my stunning new Mistress and let you know how my vake baking goes (Mistress if you read this I am only joking lol ).
July 1st 2015.
Well I first must say to all those that follow me,sorry Stephy has not been around much,her work life has taken up so much of her time,now I know this happens to us all at times,and I think we all find it so hard not to be the person we so love to be,and we so miss dressing up being pretty and having fun,well the way I get over this and yes it is so hard,is to think of all the good times we all have being girly,and i find that helps me get through.
But in the last month little shy old Stephy (beleive that bit you will beleive anything lol ) well she has two new dresses made by Elaine (my ex Mistress )and her and OH MY!!!
Well one is my lovely teapot dress,now I am not going to tell you much about that,as I want to show you the pics,and I will let your imagination run wild thinking what does a teapot dress look like.
And I have had a a dress made that I have dreamed of for many years,a fantasy dress that has been in my head,well as always Elaine designed and spent many many hours making,well no I would say created a dress of my dreams,and they so very lovely special thing about this creation,is with a change of corset and the dress can take on many looks and styles,so do watch out I hope to have pics of me in it very soon,thank you to all my lovely friends who follow and say so many lovely things about my profile and pictures.
June 9th
Today Stephy is getting already to set off to visit her Beautiful wicked Mistress,A busy day I am told and Stephy has a new Pippabelle dress to so watch out for the pics.
I am serving my Mistress and Lady Jennifer tomorrow OH MY!!!! I cannot wait so so so excited,I will let you all know what happens when I return.
June 1st 2015.
Well today Stephanie has done a really amazing filming day with her new Mistress Madame C,and OH MY!!! what a really amazing day it was to,Stephy was so excited setting off to see her stunning new Mistress,and had again packed her car with well quite a few very sissy dresses,most of them pink as Mistress requested I was to bring pink,so along with my dresses I had ruffled panties socks gloves petticoats hair bows OH MY!!! a suit case full of extras,I keep wondering I hope nothing ever happens on my journeys or the traffic news would be the M3 is blocked by a mass of frilly dresses petticoats (smiles).
I was of course very nervous as this would be the first filming day with the Beautiful Madame C and of course I so wanted to impress her,so as Stephy pulled up outside Mistress's Beautiful house her tummy was really full of buttrerflies.
Mistress truly looked Stunning as always,and again made Stephy feel very at ease and at home,she wasted no time in first getting me to undress and to check Stephanie was locked in her chastity device,and the tag number matched as before.
Then it was strip and sit to have my make up done,again I must tell you Madame C attention to detail and care doing this is second to none,the time Mistress takes to ensure us girls look our best nothing is rushed at all,and you without seeing can feel yourself changing.
The next was the wig which Mistress had decided I would be in bunches today to really emphasise the sissy look with pink ribbons in.
And then of course firstly pink ruffled panties,the most glorious white high gloss stockings,and over as you will see from the new pictures here I posted a pink and white candy stripe Pippabelle dress,now this lovely dress has a really lovely built in petticoat and also another unusual feature at the back of the dress it goes up to reveal the ruffles and makes it easier for stephy to be spanked and used.
So Mistress stood me up took me to the mirror and revealed myself to me and OH MY!!! I so so loved what I saw there looking back was sissy Stephanie,already for her part in a film about a really naughty maid,who was to be spanked and punished in other ways,then teased and also sat on made to worship,and then unlocked from her chasity to be tormented so so much till she was begging her Mistress.
I can tell you more as that may spoil the film,so watch out.
Mistress then decided to do some photographs which I have added here I so hope you like them
What a truly wonderful sissy day where Stephanie got to know her new Lovely Mistress more and more.
And next week Stephy is back with her new Beautiful Mistress and Lady Jennifer to serve them both OH MY!!! watch out for that.
And Also Stephy has a new dress to do that in yes I know another new one lol.
Now also on that day after my filming Stephy went across to see the Lovely Elaine (my former Mistress) and OH MY!! It was so so lovely to see her and have a really big massive hug,and to see Elaine really looking so well and happy.
Well as you can imagine We had so much to talk about,and yes Stephy can natter a lot lol,and after our cuddles and hugs and making some tea,we went to the lounge and yes that was it Stephy saw a dress Elaine had just that day finished and i can tell you I fell in love with it straight away and just had to have it lol,so not long off the sewing machine it was being packed up for me mmmmm.
And not only that But Elaine had packed up 4 more boxes of lovely things for Stephy,and OH MY!!! Stephy also could not resist buying a few other so lovely items MMMMMMMMM.
And to be measured for a new dress Elaine is making for me,now this is a really special one of a kind dress,there will only ever be one made like it I will say no more till its ready.
Do look at the Pippabelle site
Well we talked and talked and Elaine asked about my new Mistress,and then told me Madame C was meeting with her the next day OH MY!!! now that had me very nervous,I mean my former Mistress who owned me for over 5 yrs sat talking with my new Mistress,no wonder my ears were burning the next day,I have a feeling more will be burning next week.
To all those who knew Mistress Elaine, she sends her love to you all she is very well and happy and of course I had loots of cuddles for my former Master Andy and lovely Vikki, who are al always so special to me and I still love dearly.
After many hours Stephy left headed home her head high in the clouds and her mind on the sissy journey she was taking.
And thinking about the adventures to come with Madame C xxx
May 13th 2015.
Stephy today set off with her estate car full to the roof of dresses petticoats and other lovely girly things as she was going to see a Mistress who last month she met for the first time,and did a truly most amazing latex day.
Well today It was going to be a bit of like a introduction to this Mistress of Stephanie Belle,She wanted to see Stephy and see some of her lovely pippabelle dresses.
Well though the weather that day suddenly turned horrid,as Stephy drove to Mistress's house her heart was pounding and her mind was full of so many girly thoughts,and in my heart to the sun was still shining as I felt I had found a truly amazing new Mistress.
I arrived and greeting me at the door was This beautiful blonde hair Mistress who was dressed so perfectly in a satin blouse and a so tight pencil skirt and a stunning lace black waist corset to set it all off.
Well after three trips from my car to the beautiful house I had my dresses ready for Madame to see
More to follow soon xx
Madame and I sat and had a lovely coffee as we discussed so so many things,It was a very special get to know each other time,and I felt so at ease with this Lady,it was like I had found home again
Madame was so so excited about seeing my dresses so I then showed Madame each dress and its petticoat etc.
Madame loved everyone loved the style and she was bowled over by the quality,in fact I think we were both like kids in a candy shop after looking at the rather large amount of dresses I had bought with me it was deciding which one to wear,well of course that was down to Madame.
But first it was make up time,Madame is really a true artist at this,her preparation and attention to every detail is truly amazing,and having such a stunning Lady do your make up,knowing she was creating maybe a bit different looking Stephanie was so exciting.
Now it was time to dress and Madame selected from my case some so pretty undies and I felt so under her control then,she cast like a magical spell over me and i so loved it.
Well Madame had decided the first dress was to be my springtime dress,now i know that does not mean a lot to you but it will soon once the pics come through,Goodness me I felt so alive so sissy Madame took a lot of photo's in that then Madame decided on the change to my strawberry shortcake dress and OH MY!!! I do so love this dress,again it is one of those dresses that so changes your character and Madame noticed that with each outfit change and wig change Stephanie's character changed,so more pics of me in the strawberry shortcake dress in different parts of the house
The last outfit I wore was my black french maids uniform,well if you look at the pics coming soon you will see a new Stephanie.
Now in this outfit Stephanie really was feeling so very submissive and after some more photo's Madame decided it was time to take Stephanie to her play and punishment room,a room I had seen before which was full of so many wicked naughty toys and Stephy was first shut in a cage and her chastity device was exposed and teased with and I was helpless to stop it has my hands were secured.
Stephanie was getting so excited now and her chastity device was so full and hurting so,but the teasing torment went on what happened next well more to follow (smiles)
Do look at Madame C blog to see how beautiful Madame C is and see a few pics of Stephanie xx
May!2th 2015.
Well Stephy was out on the town last night in Bouremouth no no she was not on the beach buliding sand castles,though that is a fun thought lol hey a girls day out at the seaside yay.
No Stephy was out with Sussies Angels last night and as always was so lovely,we all met at this lovely small bar chatted and then went onto another bar,shocking I know as Stephy does not drink (see she is led astray lol ).
And I met a truly lovely new friend to which was so special she is called Amanda and really looked so lovely in a very tight pencil skirt mmmmmm.
And what a lovely fun girl she is,we chatted for hours I cannot wait to see her again.
Stephy went back to her hotel at 2 am (yes I know a dirty stop out ) and this lovely rather dishy night porter let me in.
Thank you to all the girls that night see you all soon I hope xxx.
May 1oth 2015.
Well first of all thank you to all of you who have been so kind sending me your best wishes and get well messages,It has meant so much to me and yes Stephy is so so much better now YAY!!! and and guess what Stephy should be back to her sweet innocent naughty ways next week YAY!!!!.
Well Though I have been poorly Stephy has well like I said in my last message shopping (well A girl has to do it ) And and guess what Stephy has bought two more wonderful Pippabelle dresses YAY!!! that is do check it out devine dresses all hand made.
And and yes Stephy is having her dream dress made,now as this is top secret still I am not going to reveal what it is,but let's say its a dress from a 60's film more clues to follow lol.
Anyway back to the plot of next week well Stephy is seeing A Mistress next wednesday to have some naughty girly fun YAY!!! goodness me I have so missed it, I think I am suffering sissy withdrawal syndrom but next week that will be cured.
And also next week well I can say no more my lips are sealed (that is what stephy likes lol ) about a photo shoot on thursday so watch out for more to come.
Thank you again to all my lovely friends here love you all xxx
May 3rd
Well Stephy has been in a ambulance again ( I may buy one now lol ) Stephy has pnemonia (bummer) yes I know.
Thank you to all of you who have sent best wishes,well I am home again and on the phone to recovery YAY!!! so I will be back soon and and new pics are coming this week.
And in a few weeks time Stephy is back (she hopes) being naughty and having lots of fun YAYYYYYYYYY
I cannot wait lol.
Now what does a girl do when shes poorly? well this one has been home shopping,and has bought 3 more Pippabelle dressses thats (best dresses) anywhere.
And a new long skirt a blouse and well a few other things lol,well there to make me get better.
So more new pics in May.
And i must say may be vert exciting news about well I will say no more but watch out
I hope all of you who are my friends here are well I miss chatting to you so much,but do not worry Stephy is coming back all guns firing lol xx
April 15th
Well So many people have asked what Stephanie has been up to well I will reveal all very soon lol
I have been very poorly for last week and so and had a lovely ride in a ambulance again blue lights and nee nahs to WOW!!! glad I wasa not in my best sissy dress as I would never have fitted on the stretcher lol.
Anyway I am back and a few weeks ago I had a wonderful day and night out with Mistress Sue
I will be writing about that in next few days
April 2015.
Happy easter to all xx Well I expect You have been wondering what old Stephy has been up to,well I have sadly been very poorl last few weeks and been in hospital a few times,but i am BACK!!! lol
And so very excited to as next week I am with my New Mistress,and as this is a new episode in Stephies journey I am rather nervous but so excited to.
So do watch out for more adventures very soon Stephy is up and firing on all cylinders lol.
For those of you who have asked me about Mistress Elaine she is very well and says hello to all the girls she has known and seen.
She is enjoying her retirement and taking things easy which she so deserves,again I expect all the girls who knew her and had the pleasure of serving her wish her all the best and we will al so miss her,if there are any of Elaine girls out there do contact me please.
So Stephy is embarking on this new adventure,what will happen what will she get up to where will she go OH MY!! I cannot wait to see lol.
Now of course Stephy has brought all her lovely clothes with her mmm and has a few new dresses to YAY!!
And please do not forget Mistress is still making her lovely dresses at
Stephy xx April 3 2015
I know lots of you must been wondering why Mistress Elaine is not on my page anymore,well I first of all must tell you that Mistress is fine and well,It is just Mistress is taking a so well earned break to spend more time with Vikki and Master.
Now Mistress and I are still so very close and in contact a lot,we have not fallen out which i hear some rumours say we have.
I have been on this most amazing journey with Mistress and Master,and Mistress wish is that I carry on and she is still with me on it in other ways.
This has been a very hard descison for Mistress to make,and as you can imagine she is so upset about giving up seeing all you lovely girls.
On my journey with her I have met so many lovely girls,and am still in contact with them,and always will be.
Also I have met some really lovely Mistress's to and have served a lot at Mistress's house.
One Mistress I have known over 6 years and has been part of my journey many times.
So Mistress has well shall I say handed me over to her to take me further on my journey
Stephanie of course is so very sad that Mistress is retiring,but understands fully and as you know Mistress is so important to me and a massive part of my life.
We have both cried many tears over the last month,and I must say laughed to as we have looked back on all we have done together.
We have shared so many wonderful naughty wicked fun times,and Mistress has pushed Stephy to new limits and on and on.
So now Stephanie is starting on a new adventure with Mistress Sue,so do watch out as there will be new outfits and stories to come.
Now I have been with Mistress Elaine last week and I think I have now bought most of her outfits (OH MY)
Also Stephy has 5 brand new pippabelle dresses to show you.
And Mistress Sue has now got the rest of Mistress's lovely outfits so as i say watch out.
As far as Mistress Elaines sites are concerned maid victoria will stay so will Mistress Elaine's chat room
and will of course carry on as Mistress is still making her lovely dresses.
To all the girls I have met though Mistress Elaine I say a big thank you,I have loved meeting you all,and I hope I will meet you again soon.
There are some very special girls that are so close to me,that I wish to thank Louise has been part of my journey for a long time she is special,Jane who was Mrs Silks maid and still so close to me,Jessica who I so adore,and the naughty sally anne you are all in my heart forever xx
And what can I say about the magical wonderful Mistress Elaine,you have been so important to me over the last 6 yrs + and i have loved all we have done,we have both explored and loved our journey together
You have been a massive part of my life,and always will be.
We have laughed we have cried we have spent so many naughty times together and for that I so thank you.
Words cannot say enough of how much you mean to me.
You created Stephanie you moulded her you made her all she is today,and Mistress I will continue to grow and push my limits.
And I know every girl who has ever met you spent time with you will wish you so much happiness and good health in the coming years.
I have lost a truly stunning caring lovely Mistress
But thank fully I have a very close loving friend who I so care for and that goes for Master and Vikki to.
I still wear your collar and am still part of this truly amazing family xxx
Stephanie 14/3/2015
Miss Stephanie.
For all those who know me this new look may come as a shock,well i am now a Mistress in training to so I have two sides to me now this new side smiles which im loving,and of course my very sissy side to
Well you only live once so live life to the full and i am xxx
Collared by Mistress Elaine.
I am Stephane Belle I am the property of Mistress Elaine and Master Andy,I wear there collar with such pride,and I am so very happy and so lucky to be owned by the most beautiful Mistress and wonderful Master who I both so adore.
If any of you girls out there want to meet the best Mistress in the uk,for a dressing experience that is second to none,then do please come and see Mistress.
She will make your dreams come true and transform you into the girl/sissy you have always wanted to be,Her selection of outfits is out of this world.
And her attention to every detail as you can see from my pictures is truly wonderful,what makes the whole experience even more special is that Mistress has such passion for what she does and enjoys every second of your transformation,she so cares that you love the day.
so you want a experience you will never ever forget then contact Mistress Elaine or me on here.
Miss Stephanie.
So many people are asking me about my new Picture and my updated profile,well I am now at times training to be a Tv Miss and assisting Mistress with girls who would like to be sub to a Tv Domme,I am of course still very sub and sissy to Mistress and Master and that will never change.
As far as my Miss Stephanie role I am loving assisting Mistress train girls who ask for me, I am so loving my new role and have now been in my new role to five girls so far who seemed to have loved it to.
It is a complete contrast to my sissy role,and i find I can do both happily, a lot say that being a sissy sub with a lot of experience I will make a good Domme well I am hoping I will.
Mistress is so lovely to give me this experince and She is liking watch me with other sub girls,If there are any girls who would like to experince this sort of thing then do let me know,and I can discuss it with Mistress as I am only Miss Stephanie with Mistress.
Watch out for so many adventures this year as both my roles will be very active with quite a few visits to Candy Girls to.
A lot to have asked me about one of my pictures where I am with slaveJane, who used to be Mrs Silks maid,well jane and I are very close and have a special relationship where she when at Mistress's is sub to me.
Lots know jane and know how very special she is,I do hope you like what I write here xx.
Stephanie Belle xx.
This is a poem I wrote for my Mistress hope you like.
The Dream Catcher.
Bring me your dreams your fantasies
Said the beautiful dark haired Goddess to me
Tell me all that is in your mind
Said this Goodess who seemed so kind
What is it you wish to be
Asked the Goddess I had come to see.
Her spell her beauty had brought me to this place
I had seem many times in my dreams the beauty of her face
I felt so safe so secure
When this Goddess had greeted me at her door
She chatted with me awhile
I could see she understood I could see it in her smile.
Was this what I had been searching for all these years
Had I found what I had seeked after so many tears
Tears of denial tears of shame
For all of my life I knew who I so wanted to be
I felt now I could let that person out of me
Yes I had found what at times I thought was just fantasy
I had found my Mistress who could bring out what was hidden in me
Something special was in the beauty of her face
There was magic in her brown eyes
I felt at home in this special place.
So many years seemed to have gone past
I knew there then I had found my true Mistress at last
The Mistress of my dreams I had found for sure
Mistress Elaine who I so adore
This Goddess I had dreamt of for years
Now I was happy and had no more tears.
I wrote this for my Mistress about our first meeting over 5 yrs ago hope you liked it to.
What i write below are true snippets of my days with Mistress and Master I hope you enjoy xx
Well what a so busy few months I have had with Mistress,so many things going on its hard to keep up with them all.
January 2015.
Well here we are another year,and so many exciting lovely memories to look back on,and of course so so many exciting things coming up in this year.
Mistress has a lot planned for me she says OH MY!!! but She won't tell me what yet (smiles) Mistress is very teasing and so wicked mmmm which I so love.
The Pippabelle dresses are selling quite well,do please look at the site
As things have been so hectic at the start of the year,I will have to write about my January adventures later.
Mistress and I did get to Candy girls again in January,we both so love it there,so lovely to meet so many lovely girls there,and we did play a bit to yayyyyyyy,well Mistress pulled me into a room and threw me on the bed and well let's say it was rather mmmmmmmm.
I shall be writing about my adventures last week with Mistress,well It was a lovely suprise To share a day with dear Louise and oh so so naughty Sally Anne.who led both Louise and I astray lol.
I shall write in detail about that soon.
And of course another Candy Girls trip and then a day Modelling dresses from the Pippabelle range
so keep checking all coming soon.
December the 9th 2014.
Well after my WOW Ritz outing yesterday Stephy woke with a big smile on her face (no no not that oh my you have naughty minds ) today was going to be another amazing duo day,but What I am going to concentrate on Mistress and I night out at Candy Girls.
Now this has now become really a monthly outing for Mistress and myself,and I can tell you we LOVE IT!!!
smiles it has become a real fun night out,and very often a very naughty night to hee hee.
The getting ready for the evening is really exciting to as it is always like a typical girls night out starting with a long hot luxury bath mmmmm how yummy that is,then the usual girls diliema WHAT DO WE WEAR!! lol.
Well after lots of thought and as we always like to go in different styles to Candy,Mistress thought I should go in my 60s outfit and oh yes i agreed mmmm love the outfit.
So after a long soak it was make up time,and oh my yes as always Mistress did my make up to perfection,and again Mistress lent me a bra and panty set out of her own collection mmmmmmmmm,and also the lovely mini dress I would be wearing was one of her own to.
So with make up done my blonde wig all brushed and looking lovely and dressed of course in tights to as well it was the era of the tights ( well and of course I have a massive fetish for them lol)
And With Mistress looking so so so stunning to in her devine outfit,we were ready to go out clubbing
But first as always we went downstairs to show Master Andy and Vikki our outfits and to have some pics taken.
I know what a lot of you are saying,what was Mistress's outfit like well ok I will tell you it was a lovely silky black and white polka dot dress,off the shoulder and rather short,with very glossy black tights mmmmmm.
Now Mistress always packs what we call the naughty bag ( can you guess whats in that lol?)
Its about a 30 min drive to Candy and we always have a fun time on the journey with Stephy at the wheel
I know one thing if we ever have a flat tyre on route,the breakdown man would certainly have a job he would not forget lol.
Lots of you have asked me about Candy Girls,well I can tell you it is a really lovely safe fun place to go,we always go on a tuesday night as It is play night and Mistress does like me to play mmmmm lots
There is the main bar come lounge area where everyone meets,then off there are the well what i can the naughty rooms where you can go and have fun.
also there is the dark room well now thats a really fun so naughty room hee hee,then downstairs you have the dungeon area where Mistress and I often have fun and put on a bit of a demostration,well in fact Mistress demonstrates to al others how to use her straps paddles strap on etc on me lol.
And yes there are many admireres there but I have always found them not to bother you unless you want them to.
In fact now we have made friends with quite a few of them and they always come say hello and sit and chat for awhile.
What we really like is meeting so so many new girls getting to know them,and over the last year we have met many and are now firm friends with quite a few.
We had a really lovely evening staying to 1 am,with lots of girl chat and laughs,and yes amazinly Stephy was a good girl and did nothing naughty lol,It was a real fun girls night out.
Look at in January we are back again.
December 8th 2014.
Now never did i think all those years ago that me little stephy would ever end up at the Ritz,well I did lol
in September Mistress had first talked about as a Christmas treat She would take Stephy to the Ritz for afternoon tea,well as you know this is not just a mug of tea and a massive wedge shape sarnie this is the ultimate British afternoon tea venue.
So today was the day,and OH MY!!! was Stephy nervous? Oh yes very very very,this was a massive step for me,I have been to clubs yes,fetish clubs yes,shopping yes,but this was going to the next level.
I had no idea what i would be wearing as I travelled up to Mistress.
Then A text arrived with a picture of a blouse and scarf Mistress had seen in a shop,so Stephy was dispatched with going to buy the blouse.
After a panic because I had to go to three shops as the first two did not have the scarf,I finally got it all and carried on to Mistress's.
And on arrival I met Mabel and Bertie,who are Mistress's new puppies after she sadly lost Pippa and Freddiethey did seem to like me well they liked my ankles lol anyway.
Now Mistress sent me to have a long warm bath as she orted the rest of my outfit out,and oh yes Stephy had butterflies in her tummy.
I sat on the stool in my satin robe as Mistress started to do my make up,we chatted away about the evening ahead as we were having a late afternoon tea at 7 pm.
Mistress lauhed and said she had not seen me so nervous in a lot of years,It is funny what goes through ones mind.
I had this picture of me walking into the Ritz,tripping falling head over heels down the steps my skirt flying up revealing my chastity device lol.
Anyway after a slow lovingly make up and pampering by Mistress my make up was done,and I was ready to dress.
First Mistress put me in a black satin and cream lace bra and panty set,which were hers yes panties my Mistress had worn (clean of course)then Mistress had decided I was to wear tights (well as you know I adore tights) but two pairs to ive my legs a real gloss shine.
the heavenly feel of slowly being encased in tights mmmm,newt was my new blouse a black and red pussybow blouse with long sleeves,then one of Mistress own black pencil skirts,which was so tight,How I love that restriction feeling.
Mistress decided on a nice belt and,black and white heels with front strap,and my hair today wa going to be short.
Goodness me when Mistress let me see myself in the mirror,I saw looking back was this smartly dressed Lady, not all frilly not in latex but just as Mistress said classy smart Lady.
As I sat chatting to Master who did love my look to and said he would be happy to take me out on his arm WOW!!.
Mistress got ready and OH MY!! what a stunning dress she had selected to wear,She looked so so so beautiful,I did start to have tears in my eyes as I saw her,Goodness me I am the luckiest sissy in the world to be owned and cared for by such a Beautiful stunning Mistress.
Of course Mistress had Master take some pics of us before we set off,which i will post here soon for you.
We had decided to get a taxi into London as lol Stephy had a few glasses of red to give her courage lol.
Well there we were on our way into London.
As the Ritz got closer Stephy got more nervous,why do they not built toilets into taxis lol,Mistress laughed and said see I told you to go before we left young lady.
Before we knew it we had arrived outside As I stepped out of the taxi into the throngs of Londoners still shopping the Christmas lights of London lit up the night.
Well no going back now was there Mistress looked at me and said are you ready come on young Lady lets go.
Goodness me walking into that so oppulent hotel,having the uniformed top hatted door man say good evening ladies welcome to the RItz and as I entered I was truly overwhelmed by its beauty and you could feel the poshness lol of it,The place was packed with so so many people,It is funny though as we walked down the long beautifully decorated entrance hall I felt every set of eyes was on me.
A very nice Gentlemen asked the name on the booking which Mistress gave,he said out table woyld not be ready for another 30 mins.
So Mistress said we would go to the cocktail bar and wait,but first she handed me her coat and sent Stephy off to find the cloakroom on her own OH MY!!! well I am sure that was over 20 miles away lol.
Of course then I had to walk back alone down this long entrance hall to the bar.
Gulps goodness me where is the Ladies lol.
In the cocktail bar there was a bit of a issue about us getting a table,but I think the waiter realised he was up against a very commanding Lady in Mistress and he gave in we sat,with stephy still in a trance lol
Mistress ordered Champagne cocktails for us OH MY!! hiccups nooooooooooooooo.
Time for tea,again this very nice Man appeared saying Ladies your table is ready,and escorted us to it
again that feeling of all eyes on me.
Once we sat I was feeling more at ease,or was that just the Champagne lol,as we sat chatting and taking in the beautiful surrondings Mistresss anounced she had another suprise for me GULPS!!
I looked at her and saw in her eyes a wicked look OH NO was Stephy going to be dancing on the tables lol
But Mistress sat smiled and said you will see just wait.
Out waiter was a truly lovely Man so sweet in fact Stephy quite fell for him lol,he explained to us the menu and asked us to order our tea selection from the menu, no no it was not pg tips lol,goodness me a so long selection of different teas.
Both Mistress and i picked christmas cake flavoured tea (yummy),as we again sat talking girly talk I turned my head to see stood taling to the head waiter was OH MY!!!! Madame Caramel,she waved and walked over to our table (that was my suprise) she had seen Mistress was taking me to the Ritz and had phoned Mistress and asked if she could be part of this so special day.
Well tears were in my eyes now oh what a truly lovely suprise to be joined by this Lovely Lady who has shared my journey from the start.
For those who do not know Madame Caramel Do look her up on the net,she is a truly amazing Lady who has so so much personality.
Goodness me now Stephy was with two beautiful Ladies and WOW the sandwiches came out and goodness what a selection mind you Mistress and I did argue over who had what lol,guess who won?
The tea was out of this world to and we sat ate and chatted,now I wont say who but someone had two mince pies ( no not me ).
The evening seemed to fly by,and now Stephy was so relaxed and absorbing the whole thing
We of course decided to take some well they dont do doggy bags they do posh doggy boxes lol.
We retired back to the cocktail bar and sat drinking cocktails,sadly then It was time to leave and after lots of kisses and cuddles from Madame Caramel we left and got in our taxi for the journey home.
OH MY!!! what a evening Stephy Is still floating from it,In all my years I have not experienced anything like this.
We sat at home chatting and WOW Stephy was high,Mistress thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me and helping me get though the evening.
Well Now guess what Mistress has decided it will now be a yearly outing at Xmas.
After lots of cuddles kisses from Mistress Stephy went to bed her mind full of all the memories of the day.
Nov the 10th 2014.
Well today is going to be the first of many social days,I expect lots of you have heard of the amazing Ladies days Mistress used to hold over the last 3 yrs,where up to eight Mistress would be in attendence and up to 8 sissies there to serve them.
Well social days are more like 4 girls Meeting to chat and well look very pretty,well today would be a first so Mistress and I were not sure how it would go,so a really early start with stephy doing her usual chores getting the house already for the lovely girls arriving.
Today Linda,Victoria and Mistress and me as sadly one girl had to pull out at last min,and she was going to be the maid that day.
So Mistress asked me to stand in for her,but not in a maids uniform but as a 5os dressed housewife,so I wore my fav red hell bunny dress with two three tiered petticoats,and OH MY!!! I felt a true Steptford Wife And so loved that.
So off I went into the kitchen my pinny on lol,and started to get things ready,well you know what they say a prepared sissy is a good sissy.
One by one the girls arrived and went upstairs for Mistress to transform them.
And oh yes when they all came down they looked amazing Linda was in well A lovely outfit with a leather skirt,and looked rather Domme but so lovely,and then lovely Victoria came down in a lovely floaty dress,and well Mistress was in a lovely 60s styled short flared green dress that showed her stunning legs of to perfection and they were encased in high gloss tan tights mmmm (she wore those to drive me wild lol )
We all sat in Mistress's lovely lounge and well it was like loose women chatting away lol,we talked about everything and anything lol,the morning was going so well and then lunch time so stephy hurried off to the kitchen to prepare lunch.
Well the day really was filled with lots of lovely girly chatter,about clothes heels Men,clothes Heels Men lol
No really it was just a really lovely girly day,where four girls had so many laughs to.
Sadly though it comes the time when the girls have to leave,so after lots of hugs kisses they left,and stephy did her speedy clean up and tidy about.
Thank you Mistress for putting on this lovely day for us,and thank you Linda and Victoria for making the day so lovely.
That evening I spent with Mistress Master and Vikki having dinner and well you know lol.
Then to beddy as tomorrow It was going to just be a Mistress and me day OH MY!!! mmmm now that i will write about soon very soon lol.
October 13 2014
Well Firstly i must say sorry as I have not been keeping up to date with my escapades this is due to the face that my escapades, are making me so busy lol.
So I know my last entry was July but I have been up to many many NAUGHTY,LOVELY,WICKED things hee hee.
Well things have been so busy with Mistress,with me taking on the Miss Stephanie role more and more And I can tell you loving every second of it,and yes I do find it easy to switch roles.
Also as you can all see Mistress has launched her new dress making site
do please go and look at all the lovely dress there,all hand made by Mistress's loving hands,I can tell you that you will not find prettier dresses anywhere.
And over the last few months Mistress and I have been to Candy girls on quite a few occasions and WE LOVE IT!!! so thank you to all the lovely girls etc we have met there,we are there again in November on the 11th so if your there come say hello.
Well today as always so so excited to be with Mistress and today would be extra special as Mistress Sue was to be there to with her maid pansy.
Now I have met pansy on many occasions and she is so sweet usually I have served Mistress and Mistress Sue with her,but on her last two visits I have been in my Miss Stephanie role,so pansy had two Mistress's and a Miss to serve.
As always I did my early morning chores for Mistress,which included serving her breakfast in bed,as always I was unsure what I would be wearing,but I knew my new 5os style hell bunny dress had arrived,I had not seen it but knew It was in the house (Mistress is such a tease and hides things).
After my morning chores I went to the dressing room and YAY!!! I was right there was my new lovely dress
Goodness me I do so love the fashions of the 50's there were so feminine,so after Mistress had done my make up and styled my hair in yet another new style,It was time as I stood there in my so so pretty underwear,to feel my lovely dress slip over my head,and the feeling of ectasy as the long rear zip was pulled up mmmm.
And there not one three layered petticoat was pulled but another to one in white one in a light blue to match my dress,Mistress added the finishing touches of a necklace and lace gloves,and as i looked into the mirror,looking back at me was this very elegant 50's housewife I felt so so pretty and so feminine.
I must admit I did look into the mirror for quite a time taking in every detail of my outfit.
But I could not stay to long admiring as the door bell rang,and Mistress instructed me to answer the front door,and of course though I was in my Miss Stephanie role I am still owned and very submissive to Mistress
So off I went I think nearly skipping down the stairs as I felt so pretty.
And yes there at the front door was the Lovely Mistress Sue and after a curtsey to her I greeeted her and we had a nice hug and peck on the cheeks.
I have known Mistress Sue over 4 yrs now and really she is a very special Lady and It is always so lovely to see her,and i must say Mistress and Mistress Sue together are a very lovely wicked combination,and by the glint in both Mistress's eyes we were in for a yummy day.
As both Mistress's got ready,I busied myself tidying the lounge and doing my usual check arounds and making coffee for them both.
Then OH MY!!! Mistress appeared in a truly lovely outfit of a 50s style dress similar to mine,but of couse She looked more stunning in hers goodness me truly beautiful,and not long after Mistress Sue appeared in another similar dress,so now with the three of us stood side by side,the room was full of a mass of petticoats and the air was full of the sound of petticoats rustling and swishing as we walked the petticoats carressing the nylons we wore.
We all sat in the lounge and chatted,and then pansy appeared looking every inch the maid,in a creation made by Mistress a devine satin black french maids outfit,and yes she was very nervous as i would be face to face with two beautiful Ladies and well yes me to lol.
Mistress then sternly set out what pansy role was and her duties for the day,she was to prepare a simple lunch for us and lay a nice table and then serve us lunch in the dining room.
And after a sweet curtsey pansy left and set about her chores,with myself popping in and out checking on her.
Sadly during her preparations poor pansy made quite a few mistakes which ended with her being spanked first over Mistress's knee then over a chair with a brush.
I will jump now to after lunch which I must say was served very nicely by pansy,but again during lunch service a number of quite serious errors were made.
Now what you must understand is pansy is seeking to be a maid to another Mistress so she has to learn to do things right and promptly.
So a few more hard spankings occured this time up in the P room with pansy strapped over the punishment bench.
And I must say I was not to escape punishment to and I had to been over Mistress's beautiful petticoated lap mmm and had left there with a very red sore bottom, only to then end up over Mistress Sue's lap to for another spanking ouchhhhhh.
And then like pansy i was taken to the bench and strapped down and spanked hard.
But like all good stories this day to was to have a very happy ending,where Mistress,Mistress Sue myself and pansy all ended up in the boudoir having such naughty lovely fun,and goodness me so so many petticoats and stocking tops and silks and satin swishing about,the afternoon was so lovely.
As always when it was all over and Mistress was de femming pansy I set about tidying the P room and boudoir and goodness me It looked like we had used every implement and toy in the house, dildoes vibrsators gags blindfolds ropes cuffs lay scatttered every where always a good sign of a lovely day.
After my goodbyes to Mistress Sue,I then se about getting things ready for Master's homcoming,but I had forgotten a comment I had made about serving Master fresh water on his arrival home,saying rather foolishly I would catch fresh rain water for him.
Then next thing I knew I was gagged and the gag was fitted with a small tray which on that was a bowl and I was stood out in the rain to catch it (why do I say these things lol)
Master mind you did love his suprise of me stood in the garden to greet him home (smiles)
The evening was lovely as always with Mistress Master Vikki and myself sitting having dinner and having a lovely evening.
And then to bed and dreams about the day to come tomorrow.
July 7th 2014.
Another early morning wake up as I was so excited about the next few days to come,as always I knew nothing of what Mistress had planned today as It was just to be me and Mistress today,I knew the following day Mistress and i would be dealing with a certain young naughty Lady called Sally Anne,and after that a yummy yummy trip to Candy Girls which we both so love.
But back to today,as i say i woke up very early and yes I was rather excited in my restraint thinking about Mistress (naughty that will be a smacked bottom for me ).
I did some shopping for Mistress at a certain supermarket on route,now that supermarket had if only they knew it had a locked in chastity pantied nail varnish wearing sissy shopping at there store a lot,on a few occasions I have gone there in my sissified mode in male clothes but wearing make up nail varnish panties tights and chemise,and having to ask for numerous items all from different assistants.
Now after my shopping today I arrived at Mistress's with some trepitation as she had tiold me to expect a suprise on my arrival,now in the past they have been my handsome Master waiting for me,another Mistress there,or a Tv Domme waiting.
So walking up what I know now as the yellow brick road(the garden path) Mistress opened the door to me and OH MY!!!
Mistress stood there looking STUNNING as always dressed in a lovely black blouse which was quite sheer showing off her lace bra,a very tight figure hugging pencil skirt,that moulded itself over her devine hips and bottom and seem to show of her shapely thighs so well,her legs were encased in really glossy tan hose,which I suspected were tights as Mistress knows how much this sissy has a fetish for them,and she knows she can drive me wild by wearing them.
The Lovely suprise was Mistress had a new hairstyle YUMMY!!! and had gone back to her short spikey hair look which i so so love.
I stood there as always totally spellbound and entranced by my lovely Mistress's beauty and style.
and after we sat down chatted had coffee and caught up on all the latest gossip etc.
It was time for Mistress to work her magic on me,now I did offer Mistress to go up the stairs first of course (smiles) but yes she guessed why and a a heavy slap to my bottom made me ascend the stairs rather quickly.
And before I knew it looking back at me was Stephanie Belle in perfect make up and a sliver satin french maids uniform,with white petticoats.
Today I was to be Mistress's maid and pamper her serve her and worship her to of course.
My first chore was to make and serve Mistress the most perfect coffee i could,and as she drank it I sat at her feet carresing them as we discussed more girly things,of course was making sure I could see a lot of her shiny nylon clad leg,she does like to tease mmmmm ( and I so love her to ).
The morning was spent worshipping her and doing chores about the house,now Mistress then decided she wanted to change my uniform to a beautiful black traditional french maids uniform with the classic white petticoats etc(pics soon of this ).
Again I saw another new look Stephanie looking back at me this time with my hair in a long thick plat a big like Heidi (if your old enough to remember her from her books)
I stood stunned again of how Mistress could change my looks so quickly and so wonderfuly,Mistress wanted me to lay a simple but lovely table and then prepare lunch for her,now this is again something I so love doing as it gives me chance to show my artistic bent (excuse the pun ) lol
Mistress seemed very impressed and sat and ate the lunch I had prepared for her,with Mistress finding a few faults of course which she said she would deal with up in the P room after lunch.
As I set about clearing th table washing up etc,Mistress went upstairs to as she says preapare things for me I was to report to her in the P room at 2 10 on the dot.
As I climbed the stairs thinking if someone was stood at the base of them they would see right up my dress to my black ruffled panties( us maids do have such naughty thoughts).
I entered the room curtsied to Mistress who was sat on her high back leather chair with her beautiful legs crossed again showing a lot of very glossy nylon clad leg.
Mistress instructed me to bend over the spanking bench and assune the postion,i could hear the rasp of her nyloned clad legs as she uncrossed her legs,stood up and adjusted her so tight skirt,she glided over and bent and whispered in my ear "is my Stephanie going to suffer for me now "with that she secured my right wrist to the bench and as she told me of my fate my other wrist was fastened then each ankle then my waist making sure i was totally imobile and at her mercy.
Then very slowly she lifted my dress and folded it over my back followed by each layer of my frilly white petticoats,until my black ruffled panties were on full display,a few hard fast hand spanks landed on them,as Mistress said just to start the warm up,I felt her hands then slowly pull my panties and tigths to my thighs baring me.
As she did that she said " now let us begin Stephanie " with that her bare hand landed very firmly on my bare bottom,followed by another and another each one getting harder as I was secured so tightly I could only wriggle my bottom which seem to egg Mistress on to spank harder,before long the butter platter appeared now I can tell you that stings so so much,swiftly followed by the paddle and a strap and a whip,and at times when Mistress had breaks her hand carresed my red so red bottom and her hand straying between my legs to my restraint and teasing the end of that,making me wanting to wriggle more and more,the spanking seem to go on so long,and then suddenly it stopped as quick as it had started.
Mistress again sat down facing me that so lovely rasp of her nylons again had me spellbound,she sat smiled at me with that so teasing and exciting smile and said "there I feel a lot better now" and i could tell to that her spanking me had excited her.
Mistress knew my eyes were fixed on her shiny nylon encased legs,and seem to sit there for ages,knowing she was teasing me and causing me to swell in my restraint,i was then released but not for long as Mistress took me over to the pole and started to secure me to it by rope,now I must tell you Mistress is a rope expert and first my waist was criss crossed by two ropes,i must say again Mistress is a very neat at roping to so each strand did not cross the other.
Then my arms were pulled behind the post and secured tightly,and my ankles to were secured,Mistress then decided to add more ropes between my thighs thus holding my dress up to expose my locked chastity device,and there yes I was totally helpless tied tightly to the post,it was then Mistress really started to tease me by first taking her blouse of very very slowly,then wriggling her so tight skirt down over her hips so she stood before me in her beautiful lingerie,the lingerie I had bought her a few weeks ago OH MY!!!
her hands touched and carresed my device teasing me by saying " what a shame all locked away poor you "and then using a small vibrator on the head of my device which drove me mad and had me begging begging to be unlocked,Mistress looked at me and said " you want to be released,shall I get the key to unlock you " I nodded saying yes yes Mistress but she just smilked looked and said NO!!!.
The teasing carried on and on and so did my begging.
Mistress decided then she had heard enough begging and started to gag me now not with my usual penis gag but with rope and there i was now gagged and helpless as Mistress went over to her glass cabinet containing all her toys,and took out two pin wheels,looking at me she said now im sure this will make you shrink in your cage.
More to come soon!!!!
June 11th 2014.
After a lovely evening spent with Mistress Master and Vikki where we had a barbecue and Mistress set up a pop quiz,which Vikki and I were really tested on our pop knowledge and film themes to,wit me doing well in the 60s era and Vikki doing well in the 70s and Master doing very well in the 80s,so it was decided a draw and i was not going to argue with Mistress and Master lol.
A early start as always doing my househoild chores of course first and then being got ready by Mistress,as this was a Miss Stephanie day I was to be fully in latex again mmmmmmmmmm yummy though it was going to be a hot day in more ways than naughty fun.
Today the very naughty,wicked,and fun Sallly Anne was coming to play mmmm,and she does love lots of humiliation and naughty fun.
As Mistress got me ready as always adding layers of latex bit by bit stockings,panties,dress,gloves then collar and hood and with every layer fitted the more and more I felt like this latex Domme Doll,and there after no time at all looking back at me in the mirror was this latex clad girl,who eyes and lips really leaped out at you contrasting with the black latex hood
My bright red lips and green eyeshadow just seemed to make my eyes pop out and the lips were so prominent.
During this time Mistress and I plotted and planned what we be doing with Sally Anne and after her last visit we were busy thinking of new wicked things we could do with her mmmmm.
As Mistress had Sally Anne undress and stand just in a robe,I entered the room,Sally had her back to me but I am sure she could sense my presence,and as i got right behind her and embraced her with my latex covered arms and hands she must have been inhaling the strong perfume of my latex.
Sally loves me present as Mistress gets her ready as Sally loves the humiliation of that,and of course I assisted Mistress in dressing Sally Anne in the most sissiest pretty dress my special birthday dress witn the lovely dolly pattern on it,and we had decided to add not one not two not three but fours layers of frilly petticoats under the dress, goodness me that really made it stand out and with big sissy bows in her hair and on her shoes sally was ready.
OH MY!!! what a sweet sissy she looked!!!! now Sally has this well way of looking at you with sweet innocent eyes,of course that is such a deceiving look as Sally is suich a naughty girl.
Now was the time for Sally to start serving and pleasing us,It was truly as I say such a lovely day that Mistress decided that we had lunch out on the new decking,now lovely Vikki had been so busy the night before finishing of this which meant now the decking reached down the garden a long way
Mistress and i sat out in the sun (well no suntan for me as I was all in latex) and chatted and had a lot of fun mmmm whilst the lovely Sally was busy in the kitchen preparing our lunch.
Of couse I had to keep popping into the kitchen to check on her and to fiddle with her lol (well that is what sissies are for to fiddle with ).
Sally did so so well again and brought our lunch out on the tea trolley,so there we were me in latex Mistress looking stunning in her tight skirt sheer blouse being served by Sally our own trolley Dolly mmmm.
Mistress was trying out a new cocktail and sally seemed had really got that right to,but of course Mistress and i had to try a few each lol.
Now lunch was over it was time to retire to the P room (well yes it has two uses both begin with P Pain and Pleasure room ).
I led Sally up to the room by a leash I had fixed to her collar mmm how yummy,and waited for Mistress of course teasing Sally all the time about her fate for the next few hours.
And OH MY!!!!!!!!! what a amazing few hours that was With Sally secured over the spanking block and spanked hard,then tied up and teased and tormented we made sure she got so so so excited, but always stopping and letting her calm then starting all over again so so wicked.
After the p room Sally was taken to the boudoir where she was stripped of her dress and petticoats so Mistress and i could really get at her.
Of course there we had Sally worship us and caress our feet legs and other mmmmmmmm parts of us.
And at that point Mistress started to well shall I say distract my attention from dealing with Sally, by using me as a seat and sitting right down on my face in those devine satin and lace panties she had on mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now I was in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a totally wicked debauched afternoon we all had,in that room that afternoon hours of nauhghty wicked things went on,with Sally pleasing both myself and Mistress with her devotion to us.
MMMMMMMMmmm what a truly lovely day we all had.
Sadly then the day was over and after lots of touching and a kiss goodbye it was time for Sally to leave ( awwwwwwwww)
But the good news is SAlly wants to do another day with Mistress and Miss Stephanie YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY So we cant wait for that.
Sally thank you for a special day xxxx.
June 12th 2014.
After again a truly lovely evening spent with Mistress Master and Vikki,another new exciting day had dawned.
And today again was so special as I was to meet a new girl
May 13th 2014.
Well another few exciting days starting today and as always the night before I found it so hard to sleep as I really starting to feel all the excitement bulid up in me.
Today tuesday I was going to be doing a lovely duo day with slave jane, I was to be in my Miss Stephanie role well to be precise my Latex Miss Stephanie role as I was to be assisting Mistress and controlling jane as a latex Domme, mmmmmmmm now as a lot of you know I am really starting to get into latex a lot,a new discovery for me in the last year or so but I am loving the feeling and tightness of it.
So arriving at Mistress's I was starting to get that oh so familar tingling sensation when I know I will be serving my Beautiful Mistress and assisting her controlling other t girls.
Layer by there Mistress encased me bit bit in tight clinging so sensual latex,bra panties stockings were slowly put on me with each item my skin seem to feel so so sensistive and like a million small electric shocks sensations were shooting all over my body.
As the short tight dress was pulled over me and zipped tight,the cold sensation made my skin tingle all over
then my over corset was laced up tight and my latex stockinged feet were slipped into 4 inch black heels.
Long white latex gloves were slipped over my bare arms the gloves to have clear latex over the fingers so my bright red nails could be seen clearly.
And there I was a latex encased sissy stood before my Stunninly dressed Mistress,who today wore a very tight to knee pencil skirt that clung so tight to her shapely thighs and hips and framed her beautiful bottom.
Her blouse was black sheer with ruffled front that revealed under it her lace silk bra,truly as always Mistress look so beautiful with her hair tied back tight to,as I looked at Mistress I again thought to myself how honured I was to be her collared sissy and How lucky I was to serve her.
Now As Mistress did my make up making sure as always that my eye make up was perfect so when my hood went on they would stand out fronm my black latex hood.
And then yes it was time to completer my latex transformation,and this is a true sensation I find so hard to relay to otthers.
I stood there and Mistress approached me with the hood open and pulled it over my head and down,the tightness on my face was amazing and as I now looked out of my hood at Mistress she adjusted it so my eyes and lips were in the exact position,and then slowly Mistress zipped the hood closed at the back,and started to lace the rear of the hood to after that was done tightly my poni tail that is fitted to the hood was adjusted,and Mistress fitted my wide lace up latex collar,as Mistress turned me to face her she smiled and said MMM" there my own latex dolly to play with " and then I saw myself in the mirror well what I saw looking at back at me was this latex encased doll ready for a day of fun and naugtyness.
Now all we were waiting for was jane to arrive,and yes on time sweet jane arrived,and oh my she looked lovely wearing a very pretty summer dress,that really showed her slim figure off.
Mistress had decided as i was in my Domme role today well Domme role to jane that is but as always so very sub to my Mistress, I was to assist her in getting jane ready to serve us both as out maid our plaything our toy our pet for the day.
Now jane had not seen me fully encased in latex before so as I walked into the room,I could see her smile and I am sure she loved what she saw.
Mistress told her straight away she was to call me Miss Stephanie from that moment on,and then I was in my role now and told jane to strip once down to just her panties with her very pert lovely breasts on display,which of coure i could not resist in touching as I know how sensitive janes nipples are mmmmm
Now jane was already locked in chastity for her visit to Mistress,but Mistress had decided that today jane was to experience the very secure NEO STEEL belt now I have worn this belt on occassions and know how it feels and how restricting it is an also how there is no chance in the world would you ever escape or get relief in that belt well apart from being milked.
Now one thing very special about my Miss Stephanie role is that Mistress always lets me out of chastity when i am in this role,so as Mistress started to feet that steel belt to jane in my latex panties my excitement was starting to grow after many months locked myself mmmm.
Janes face was a picture as the steel belt was fitted and locked as now there was no escape,then slowly again layer by frilly layer Mistress with my help dressed jane and turned her into a oh so pretty short skirted petticoated frilly maid who was to serve us both.
Once dressed Mistress let me fit a lovely collar to jane and attach a lead and I lead jane downstairs to stand before Mistress.
Mistress was sat very elegantley on the sofa and I must say looking very stern to as I lead jane in,I went and sat beside Mistress and we both looked at jane,keeping her waiting and on tenderhooks waiting to hear her duties for the day.
To tease jane a bit more Mistress placed her hand on my latex clad thigh mmmm (actually I think that teased me much more being out of chastity lol ).
And Mistress set out the days duties for jane which were to serve and pamper Mistress and myself by first serving us a lunch/come afternoon tea and Mistress explained to jane she expected a first class service from someome so experienced in being a maid, a lot of you will know that jane was Mrs Silks maid for many years so she does have lots of experience.
Of course Mistress being in one of her wicked moods had brought in one of those trolleys that you can serve tea sandwiches from and and the plan was to hinder jane more by chaining her feet together and also her wrist togethr loosely at first and attach all chains to her collar mmm
Jane set to work in the kitchen whilst Mistress and I sat chatting and thinking up so many wicked things we could do.
Of course I did keep popping into the kitchen to check on jane,and well to do what Most Dommes do have a fiddle with the maid mmmmm though of course all i could feel was the steel on her neo steel chastity belt under her panties,but oh how I loved that feeling,there was me all free in latex panties and poor jane securely locked in steel.
I must say jane did a truly marvellous spread for us really looked a picture,and Mistress only had to spank her a few times during service for certain mistakes but then of course Mistress is a perfectionist.
Mistress and I sat ate our lunch though i must say eating whilst in a latex hood is a true experiece lol. more to come xx
All through lunch Mistress and I were plotting of what we would do to jane,so as soon as it was over we took no time at all to have Jane worship Mistress's feet and legs.
Of course Jane was still in her neosteel chastity belt which Mistress and I had wickedly attached bells to so we could always hear where lovely Jane was mmm
As Jane was now getting use to pushing her hostess trolley about,she brough a bowl of water in on it and whilst I held her leash jane lapped her water up from thw bowl on the troley just like the sweet pet puppy she is,Jane loved it you could tell by her face and that lovely smile of hers.
Now was the time to tae Jane up to the play room and do so so many naughty things to her to tease her drive her mad as she lay there locked in that steel belt.
Now of course not only was Jane tormented but Mistress tied jane up and had her please me on her knees of course she was blindfolded and what a lovely sight she made as I oulled that pretty mouth down over me mmmmm.
We played for ages teasing her so much and also Mistress chained me up and used her vacum pump on my clittly pumping it so hard sucking me deeper and deeper into that plastic tube mmmm what a feeling.
We now took Jane into Mistress';s boudior and leaving her blindfolded,Mistress used a leg spreader and cuffed her ankles to that then,her wrsit were tied with lovely soft silken ropes,
As she layed there helpless Mistress and I really got up to so many naughty things with me worshipping Mistress and pleasing her,and all poor Jane could do was lay there and listen to what was going on OH MY!!!.
Well lots and lots went on that day some i can not tell you here as its so naughty mmmmmmmmm
lets say Mistress, Miss Stephanie and Jane had a incredible and sexy day.
mmmmmmm and we hope to do it all again so soon,Jane yelow bedroom 2018 is a truly lovely girl xxx
March 12th 2014.
I have to write to say I am so sorry I am behind in writing my accounts of my ongoing adaventures with Mistress,I have been so busy with Mistress and other things to I will catch up I promise,in the meantime I am going to put some new pics on for you to look at.
Now this may come as a shock to some people but Stephanie Belle is being taught to be Domme to some other girls,as is at times now assisting Mistress Elaine in doing some of the days,now of course I am still very submissive to Mistress and Master, but now I am learning to be Domme to some girls who want that.
This is all so new to me but I have to say I am loving every second of it.
So I hope you like the new pics and I would so love your views and comments on them as this means so much to me and some are from our trip to candy girls in January.
I have much more to write
March 12th 2014.
I always wake up so fresh and so excited at the start of a new exciting day and This day was to be very special,as It was another of my Miss Stephanie training days and today again Sally Anne was coming to see Mistress and she had asked for me to help Mistress in my new role.
But of course my first job of the day was to prepare Mistress's breakfast and srrve it to her which is a real honour,then back downstairs to do my usual chores of cleaning and hoovering.
Then up have my shower and Mistress started my transformation from a sissy into Miss Stephanie And today I was to be a latex clad Miss.
Now all those out there who wear and adore latex ( and I am one ) know the devine cold sensation as each garment goes on,and af
ter my make up was done,Mistress first helped me into long black latex stockings and they were attached to my black latex suspender belt,then white latex panties were slid up over my bottom and clitty,It was like as always a rubber doll was starting to appear,next was my black dress and Oh my so so cold but such a feeling as Mistress zipped it up feeling the tight latex encase my body.
My long white latex gloves came next now these are very special as the fingers are of clear latex,so my red nails can be seen clearly.
Mistress then latex corsetted my waist tightly down,now my hood was ready to be fitted,now those of you who have not seen the pics yet it is a black latex hood with mouth and eye holes but both those can be covered by a fixing blondfold and a gag to,the hood slid over my head and with the hood comes the feeling of like another stephanie taking over my body,the hood was adjusted and Mistress first zipped it close then did the laces up the sound of which seems to echo in my ears,my collar was fitted next and again laced up.
And there after I stepped into my heels I was ready Miss Stephanie was ready to have another training session with Mistress,what was poor Sally Anne in for on this day OH MY!!!.
Again as all those who wear latex know It is like a second skin And Mistress knows if she traces her fingers over me well the feeling is just un beleivable my whole body seems to tingle like a thousand electric shocks a devine feeling mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Mistress then went to get ready as I started to get a few things ready for this day,yes toys and implements ready to be used on Sally Anne,well some on me to mmm.
I was already now and felt so amazing,I could not help but look into the Alice Mirror in Mistress's room to see this latex clad Miss starring back at me WOW WOW,the tight clingy latex was now really starting to make my whole body tinkle.
Mistress then prepared herself As I was set the task of getting some yummy toys ready,I.E gags collars a leash to for Sally and some wrist ankle restraints and ropes,oh yes and of course a few paddles and crops,now who they were for I was unsure lol.
Mistress emerged from her room looking so stunning,in the a very tight figure hugging skirt,that outlined her beautiful hips and thighs,it was knee length and her legs were enacased in sheer black nylon that made her legs shine so,and her beautiful feet were encased in black heels.
Her top was rather sheer and showed her so lovely lace bra through it,goodness me seeing her as always made me melt,I could not wait to be assisting her on this day.
A lot of people have asked me how I am liking my new role as Miss Stephanie,as they knew how sissy I was ans still am to Mistress and Master,well I can tell you I am loving it so much,as I have said it is like another Stephanie taking over my whole personality,so really now I am a bit like a Jekyl and hyde character and I love it,two roles to please and serve my stunning amazing Mistress,what else could one sissy ask for in life.
And this day was going to be very naughty I so felt it and I knew how naughty Sally Anne could be.
Sally Anne had arrived and was with Mistrsss in the dressing room,and as of yet had not met the latex clad MIss Stephanie,goodness me was she in for a shock,as the last time we had met I was a maid in pink.
I heard Mistress call my name and I crept into the dressing room,to see Sally stood there just in a nightie with her eyes tightly closed,Mistress signalled me to go behind sally,as i stood there i traced my latex gloved hand over her neck hearing her letting out a pleasurable moan,I then pulled the straps of the nightie over her shoulders letting it drop to the ground around her ankles,so she stood there made up but oh so naked and vulnerable,my hands traced down her spine and i felt her shiver and heard that gasp again,
With her eyes still closed I moved around to stand in front of her,doing so i did whisper in her ear " I do hope your going to be a very good girl for Mistress and I today sally".
When her eyes opened a loud gasp came from her mouth and her eyes seem to so shocked by this latex clad Miss Stephanie stood before her.
Even though all she could see was my heavyly made up eyes and my dark red lips,as the hood covered the rest of my face she saw me smile,and I placed a soft kiss on her lips.
Mistress then asked me to assist her dressing the lovely Sally Anne,first putting her in such pretty sissy panties and lovely soft stockings,Mistress decided against a bra,so Sally's nipples would be easy to get to (mmmm what a lovelt thought that was ).
Layer upon layer of petticoat was added,and like a cake Mistress had decided on one white petticoat folowed by pink then white then pink,all the time Mistress and I were taliking to Sally telling her that she was going to look so sweet so sissy,and she was to be our little dolly to play with and tease.
Mistress had decided to put Sally in my dolly dress,the one Mistress and Master had taken me to the woods in (what a day that was ).
Now the dolly dress is like cream satin with lots of pink lace,and the dress is adorned by lots of little dollies sewn on to it,truly its so devine so sissy.
Sally stood there looking so sweet and innocent and shy lol now Sally is good at putting on that look,but Mistress and i both know how naughty she can be.
As she stood there Mistress adding so many bows to her hair and shoes,I suggested to Mistress we added another two petticoats to make the dress sticking out more,so we could see those dark pink ruffled panties show more mmmm.
Goodness me never has Mistress used 6 petticoats on one sissy,but OH MY!! it was so worth it Sally looked the sweetest sissy ever.
And there Sally was ready to be our play thing for the day YUMMMY!!!!.
The first part of the day Mistress decided that Sally was to serve us a coffee in the lounge,so I attached a lead to the pink collar Sally was wearing and lead her downstairs to the kitchen, once there I showed her where things were and of course I could not resist but to fiddle with this frilly sissy,so a hand up that ful dress onto a ruffled bottom,and again another kiss on he lips and a slap to her bottom to lol
It is quite surreal to be sat in the lounge me all in latex,sat chatting to Mistress dressed so beautifully as we discussed our plans for the day.
Sally appeared withb the coffee,and lol a outline of my lips in dar red lipstick on her face, Opps
Mistress was going to give to Sally a little pet to look after,yes poochy poo a little pink soft poodle toy was to be her companuon for the day,and Mistress tasked her witn making sure she took good care of poochy and not loose her,with that Mistress had Sally cuddling poochy and and making a fuss of her new toy,of course evil thoughts were in the minds of Mistress and myself of hiding poocy away lol.
After the Coffee it was first to be dance and pom pom time,as Mistress had asked me to help Sally write a little rhyme she could stand and recite to us,we sally did asked to be humilated treated a real sissy.
What a lovely performance sally gave us though we did have her repeat it a few times to add to her shame.
And then I placed two chairs in the dining room for myself and Mistress,and I opened the french windows onto the large garden,and how lovely the sun was shining,as today on the lawn sally was to perform the dance of the scarfs,noW i dont think I will tell you exactly is,so if you go to Mistress you will not Know the fate that awaits you.
Sally Did a lovely dance for us all around the garden, a pink mass of frills twirling and mincing about for us how lovely.
Oh yes poochy poo was dog napped in the end and put in the front garden nr the pavement OH MY,who was to go ans fetch it for poor sally,or would she be sent?
Of course along the way Sally did get quite a few otk spankings from Mistress,for her mistakes,but now it was time to lead Sally upstairs to first the p room, to be subjected quite a few spankings the first being over the bench which she was strapped tightly to,and I was asked to lift each layer of those oh so frilly petticoats then bare that bottom mmmmm how yummy, I passed Mistress her strap.
After our time in the play room sally was taken through to Mistress's boudoir whicH i had prepared.
Curtains drawn and dim lighting and candles gave the room really lovely seductive feel,and that was to be the theme of the rest of the day.
But first sally anne poor sally anne (smiles) was to go over Mistress and mines knees and we both soanbked her a cheek each how yummy that was.
Then after sally was laid on the bed and we, well we did not want her to fall off so a few ropes were used to secure her and a leg spreader to was fitted,then mmmmm it was time for myself and Mistress to tease poor helpless Sally Anne, and OH MY did we tease and tease ans tease,till she was wriggling so on the bed.
Now of course both Mistress and I commented that Sally was having all the fun,so we thought ah yes its her turn to please us both.
So with her hands untied Sally set about serving and pampering Mistress,and after Mistress felt really pampered Sally was instruted to pampaer me in a very special way,mmmmmm Now what went on then is of course CENSORED!!! but let me say I did so so so love another day as trainey Miss Stephanie.
To be continu
March 11th Candy Girls night out.
After the very busy day with Mistress and Miss Susanne, Mistress was having a bath to relax before we were to get ready to go to candy girls of course I was still floating about doing some chores and also sat chatting to Mistress as she bathed (heaven).
And after she had bathed I bathed to well Mistress and I wanted me all clean for this special night
After that i had the great pleasure of preparing Dinner along with Vikki now Mistress always says we are like a old married couple and that rvening in the kitchen was like always I was doing all the work Vikki was giving instructions lol,lots of people do ask about Vikki well I can tell you She is really the most lovely girl who i so adore and so much fun to be with and yes we do get on so very well.
So then it was time to get ready Now this visit to Candy was going to be extra special as Mistress had decided we were to wear matching dresses WOW!!! yes we had been planning this for a few months and I had bought a matching Hell Bunny dress.
As I sat there Mistress doing my make up and hair it was really like two vetu excited girls getting ready for a night out well we were lol.
As always I could not beleive How i looked I was knocked out and OH MY!!! that dress I so loved it there will be pics of us both very soon I just felt a million dollars and felt so confident to raring to get out the door lol.
As I stood there swishing in 3 layers of petticoats I felt like I had gone back in time to the 50s Goodness me the fashions then were so feminine so sensuos to.
That feeling of soft petticoats bouncy on your legs as you stake each step feeling that swirl to of the dress is there a better feeling in this world.
Mistress truly looked so so stunning goodness me Mistress in a 50s style dress is a true beauty well Mistress in any outfit is a true beauty.
I did have to help Mistress on with her shoes as with 3 layers of petticoats so it was easier I did it,so I knelt and slipped on her very shiny red 3 strap heels on her feet and very slowly fastened each strap (OH MY!!! ).
And after both of us making a entrance in the lounge to show Master how we looked it was time to set of on the short drive to Candy.
Now here presented a problem,two girls 6 petticoats in all in the front of my car,as we both slid into the car and tried to arrange our dresses so not to crease them well I could not find my handbrake or gearstick it was just a mass of skirts and petticoats,Mistress looked at me and me at her and we just both burst out with laughter How we ever got to candy was a miracle.
And we both said now if we get stopped by the police or I have a puncture that could have been intresting lol.
Now as a lot know with skirts that wide it is hard not to well knock things over and yes guess who as she walked to the door of Candy knocked a post over (opps) lol.
Well I think we caused quite a stir walking in there dressed as twins well we had lots of lovely comments and seem to attract quite a few men followers (smiles ),we settlred down on one of the sofas and chatted and had some lovely wine mind you we did take up the whole sofa with our dresses lol.
We met as always some really lovely girls who came to chat with us,and of course Mistress had bought her bag of toys to,now in there was a cane a paddle a strap on etc OH MY!!!.
As always at Candy the evening seems to fly by so quickly and we were having such a lovely time.
Mistress smiled at me and said "I think stephanie I need to take you downstars to the play room,and don't forget my bag".
So I was led downstairs and taken to the bench where Mistress had me bend over and she slowly lifted my layers of skirts till she could see my pretty pantied bottom,by then we seemed to have attracted rather a large audience.
After a few spanks over my pantied bottom they were slowly pulled down to reveal a rather pink bottom and between my legs my restrained clitty, a lot more spanks landed on my bottom then fast and hard so I was wriggling and squealing a lot,then it was time for the cane and Mistress is a true expert in the art of using canes I can tell you.
And as each stroke landed she was all the time telling me that this was deserved and it was my place to srerve obey and amuse her and excite her.
The audience by then seemed to have swelled even more so I fet many eyes on my sore bottom,one of the girls came and sat on a stool very closre to me and had me caress her.
Mistress had decided it was time to use her strap on,but trying to do this whilst she was in her dress was impossible,so I am sure to the audience's delight she took her dress petticoats off and had me kneel and assist her put the strap on her,now thats a very intense thing to do with so many watching fastening it about her waist etc and again all the time she was whispering to me that she was going to use me as everyone watched.
I was then moved to another bench and bent over my dress and layers lifted again and my panties pulled down,and then slowly and firmly Mistress enterred me and started to thrust harder and harder telling me I was her toy her slave her slut to use,I was so so excited in my restraint and so wanted to be free but I knew this would not happen as I was there to please Mistress and others.
Mistress added a few more spanks before I go up and helped her re dress,we stayed in the play room and i played with this really lovely girl who wanted to Domme me to and she did mmmmm.
Mistress then took me to the room she loves the DARK ROOM where she had me kneel and please a few girls and men
All this time i was locked and very frustrated,which Mistress so so loves.
Sadly after a few more drinks and time back upstairs where i met some more lovely girls it was time for us to leave so we made our farewells and started our fun journey home.
We so so so loved our night,and thank you to all we met there,Mistress and i so love Candy girls and we thank the owners for running such a great club.
And we will be back YAY YAY yes in May we will be there so watch out xxx.
We had a really fun drive home again as the car was full of petticoats in facT i think It would have been rather exciting if we had got stopped (hee hee) well may have brightened up the Pc night.
Well at home after a so busy day time for bed so like all girls off with the make up nightie on and slide into my bed to dream of all the things to happen tomorrow.
March 11th 2014.
The excitement i feel today is well close to bubbling over as tonight Mistress and I are going to Candy Girls again YAY!!!and this time Mistress has decided we are going as twins (though of course Mistress is the most beautiful) both Mistress and I oredered matching new Hell Bunny dresses for the occasion and OH MY they are amazing more to come about that soon but back to the day time fun.
Well Mistress had decided it was to be a just a Mistress and me day and as usual I had no idea what would be happening and what things we would get up to ( I do like suprises) smiles.
And today was to be a big suprise!!! Mistress got me ready as always and today I was going to wear my so beautiful dress Mistress had made for me on my birthday last night,the dress is a very sissy style with lots of prints of dollies etc on it,unlilke a lot of my dresses its not short its to knee but has the most devind full skirt to it and little puff sleeves.
And I do so lovebeing in the dress it always make me feel so so special and I must say very sissy and sweet and innocent (no sniggers there please),with my blonde hair in bunches and a training bra on and ruffled panties and so silky tights with ankle socks over them I was ready.
But I still did not really know what we would be up to but whatever it would be I was already so excited and I mean that in not the way a lot of you think I mean (smiles).
After awhile of having some lovely fun with Mistress ( now I am not telling you that bit lol ) Mistress took me into her boudoir and very slowly and securely tied me up my legs in a spreader bar my arms together above my head and Mistress then blinfolded me and then layed beside me on her bed and started to whisper all sorts of really naughty things in my ear as she slowly carresed me on my legs thighs teasing me so much as what was happening in my chastity device could really vouch for.
She was whispering also that now I was all helpless anyone could come in and do what they wish to me, and then suddenly she stopped and said I won't be long stephanie kissed my cheek and said " do not run away" not that i could have if I wanted to lol and OH MY I did not want to anyway,but laying there blindfolded collared tied and helpless for what seem to be hrs,so many thoughts went through my mind.
Then suddenly I heard a door open downstairs yes it was the front door and then I heard voices,one I could reconise as Mistress's the other I could not make out that well,I knew one thing it was not Master Andy as he was out for the day.
Who was it? I could hear the voices and footseps on the stairs As i layed there wriggling quite a lot
but the voices went into next room,next thing I felt a soft hand on my face and Mistress whispering in my ear again saying Do I have a suprise for you stephanie,then she was gone again and I was left helpless and in the dark not knowing what was to happen.
Again time just seemed to stand still and I could hear the ticking of the wall clock which seemed to go into slow motion,and my mind again was full of so many thoughts.
Then the voices again then silence but I just felt there was two people in the room starring at me,then Mistress spoke and said she had a special Lady to see me and to play with me.
At that moment I felt another pair of hands caress me and start to explore my body,then suddenly the blinfold was taken off and stood there was Mistress and Miss Suzzane a Tv Mistress who I had met once before.
Both of them were smiling down at me and saying as I was there all so helpless I was to be there playing with that the tormenting and teasing started in ernest.
hands all over my body words spoken in my ears,the teasing went on and on as I struggled wriggled on the bed.
Then I was untied and Mistress decided I needed to be spanked so I was bent over Mistress's knee and she spanked me and in the way she knows gets to me so well,starting of with light slow spanks but as they went on getting harder faster all the time until they so so sting and I really wriggle and squirm on her lap which she so loves.
Mistress then had me knee before her and said as I was the one who seemed to be getting all the attention and having all the fun (ouch my bottom was stinging so ) It was about time attention was given to Miss Suzzane,I crawled over to her and started to kiss the long patent boots she had on, then onlto the shiny leggings she was wearing.higher and higher I was told to go then I was told to stop!!!.
Mistress and Mistress Suzzane then both layed down on the bed and I had to worship both of then starting at there feet the afternoon was spent with me worshipping both of then,and then as Mistress watched I was instructed to please and serve Mistress Suzzane,now as always I will not tell you all I did but I am sure most of you can work out what happened and how Mistress Suzzane left the house with a lovely smile on her face.
And i was left in no doubt I was just a sissy plaything a toy to be teased tormented and played with and my place was to please others.
The day ended with me helping Vikki in the kitchen prepare Dinner for Mistress and Master,now myself and Vikki in the kitchen well the language shocked me lol,I seem to end up doing all the hard parts as Vikki druank her wine lol,no really Vikki is a very special girl who i so adore.
Well after a busy day it was bed time and I lay there in my room in my nightie my collar on,and fell asleep thinking about what the next day would bring.
DEC 18th 2013.
I awoke as always in my satin nightie in the room i sleep in at Mistress's surroundedby many eroctic pictures and lovely things adorning the walls,i had slep well but as always had woken up due to my chastity device being so tight (you girls in chastity will know that feeling smiles )
I knew today was to be a totally diffrent day,yesterday had been amazing today was to be a new direction for me I was to be totally in latex for the day as Mistress and Masters pet there play thing there toy there slave dolly.
I first of course set about my chores,my mind ful of so many thoughts well it was awash in fact,
after serving Mistress and Master breakfast in bed,always a chore i so love,i knew from Mistress's reaction is was to be a strict day.
At the set time i had finished my chores and went to the dressing room Mistress was there and all around was latex items i was told to strip and stand before herwhich I did with a feeling of being very nervous,I stood there naked iapart from my chastity device and my collar in front on my Mistress,she had a very wicked smile on her face as her hand wrapped around my device and looking into my eyes she spoke sternly but softly " today you are just a sex toy a latex doll who i will use for my own pleasure do you understand me stephanie" all i could do was say yes Mistress as she let go and told me to sit.
She did my eye make so it stood out so so much anfd my lips were painted wide and a bright red with many coats to show what a slut i was.
Then the dressing started first the long latex stockings attached to a wide suspender belt,then a short tight latex maids dress,that became tighter as Mistress slowly zipped the back up,giving me that shivering feeling as all who wear latex will know about a cold sensation that seems to excite so.
next long gloves were rolled up my arm encasing me more,it seemed to be bit by bit i was becoming this latex doll.
Mistress stood back and looked at me then without war
ning delivered 3 hard spanks to my still bare bottom " saying no panties stephanie thats so naughty" with that she took my chastity key from around her neck and started to unlock me i stood there knowing with each part she removed my excitement was growing blushes.
And there I was free Mistress then slapped it 3 times saying as she looked into my eyes " I want you to feel these tight latex panties enasing you so to tease you more ".
And to feel those panties so tightly encasing my sissy clitty that had been locked for so long Mistress knew what she was doing to me.
I stood there as Mistress then went and got me new hood,now I had never seen before except when i ordered it,I gulped as Mistress showed me it with eye holes that had buckles with a blindfold me and buckles with a gag attatchment.
Slowly Mistress pulled it over my head,the tightness the feeling of being more encased was so very instense
As she moved it into place so I could see and breathe she said WOW!!! I am loving this stephanie
and slowly the back of the hood was zipped close,and Mistress did the laces up vrery slowly with each tug of the laces the hood got tighter.
Mistress stood back and i looked at her from what now seemed like a caccoon of latex,at this point Mistress left the room I stood and waited and she returned with a wide posture collar which was laced about my neck covering more of my naked skin.
Then my heels were fitted to me and tied on,Mistress stepped back and again that wicked smile appeared and she said " Now i have my own rubber dolly to play with and use,my toy my sext toy ".
a leash weas attached to my collar and I was led to see myself in the big mirror,what I saw looking back at me was this black and white latex encased figure,it did not seem to be me,Mistress then ran her hands over my body and OH MY!!!! that feeling it feels like electricity so intense so many sensations my whole body was starting to tingle.
what happened next was more amazing as Mistress took off a dress and instruted me to help her put her latex dress on the honour and excitement in dressing Mistress in a latex tight dress was really now started to show in my latex panties.
Then there she stood in latex to, i was now in orbit in heaven i was on the planet of ectasy as Mistress came closer and told me to touch her dress,my latex gloves started to caress and yes then Mistress felt the sensations I had felt through her body.
after what seemed a eternity of pure bliss I was sent to fetch a plug and two vibrators and restaint cuffs and rope I was to be tied then plugged and teased and tormented.
The plug slowly was pushed into me and the latex panties held it tightly in place,then the cuffs were fitted and I was tied very securely on the bed.
Then Mistress started her torment with the toys saying to me " Don't you dare cum " that pleasure is not for you my latex dolly" and with that i was blindfolded and then I felt a penis gag being fitted
The rest of the day was spent tormenting me and teasing me,and with this latex dolly worshipping her beautiful Mistress.
Dec 17th 2013.
A very busy time the last few weeks and today another rather sad day as Governess Emma who has helped Mistress since she started is sadly retiring,now i Know a lot of you have met Governess Emma and know how strict but also wicked she can be,I say wicked in a lovely way ( She has the most wicked naughty laugh in the whole world).
When I first met Mistress Governess Emma was with her that day,and like I knew Mistress was the Lady I had seeked over 30yrs Governess Emma and I really hit it of to,and since that day I have had so many amazing days with Governess present,days where I have been taken out for the very first time(talk about nervous) days where I have been at Governess beck and call for anything she wished of me.
I like all the girls will so so miss her.
Mistress as a very special suprise had decided to organise a suprise party for her,now this plotting had also started about the same time as the Ladies day planning so a very busy time.
As it was so near Christmas Mistress had decided to have a tradional Christmas lunch for herself and Governess Emma,which would be freshly cooked by me ( OH MY!! no pressure there ),and would be served
by three very special girls Louise Crystal and
So another very early start with me running to a supermarket to get those things you always forget for parties.
Now also there was a theme to the day to and that was to be the 50s so all us girls were to wear 50s style dresses with flouncy petticoats now as you know I so love this look.
So there I was dressed in my red hell bunny dress yes the one in my profile pic,ready to start my chores as a 50s housewife,It is funny when I think of 50s styles and housewifes etc ome Lady always comes to mind and that is Doris Day,what a truly lovely pretty feminine Lady she was and i think It is her I asspire to.
Anyway yes so as Mistress readied Louise and Crystal I was busy in the kitchen preparing the veg etc for this so special lunch.
I know a lot of you will know Governess Emma or heard of her And I must tell you She is one really lovely Lady who I know has brought happiness to lots of us girls over the years,and also with her oh so hard hand (ouch) a lot of sore bottoms to.
And ye she is strict very in fact, but also has a heart of gold and would always be there to help an get you through.
And shr had no idea either what the day wou;d hold as she was not arriving till later,so next to come down was lovely Louise who is the best maid ever I think and a truly good friend.
Lookin as lovely as ever in another 50s style hell bunny dress in pink,and then the lovely Crystal appeared now she is rather a little minx (smiles) but I do adore her so another so special friend.
So now the scene was set we were already,as Mistress had also got ready and as always was looking STUNNING!!!.
Louise had set the dining table so very lovely as always,and us three girls were in the kitchen being oh so quiet waiting for the star guest to arrive.
The tension was well what with Crystal trying to make me laugh by keep putting her hand up my dress (bad girl) but nice to lol.
And then yes our target was in the house the Governess had landed (smiles) Mistress had taken her into the lounge.
And then yes the bell rang and that was the Q for me to appear so I bounced into the room arms wide saying suprise suprise (sure someone else used to say that).
Oh the look on her face was pure amazement and and the best thing was I got so so many kisses and hugs and cuddles which Stephy does so love,and If you all remember Granville in open all hours,you will know what nurse Gladys used to do to him by cuddling him to her Bossom,well I got lots of those to mmmmmm.
After the greetings I left to fetch them some drinks,but It was Louise who went in with the drinks so another big suprise and lots of greetings,then next was Crystal with the nibbles so another suprise,by then Governess was well starting to get rather emotional.
So after lots of hugs cuddles kisses and I must say a few otk spankings by Governess to,heavens knows why as I am such a good girl lol.
It was time to start lunch which was to be a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings which a first for me(gulps ) but hey ho I love a challenge lol.
Now you have to picture this me in the kitchen a mass of frills with my pinny on working away preparing veg etc chopping this that and nearly the other to (ouch)
And as the morning went on and Louise and Crystal were helping to the stress levels rose and rose so as usual i became like a sissy certain chef who swears a lot lol,Louise and Crystal decided best left me alone and went back to sit with Mistress and Governess and of course to entertain them to (smiles)
I cant tell you how as I was deep in my sprouts.
But all was going well and everything was on time for 1300 as Mistress does always have us set a time so if we are late we are punished,no pressure there lol.
I at this time as it waa a more fun day to play a joke,so i borrowed a ciggy from Governess packet found a mop cap and put on some long rubber Gloves and hey presto there the perfect fag ash lil lol,I wernt into Mistress and Governess and the girls and did my Dot Cotton impersination lol,saying lunch would be about a hr adding a few good chesty coughs in to,well that seem to really amuse Mistrees Governess and the girls
There is a video of that somewhere to lol.
Lunch went really well and Louise and Crystal did a amazing job serving lunch perfect service, and everyone was really loving the day a true 50s like Christmas party and Of course the main thing was that Mistress and Governess were having a great time,I did try to add to there merryment by toping up Mistress's wine more than her standard allows ( ouch that hurt butter patter on bottom otk as Governess said it was for old times sake OUCH!!! will it stil hurts now and thats 4 days after.
Well now as I had opened some red sparkling wine (yes I know ) by mistake can you guess who had been as she cooked sipping the wine (hic hic ) yes ME ME hic,now after all the fun of lunch it was time to retire to the upper reaches of the house for some naughty fun mmmmmmmm.
I can honestly say I have never seen 3 aprons come of three girls so so quickly,and try to imagine three girls in 50s dresses between them i think 8 petticoats trying to squeeze up a staircase at once.
What a afternoon was had by us all WOW WOW WOW!!! so much naughty fun and so much spanking to OUCHHHHHHHH but it was so lovely to over Governess's knee and though at the time I didnt' think it I knew in my heart I would so miss Governess Emma.
Sadly the day came to a close far to soon,but OH MY!!! what a magical day it had been so much laughter and naughtiness, we had so much fun and at the end so many tears and cuddles.
Governess has retired but at times she will be back for special occasions so that will be lovely, Governess a big big thank you from all the girls that have met you, and we all wish you the best future ever and your life is full of happiness and all your wishes come true.
And from Stephy I send you all my love and thanks for everything you have done, even if you did make me get out of the car and walk past those 400 fireman and two Pidgeons (that's a in joke) sorry.
The evening was spent with me cooking and serving Mistress Master and Vikki a evening meal which I do so love doing, then a early night as the next day would be a totally different day as It was to be a very special day with Mistress and I and she was going to take Stephy into another new direction.
To come Stephanie gets encased in latex!!!!!!!!!
More to come x
December 10th 2013.
Well today was a so special day,but then so are all days I spend with Mistress,today I would be hekping Mistress set up and prepare the house for sadlt the very last Ladies day(well for the time being sshhh hee hee).
On these set up days it is always just me and Mistress,today Mistress had decided I would be a 50s style housewife so i wore one og my lovely Hell Bunny dresses under that a 4 layered full skirted white petticoat a white ful, bra and panties and tan stockings,and of course a nice white pinny to protect me as I worked.
Though this was not a full on play day,I do so love this sort of day where I am working with Mistress and helping her prepare her lovely house.
So it was a very busy busy day so much to do,the theme for the Ladies day was to be gay paris(in more ways than one lol).
So the dining room was turned into a Parisian cafe,and the day was spent cleaning the house and preparing some of the lovely food for the next day,mind you though can you guess who a few times that day did get a bottom spanking for getting some things wrong?(smiles) ouch to.
And after a very busy day,I then prepared and cooked a evening meal for Mistress Master and Vikki and that was so lovely to sitting down with them and having a lovely evening to.
Vikki was her usual lovely self,a lot of people ask about her well I can tell you she is truly a lovely very special girl who I so admire,even though she teases me so much by saying im a olt older than she is
though im not really.
Anyway the rest of the evening Mistress and I went thriough all the things I had to do as Mistress had decided I should be the Hostess for the Last Ladies Day and what a honour that was.
I went to bed that very excited about the day to come and very nervous to.
As I lay in bed in my white satin nightie and panties and of course still locked in chastity so many thoughts were going through my head(no not those thoughts lol.
December 11th 2013.
I awoke from a night of some mmmmmm dreams and after sleeping in satin nightie and panties well a painful wake up to still being locked in chastity,a early wake up to as today was Ladies day the 17th one and sadly the last,Mistress has said it is the last which makes me sad as I have served at everyone of them and they have so become a big part of my life,and its so lovely that 3 times a year to get together with so many of the girls and Mistres's,but they are so much hard work for Mistress they do take so much setting up,so I do understand and Mistress has said there will be more new things in the new year.
But It is like the end of a era 17 Ladies days everyone with a different theme from the 20s to Hollywood Glamour to Chinese to victorian do look at Mistress website for pics from all the days.
Todays theme was to be Parisian and and today I was not serving i was to be the Hostess!!!! wow
the party co ordinator,now I knew this would be a challenge as Mistress had told me I was to be in charge of it all (gulps) 8 maids and 6 Mistress's 1 Tv Mistress and two lovely Tv Ladies goodness me talk about hands full.
And if Im in charge does that mean I could tell the Mistress's what to do (i think not rubs sore bottom lol )
Anyway back to this early morning start.
It was 6 am and i was up ( in more ways than one) lol,so downstairs I went to prepare Mistress's breakfast and serve it then get on with the final cleaning for the day.
Still incased in my satin nightie and panties and now a satin robe mmmm I was in heaven,after the final clean it was upstairs for a shower and thenm to the dressing room as Mistress wanted to get me ready.
Sitting there on the stool as Mistress does my make up is always a joy as I am never sure what colours she will use on me,and each time she creates a different new look.
Of course stephy chatters away as Mistress does my make up,which earnt me a few slaps on my thighs as Mistress says Stephy how can i do your lips if you are still talking lol.
With my make up down and my long wig on I was ready to dress now those who have seen my flickr page and my chix page would have seen this french look before but this had a new addition to it
First white satin lace bra and panties.then over them a pair of very sheer glossy tan tights and over those a pair of cream lace tights mmm ( so love that feeling and look.
Them on top I wore a cream top that was soft wool like a crochet effect short sleeved,over that around my waist I wore a black waspie which Mistress laced tight.
And then my new skirt Mistress had made specially a brown satin pleated mini skirt (MMM) so so short to,then I put on cream lace short gloves and Mistress pinned a black beret into my hair to complete the look,of course then my heels were added.
And as always my collar but now with another new tag saying I was the property of Mistress Elaine and Master Andy I do so love the feel of my collar on my neck it has that tight feeling and I am so proud to wear it.
There I was ready only 8 am and I was already so with my list of jobs to do I went off downstairs as Mistress was getting things ready for the girls to arrive.
Now I must say that these days are run like clockwork and each girls arrival was timed so none of the girls ever see each other in male mode.
Now as each maid was ready Mistress brought them down and introduced them to meof course I know most of the girls and on this day lovely Louise was the head maid,the yummy Crystal was her assistant,and along with Felicity Jaynne,poppy and some others Now poppy was new and she came with her Wife/Mistress a truly lovely girl.
Mistress had spent many weeks making new dresses for the maids and of course all based on the classic french maid black and white style.
But each one was very indiviual look and all were so lovely (made a note I must get to wear each one soon ).
Now all was geting very busy downstairs with maids in very full frilly short dresses everywhere in fact with all of them in the kitchen you could not move lol for a mass of frilly white petticoats.
Mistress and Governess were still so busy upstairs dressing the lovely Girls like Victoria,I was busy running coffee's up to them and as the morning went on of course the champagne.
Master to had appeared downstairs and he was busy organising the maids,( well thats what he says lol ).
Now as the door bell rang It was time for the other Lovely Mistress's to arrive.
Mistress Sue Madame Caramel were the first two very special Ladies who i do so adore.
The day now was really starting to get into the swing,with the Mistress's all arrived and in the lounge sipping the champagne and nibbles.
Now in honour of this very very special day Myself Louise and Crystal had a very special celebration cake made,which had a parisian theme to it,and took pride of place in the entrance all for all the guests to see.
Then it was time for Mistress to make her entrance and OH MY!!! as always Mistress looked STUNNING!!!.
Now the real fun would begin.
Mistress had decided to have a auction of the maids so each Mistress had a set amount of money to buy any girl they wished.
I off course said I would take all major credit cards to and luncheon vouchers to lol,who bought who im not going to say.
Now the wine was flowing freely and I was splitting myself between the Mistres'es and maids as I was so used to being in the kitchen,now in fact Master even had to throw me out and spank me to for keeping to try to help him as he was the main Chef that day(and i must say a rathrer lovely looking one to ).
My luncheon partner as lunch was served in two settings was Madame Caramel now I suggest anyone who does not know of Madame do look up her site,as Madame is a very special and has the most wicked laugh and to say the least strict and wicked mind,and to have lunch with her was a real honour she looked stunning in a ankle length tight figure hugging gown,the lunch time was full of so much naughty naughty chat with me blushing a lot yes thats right me blushing (smiles)
I am of course skipping over quite a lot or We could be here till next year lol.
After lunch was over the real fun was to begin,the girls who had be bought at the play auction (they were not sold really it was just play ) went upstairs with there Mistress's and OH MY!!! what went on up there well I am shocked (not really lol ) There was so many people up there and I seem to remember getting up to rather a lot of naughty things with maids that were in bondage,and with a certain Domme doing very naughty things OH MY!!!.
It was truly such a amazing day where we all pulled out the stops to make it a day Mistress would never forget so that this the 17th and last Ladies day would never be forgotten,mind you as I say I have done everyone of them and Have over the yrs seen them grow from just 2 maids to what they are today.
Yes a end of a era but who knows one day they may be back in another form.
To all the girls I have met over the Ladies days thank you for making them so much fun.
Nov 1st
My deepest apologies to all those at Candy Girls last night,sadly due to circunstaces beyond our control Mistress and I could not get to Candy girls.
To all thos I said I would see you there I am so sorry,Mistress and myself though will be at Candy Girls on tuesday 26th November so do try to come along then.
October 31st 2013.
Well day two and I can tell you now that this day was a completely different day to yesterday,Still now Mistress never ceases to amaze me with the wicked ideas she conjures up in her mind.
As always I woke early so so excited about the day to come(not in that way lol)as I was still locked.
And after tidying my room,I went down to start my chores,so cleaning and then the call that Mistress And Master wanted there breakfast in bed,so I set about setting up two silver trays for each of them,and as always I decorate them in well my special style.
Mistress explained to me of what was required of me before she showed me my outfit for the day.
And OH MY!!! I could not beleive what she had selected for me to wear.
And seeing my Beautiful Mistress all dressed In the most delectable tight figure hugging pencil skirt,that moulded itself to every curve of her beautiful body, her legs were sheathed in sheer black silk stockings.
She also wore a truly beautiful white quite sheer blouse,her long brown hair was pulled up tight in a bun on her head,and black high heels adorned her so pretty feet.
I as always was totally capitivated by the magical aura that surrounds her,and as she set about turning me into what she said would be one of sluts for the day, as that was to be the theme of the day myself along with the so lovely Crystal and Sallyanne were to be Mistress's and Master's sluts there sex toys for the day
to please them serve them amuse them,and put on shows for them.
Mistress had decided to dress me in black lace satin bra witg matching panties and suspender belt all trimmed in the most lovely black lace,on my legs long black sheer stockings, my shoes were to be 4 inch high ankle strap black velvet shoes with a black velvet flower on the front.
Mistress had decided that as the bra seemed to give me a nice natural cleavage,that she would not use padding on my bra.
And as she looked into my eyes she said in a soft assertive voice "and also stephanie it will make it easier for me to clamp and torture you oh so sensitive girly nipples" and a big smile lit up her face,and looking into her eyes I know that I was in for a long so sensual day!!!.
Over my black underwear,Mistres had decided to have me wear a a very tight long lace sleeved dress and when I saw it I knew then it was one of her own dresses,and what a honour that was to wear a dress my Mistress wears, about my waist over the dress she fastened a black satin waspie that she laced up tight to push my breast up more and to push my bottom out, my hair was my blonde look with a black lace butterfyl pinned in it,and of course around my neck was the collar Mistress had placed on me 4 yes ago.
When I saw myself in the mirror i could not beleive what I saw looking back at me was this black clad,and again as Mistress said SLUT!!!.
Mistress said to that maybe she should send me out to earn my keep or to take me to a dogging site!!! will that happen one day? who knows.
I was then told to present myself for Masters approval and she got Crystal ready.
Well I could tell by Master's face that he really did approve of this new look for me,Mistress had also told me to entertain Master whilst she was with Crystal,well how i did that is "CENSORED" smiles.
Crystal appeared and again Mistress had turned her into another one of her SLUTS for the day,crystal to was all in black but with black lace stockings,and a shorter skirt mmmmmm we were then both presented to Master Where then Mistress had decided on my name for the day and that was to be Black rose.
Mistress then went to get Sallyanne ready so Crystal and I had some time to re aquaint with each other again sadly that is "CENSORED".
Then Sallyanne appeared looking as sultry as usin a even shorted black lace mini skirt.
We were then sent upstairs to decorate the boudoir to make it look like a house of ill repute yes a WHORE HOUSE!!! all three of us well in one room dressed as we were CENSORED lol, no no we just got on with our mission,well ok there was some kissing and carresing (Smiles).
As we waited for Mistres and Master to approve what we had done all three of us were so excited but as I was locked still it was Sallyanne and Crystal that it showed on!!!.
And yes Mistress and Master did approve a lot of what we had done the first thing we did was to leave the room and come back in one by one putting on a show as we entered and introducing ourselfs,and then take up our positions on the bed first me then crystal then sally anne I was in the middle of them.
Mistress then slowly tied my wrist together and then sat on me so so close to my face her tight skirt ridden right up OH MY!!!! again sadly I have had to CENSOR that bit.
Mistress then had Crystal hand her a spreader bar and asked her to fasten my ankles to it so my legs so there I was bound and spread wide so helpless Mistress then produced a satin blindfold,and as she leaned over and whispered in my ear " you know now I am going to blindfold you and myself and the girls are going to torment you till you are begginh " she then pulled the blindfold down.
So bound helples and now blindfolded,they began hands seemed to be all over my body from what seemed every direction on my arms my legs my thighs on my panties all i could do was moan and writhe with helpless pleasure.
And then I felt a hand on my restraint and yes yes yes A felt and heard the key go in the lock and that sound that I had not heard in a long tme that "CLICK" but not this time as it shut but I was being released,freedom after so long and so totally helpless to stop there torment again I felt Mistress's warm breath on mI way ear whispering " Don't you dare cum" and then hands all over me touching me carresing me making my excitement grow and grow and all the time Mistress's words in my head "Don't you dare cum stephanie that pleasure is not for you".
I was being driven pushed and teased now to a point way beyond any sissy can stand,though tied I was writhing in pure pleasure in sexual ectasy,but so so wanting to be allowed some releif,Mistress then removed my blindfold to see her smiling face and her so wicked grin.
Crystal then slid of the bed and crawled over to Master who had been really enjoying the sight of three girls his girls on the bed,and I watched as Crystal started to please and worship Master in a way he so loves.
And Sally anne who was being so naughty and her hands were still all over my helpless bound body.
Then it was Sally Annes turn to be subjected to the same treatment and i made sure she was driven wild to,I was still free from my chasity but still being denied releif as Mistress now was saying to me " remember Stephanie you are here to plesase me and obey me "
At that point Crystal came back to the bed,and she was tied and put through the same sensual torment as us,
Mistress then decided it was time I showed both the girls how I could please them at the same time,and had the two girls stand and me kneel before them and I took both of them into my mouth!!!.
The rest of the day was well just pure decadance with all three of us worshipping and serving our Mistress and Master What fully went on I am not sure if a lot of you are old enough to hear what went on so i will have to CENSOR!!! that part,lets say it was AMAZING!!!! and so naughty.
October 30th 2013.
So excited today as I am serving two Mistres's my devine Mistress Elaine,and the so wonderful Mistress Sue,and today with me is Pansy who I have met before and I know is such a lovely girl.
So I knew we were in for a fun but hard service day.
The theme of the day was strict maid service,including like a lunch and afternoon tea on a table that Pansy had to set and i was to do the food.
As always I was early (Opps another spanking)wonder why I am always early lol.
Mistress as always looked stunning greeting me at the door in the most devine 50s style dress with petticoats,goodness me I was lost in the magic of the day already.
And after a lovely welcome from Mistress (ouch) I was beckoned to follow her upstairs,to the dressing room,now stairs a full dress petticoats what does that mean yes sissy heaven OH MY!!!.
Mistress told me as I sat there in my silken robe of her plans for the start of the day,andhow I was to help Pansy all I could as she was nervous.
With each stroke of her make up brush with each colour that was added to my eyes and face I felt so alive.
Mistress had decide to dress me in a so pretty pink and white satin maids dress,with petticoats a corset frilly panties tan nylons and white heels,with a so prety chiffon scarf tied about my neck.
Of courseb I was still locked in my chastity and Mistress checked on that and made sure that all was secure.
after my inspection I was sent downstairs to start my chores.
Whilst pansy arrived and was got ready,and after not long pansy appeared with Mistress and she was in a white and bright yelow satin maids dress,so lovely so frilly like me.
Mistress Sue had arrived to and like Mistress she was dressed in a stunning 50s style dress,so there we were two frilly sissies in sissy heaven.
After our introductions we were set with our tasks Mistress of course emphasising that she expected perfection from us both,and if 1 failed we would both be punished for the mistakes.
I was sent straight away for the butter platter as I was owed a spanking again for being early,so as pansy and Mistress Sue watched I was bent over Mistress knee dress petticoats up panties down and spanked hard.
Then sent to get on with my food preperation,and I did help pansy a lot to,I prepared finger sandwiches and some nice nibbles to and after some very special cream cakes.
Pansy had set a really lovely table,and she served so well to,both Mistress's did so love the lunch but we were both spanked for nattering in the kitchen.
After lunch we both had to ready Mistress's boudoir and make it look as pretty as we could.
We were then told to leave the room and wait to be called,and when we were called in both of us were told to lay on the bed side by side,whilst my hands and legs were tied so were pansies.
Then with there petticoats silky nylons Both Mistres's set about teasing and tantalising us,and feeling and seing my stunning Mistress sat on me in her satin was driving me mad,as i kissed her petticoats her nyloned sheathed legs and her thighs,then being swallowed up up the skirt of my Mistress engulfed in acres of petticoats OH MY!!!! pure heaven and of course frustration.
At this point Mistress found out a weakness of mine she had not known,that my feet were very ticklish.
Now this was not a good thing to tell Mistress,as I was then set about by Mistress and Mistress Sue my shoes taken off and both of them sat on me and tickled me way past me begging them to stop.
Well they would'nt and Oh my how close i came to wetting myself well very lol.
I could not stop laughing which Mistress loved so much,pansy was getting this treatment,and we had a lovely few hours worshipping two stunning Mistress's
After the lovely pansy had left I carried on in service firstly clearing up all the ropes etc then setting the table for Dinner and I spent that evening serving Mistress Mistress Sue Master and Vikki.
Which o so loved doing.and what went on in the kitchen that night late with Mistress Sue is a secret OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
More to folloiw soon about day two which was DEBAUCHED!!!!
Tuesday 24th Sept
OH MY!!!! talk about excited Mistress is taking me to Candy Girls tonight,I cannot wait<I do so love meeting new girls there,and also tonight Governess Emma is coming to so double WOW!!! My beautiful Mistress and my lovely Governess to.
And not only that but My dear lovely friend slave jane was coming up frojm kent to be with us,and i could not wait to see her again.
I had a idea how Mistress would be dressing me but I am never fully sure,as She does change her mind often.
And after a long hot soak in the bath,there waiting was Mistress with a complete latex outfit,that we had been putting together over the last few weeks,a pink and white short latex maids dress,white frilled latex panties,white latex stockings,and white long latex glovesbut these were special as you could see my red nail varnish through them,and with this also a new white latex collar ans a leash.
with my make up done,it was time to slip ir shall I say squeeze no no second thoughts slip into my latex outfit,Mistress and I did so laugh as i was dressed bit by bit,as anyone who wears latex knows,that so intense feeling you get in it,.like a second skin,also the feeling when your wearing it and Mistress ran her fingers over my dress and stockings,it just seems to send electric shocks through my body WOW!!! I am loving latex.
Once I was dressed,Mistress was getting ready so I went down to present myself to Master for his approval,Well I can say from his reaction he did so so love it which is so importsant to me.
and then GOODNESS me Mistress appeared looking so stunning,a truly beautiful Lady,and my Governess to WOW!!! I am one so lucky sissy.
Off we went to Candy girls,and again thank you to all the girls I met there again,you always make it so special and so much fun.
I always feel so much pride as I walked into Candy with Mistress leading me,It is such a honour to be her sissytoy.
Slave jane was there in PVC and looking lovely as always,now those who dont know jane was Mrs silks maid for many years,and I am Mistress Elaine's maid and sisstoy so we have lots inm common.
Mistress had lots of fun having me dance for her,including some pole dancing,think I need practice there lol.
Also Mistress tied me up and spanked me with a strap and paddle and cane she had brought alongOUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,my nipples to got some attention,and also I had a otk spanking which seem to please the audience watching,and Mistress loved it to.
Mistress really loves going to Candy girls and we are there again in November so watch out.
A room Mistress does love taking me is the infamous dark room,well we found a new part of it this time,and OH MY!!! what went on in there!!! they are so X rated and I know some of you are underage (smles) so won't go into detail but let me say,I think i pleased a few people in there,well I hope I did xx.
And I must just say when we got back home taking off the latex was a very intresting feeling,I was soaking wet brrrrrrrrrrrr a lovely cold feeling as the air reaches the slin.
Wednesday 25th September.
Now this was to be a Mistress and me day,just the two of us all day,and that is always so very special.
So though a late night well early morning home from Candy Girls,I was up early to do my morning chores,and get Mistress and Master breakfast in bed.
So clean kitchen,hoover lounge etc do washing up prepare two sliver breakfast trays,this I so love doing.
Mistress had decided we were going to have a 50s style morning and lunch,So Mistress dressed me in my lovely blue and white polka dot hell bunny dress,with two 3 layer white petticoats(pure heaven a lovely lace bra and panties,tan nylons,As a lot know I so love the 50s look,to me it was the most feminine era.
With my make p and hair done,Mistress took me to see myself in the full length mirror,and again OH MY!!! what a completley different look from last night.
There looking back at me was this girl from back in the 50s,and like all girls I can never resist having a few swishes of my skirts (well a lot of swishes actually).
And I want again to show Master to see if he approved and OH YES again he so loved this look to mmmmmm.
Mistress appreared then and she was in this so lovely black hell bunny dress with black petticoats,STUNNING so so feminie,thus began our girly morning,where we chatted as girls do talked about our future visits to Candy Girls and what we would get up to,even I was shocked lol.
We then prepared lunch side by side,and sat and ate and chatted and chatted,we even managed to get Master to serve us some wine lol.
I know I could have sat there all day chatting but Mistress had a different plan for the afternoon.
Talk about feeling so different emotions in one day.
The afternoon was to be a very intense one in the P room!!!!,now that stands for play or punishment room,and today it was to be I would experience a lot of emotions.
Mistress had undressed down to her underwear and out a short satin nightie on as she knows how much satin drives this sissy wild.
The tone had changed Mistress was now very strict and very demanding in her words and actions,I was undressed down to my panties nylons and heels,and told to kneel before her,as she sat crossed legged in her leather high back easy chair,her so sexy sheer nyloned legs right before me face.
Mistress told me She was going to spank me hard and long to empahisis my postion as her pet her toy her sissy.
My first spanking was otk hand and a selection of paddles,laying over her satin clad knees was pure heaven but also a lot of fear came in to,as the spanking started,with Mistress having me say what I was and what my position was,spamk after spank fell,and no matter how I wriggled Mistress strong hold kept me in place.
After over 100 spanks and my bottom spo very red and warm i was told to stand up and bend over the bench,where i was secured and caned,and Mistress so loves to tell me though my botton goes red I do not mark easily and she loves that.
If my bottom was not hot enough,Mistress rubed some special cream into it and OH MY!!! talk about burning.
Ahgain i was set free for some foot and leg worship,which I so love doing,and Mistress decided to to face sit me for some panty worship,more heavely devine feelings and still so so frustrating as I was still locked in chastity.
I was then layed on my back on the bench,with my legs strapped to the ceiling chains,as Mistress had decide she was going to use her strap on and take me.
I was so begging then for release from my chastity,and suddenly Mistress unlocked me and set me free,but what followed was the catch for my release,nipples clamps were attached to my nipples and a long rope was tight about my P____S,and i was told there you want to rub then do,Buit OH MY the pain as it pulled after trying for a long time I begged Mistress to re lock me which she did with a big smile and such a wicked look,what else went on I have decided to well leave out but it was so intense and went on for another few hrs.
Thusday 26th Sept
Well a not so early start today,but up to do my household chores,as usual clean kitchen etc and get Mistress and Master breakfast in bed,I do so love doing this its great preparing two silver trays with little added items to brighten it up and make them both smile.
Now Mistress this time had a new coffee machine OH MY NO!!!!!!!! shock horror as it has taken me 3 yrs to master the old one after a few well shall I say blanks I did it I made one.
Well today was to be a duo day with the lovely Louise who I had not seen in ages,so I was very excited at seeing her again.
I as usual had no idea of what I would be wearing and what the plan for the day would be,sitting there as Mistress did my make up and hair is always so lovely,and though the day was I beleive to be a very serious day,the make up etc is always a lovely time to chat.
There it was the dress I was to wear for the day with Louise a very short full puff sleeved white satin and beautiful yellow lace,under this a three layered petticoat white frilly panties tan stockings and waist corset mmmmmm I felt amazing could not wait to see myself in the mirror.
OH MY!!!! yes yes I so loved what was looking back at me,the lace really brought the dress to life and the brightness really made you smile.
Mistress really loved it and had done my hair up again which I so love,after like always spending a while looking at myself,I went down to present myself to Master,he said I looked amazing and that always means a lot,mind you he did say he needed his sunglasses on as the lace was so bright lol.
Mistress had told me while she was getting the lovely Louise ready, I was to look after Master in anyway he wished OH YUMMY!!! no no see I know what your thinking,I just made sure he had a coffee and a few biscuits thats all (smiles ).
Mistress came down and then Louise and OH MY!! she was in really the same style dress but in bright pink now with both of us stood side by side that was a very bright sight.
We both went to the kitchen and caught up on what we had been up to since we last met,then we were sumoned to the Lounge by the ring of the bell.
Mistress and Master were sat on the sofa,and Mistress then outlined how the day would run.
Louise and I were to do them a special lunch.
Louise was to set out the dining room and set the table and decoarate them in a way she knew Mistress and Master would love,then she was to serve the lunch,Now I must say Louise is a very special made who loves to give a perfect service.
My job was to prepare and cook the 3 course lunch (gulps ) and like these cooking programmes
A time was set for all this to be ready and if it was not we would both be punished.
This was a very serious service day where our duty was to pamper and make Mistress ans Master feel extra special in all ways.
So we both hurried off to set about our tasks,as Louise set about hers I was prepared some special canopes For Mistres and Master,and of course we both helped each other as much as we could.
Next was the main course which was to be sirlion steak,crushed baby new potatoes,mushrooms and mixed veg.
I must say that at this point onre eye was on my cooking and the other on the clock,as time seemed to be going so fast,also at the same time I was preparing the sweet which was to be cheesecake topped with manderins with a special homemade orange clotted cream.
All went well but because of me we were running ten mins late.
Louise really did the most lovely table setting and as my cooking reached its crescendo and knowing once Mistress and Master took there seats all had to be quiet in the kitchen.
Well I can tell you now Louise did really a truly perfect silver service,and my food seem to be going down well.
after sweet was served then coffee, Louise and myself were both summoned to the dining room,Mistress and Master were very full of praise for us both for the lovely service and food
and she had found it so very hard to fault either of us.
Now me being late serving up was in need of being dealt with,so both myself and Louise were sent to the P room to wait.
We were both stripped to our undies and I was placed over the block and spanked,after which Mistress asked me to assist her putting her strap on, on with Master watching I did this and then I was told to kneel and please Master,as Mistress used the strap on on me and as Mistress had unlocked me Louise was well you know to me.
Then after a time we changed posotions and Louise was put in the same position as me OH MY!!!
What else went on that long mmmmmmmm afternoon again is CENSORED!!! but read more about it on Mistress's site.
WellI have spent another 3 amazing days with Mistress
Monday 12th August.
Mistress had asked me to help her with a girl who wanted some maid training,now I do as you all know love doing duo days as I so love meeting new girls and helping them all i can,and also assisting Mistress would be a great honour,my day started with me doing my chores of cleaning the floors and making sure all was in place for this lovely new girl to arrive.
Mistress had decided to dress us both in pink,and as always to sit there as Mistress did my make up and got me ready is truly such a lovely feeling,where you are totally transformed into a pretty sissy.
After she had finished getting me ready I could not wait to see myself in the full size mirror,I call it the Alice mirror as when I see myself I feel like i am in sissy wonderland sissy heaven,and OH MY,looking back at me was this very pink soft sissy.
Whilst the new girl who wa called Doris was got ready by Mistress I went about some more chores i.e hanging the washing out and tidying up in the house.
Meeting Doris was realy so lovely she was a very sweet girl and really so easy to get on with,after showing Doris around Mistress asked us to serve her a light lunch which Doris did so very well i only had to help her a little bit and for her first time I was so impresseed so was Mistress,and the main thing Mistress likes she smiled a lot and thats so lovely.
It was a realy lovely day of pampering and looking after Mistress and serving her correctly.
Doris I do hope I can meet you again and you looked really lovely xx.
Tuesday 13th August.
After waking up in my nightie and tidying up my room,I went downstairs and did my chores again and got Mistress's breakfast ready to take up to her in bed.
Mistress told me then today was to be a totally different day,It was to be a very very strict intense day,I was to serve again with a girl I had not met before but Mistress did know,and she was into pain and humiliation.
Again I was dressed as a french maid but this time the dress was black and blue,I must admit it is one of my fav maids dresses so so pretty,Mistress was very quiet as she prepared me telling me sternly that I was to obey her totally today and not question her at all.
One of the worrying things was earlier that day Mistress had received a new set of spanking tools which I knew she was dying to try out (ouch).
Mistress as always looked so stunning in a oh so tight skirt and satin blouse,which was causing a lot of problems for me in my chastity.
Again we were like matching sissy fremnch maids as we stood before Mistress in the lounge as she sat and outlined the day to us both,I know we were both very nervous hearing what was instore for us,and with Mistress's words about any mistakes would be dealt with severly,we went to the kitchen to do coffee and to get to know each other better.
It was not long before I was being scolded over Mistakes of the new girl as Mistress had told us one makes a mistake you both get punished.
After serving coffee Mistress took us both upstairs to the P room as she had decided she wanted to have some fun and yes she was in a very wicked mood as I could tell from the glint in her eyes,that told me we were in for a long session.
The first thing Mistress did was to have me lay a black plastic sheet on the bathroom floor,and report back to the P room the new girl was stood in the corner where Mistress had put her dress up panties down to knees.
We were called then to the bathroom where Mistress explained she would shave us both,though of course I am always smooth she wanted to do this to shame as both in front of each other,so laying there as each other watched we were shaved and I was relocked in my chastity.
We were then told to wait in the P room,we both stood nervously,not sure what was next when Mistress entered the room I had a good idea as her blouse and skirt had gone and she was in her beauitful lingerie.
Mistress had me bend over the horse and present my bottom for her to try out her new spanking toys, and Mistress I can say without hesitation they all work very well as my very red bottom showed by the end of trying each one out.
Now it was the turn of the new girl to recive the same as I watched her,I must admit I felt every spank she received to.
Mistress then sent the new girl to change into her punishment uniform of which I had no idea of what that was.
Whilst she was out of the room i was fitted with wrist and ankle cuffs and my wrsit strapped up to the chains in the celing and Mistress then had me lay on my back on the spanking horse,she then attached my ankle cuffs to those chains to so my legs were up open wide,I then watched Mistress slowly put her strap on on herself all the time smiling at me,what happened next i will leave to your own conclusion.
After what seemed so long the new girl appeared,in latex stockings a latex skating skirt and white blouse she was told to watch as it would be her turn very soon.
After taking her pleasure with me i was let down but then secured to the post,as i watched the girl take a even bigger strap on than me
Mistress then decided to play a game with us both and we were both untied and made to kneel before her,we were to pick out of a bah a coloured dice.
each colour related to punishment or shaming implements in the P room, as we shook the dice what ever number came up related to the rack of implents there,which would be usec on us.
Well Mistress told me never to go to Vegas as I lost every one and had to pay with a lot of paddling cropping and whipping.
After the game I was tied to the post again whilst Mistress spanked the new girl so hard,as Mistress was doing that she wa teasing me so much,as she had again unlocked me from my chastity,I could not help getting so so excited as Mistress had by then put on a long satin nightie and slip so as she spanked the girl she pushed herself onto my helpless tied body maling sure the satin carressed over my very excited erection.
Warning me all the time that I was not to orgasm,I was sqirming and wriggling so much trying to get free from my bounds after so so long in chasity I was so in need.
Well what else went on that afternoon I have to censor,but to say the new girl was punished hard and was so lucky as she got to well you know what.
Myself as Mistress stood before me in satin saying to me that my excitement better subside or it would be caned,which once soft even with my pleading she re locked.
In the evening I helped Mistress Master and Vikki set up the rooms for Ladies day on the wednesday
and I helped Mistress perfect the milk shakes we were to make mmmmm loved that we did some of the food prep to and ran through how the day would run.we didnt finsish to midnight and I went to bed in my pretty frilly nightie one tired sore sissy,but also so happy to.
Wednesday the 14th August.
Of course Ladies days are always very busy so a very early start,I was up at 6 am downstairs cleaning the kitchen lounge etc and setting out more decorations for the day,I was like always so excited about the day,and my mind was full of all the things I had to do,thses days are so special and Mistress likes them to go perfectly,and of course I do all I can to take the strain and pressure of her.
For this day sadly we were a maid down so there was myself,jane,and katie now katie had come all the way from Australia to be with us which was so amazing and shows how much Mistress is thought of through out the world.
After all my chores were done it was time for me to report to Mistress to be got ready,Mistress as always took so much care in my hair and make up and if you look at her site you will see all the maids wore a 50s style black flowered dress with layers of white petticoats,I do so love 5os look so I felt so at home in my lovely outfit.
The theme for this Ladies day was to be like a afternoon tea similar to you get at the Ritz etc,so we had transformed the dinining room into this and had 5 table of two chairs for the guest.
Now as always the guest are so important,and Mistress is so proud to show the Ladies that attend how well trained we all are.
This Ladies day was to be attended by of course Mistress,Governess Emma,Mistress Sue,Madame Caramel,Miss Deviant,Miss Talia,and two oh so lovely Tv Ladies who were joining the Ladies.
So you can imagine that is a lot of very demanding Ladies to please.
The very special thing again this time was Master was with me in the kitchen OH MY!!! how yummy,well he knew how to keep us on our toes,everything was ready now we were just waiting for the Ladies to make there amazing entrance then each of us had to present our self to them and introduce ourselves.
Of course as always Mistress look so so stunning so so beautiful in the dress she had made and worn to Ascot,and all the other Mistress's to had entered into the 50s theme specially Mistress Sue,who was wearing a lovely dress which between you and me i so wanted well I still do lol.
The tea service went very well all ran smoothly,well apart from Miss Deviant and Governess Emma fiddling with a certain maid as she served tea and sandwiches,hands up my dress i can tell you is very distracting lol.
And after that being in the kitchen with Master well what went on out there is my secret lol All the Ladies so loved the tea,and after it we had some well jiving to keep the 50s theme flowing,so there was myself and lovely Katie from Australia who did so so well really was a star dancing skirts petticoats swishing and then Mistress joined us OH MY!!!! what a honour,and seeing Mistress so enjoy her day was like always my main priority.
Now after all the hectic service of tea it was a relax time where the Mistress's were pampered with foot massages and well looked after.
Now Mistress had decided that she wanted to demonstrate even more spanking toys that had arrived that morning,now I wonder if you can guess who was selected to be taken to the P room to try them on Katie no,Jane no Fiona no,Stephanie yes yes yes.
Now i did have a feeling this may happen so earlier in the day I had sneaked upstairs and pinned a notice on the P room door saying it was out of order due to snow,now as this was one of the warmest days of the year not a good plan lol but it did make them all laugh.
I had also taken a doctors note saying that I could not be spanked due to my Bottom being left to medical sceince well that ended up in the bin to OH MY!!.
Anyway there I was in the p room strapped over the bench dress petticoats up as each implement was tried out to see there effect with the Mistress's watching and trying them out to,so I can tell you the effect OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!! They do work Mistress very well to.
After my spanking i was set free well to do some more lovely chores for certain Mistress's well no chores is not the right word PLEASURE IS.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with me pleasing a few of the Mistress's in a very special way, I was being used as there play thing there toy a sexual toy who all through it was kept locked and denied my pleaseure was to give the Mistress's pleasure.
Again due to censor rules lol all that went on well maybe I will tell all in my book (smiles).
A very special day a lovely day,I would like to thank Katie and Jane who helped me serve and of cours all the Beautiful Mistress's who we served.
Friday 26th July.
Oh my what a week it has been, I spent three amazing days with Mistress and what diverse days they were to.
Monday 22nd July
Was the first day with Mistress and this was to be a new experience really for me,I was to help Mistress with another sissy that was coming to see her,Mistress wanted me to be and act like her wicked older sister.
Now of course it would not be right to give out that girls name,but oh my what a pretty sissy girl she was and had such a sweet lisp to.
I of course helped her get to know where things were in the house and Mistress had asked me to write a swet verse that the lovely sissy could recite to us both.
Now of course this is usually what i have to do,so was very strange for me to do that,but of course I did as my Mistress wished and wrote the verse.
Well she had 30 mins to learn it before she had to stand on the patio in the lovely sunshine and recite it word for word.
We were both dressed in pink for the day,in very short frilly satin party dresses,with pink net and lace petticoats ruffled panties to and hair bows.
Well oh my she did make a few mistakes,but Mistress and I so lived how she did it she was forgiven those.
But after some lunch Mistress had me tell her she had to do a dance in the garden using two scarfs, seeing her practice this in the bright sunshine in such a pretty frilly dress was so lovely.
Mistress and I sat in the garden and Mistress put some lovely classical music on
And OH MY what a prettty dance she did for us,in fact she had two encores.
It was a very fun lovely day,which we all so loved.
Tuesday 23rd July
Now this was again was a very different day,of course my first duty on getting up was to prepare Mistress her breakfast,which i did and took up to her bedroom on her silver tray.
My next duty of the day was to clean the kitchen floor and lounge and hallway,and to make sure everything was eaxactly in place,as Mistress is a true perfectionist.
Mistress dressed me in a traditional black satin french maids uniform for the day (pics to follow)
And Mistress explained to me what sort of day it was to be.
As I stood before Mistress said to me that the girl today had requested a very Debaunced day
We spent some of the day serving Mistress.
But I must say most of the day was spent upstairs in the punishment room amd the bedroom,where we were both tied tight then made to perform on each other.
Whilst Mistress sat and watched,and of course she did join in to tease us even more,I was unlocked to from my chastity the first time in ages and teased and teased and tesased but denied the pleasure of a orgasm, and I was relocked whilst the other girl enjoyed herself totally.
All what went on that day i cannot say as I am sure the censors would take it out.;et us say a very naughty naughty wicked day of play.
Now the evening of the day was of course be Mistress and I first trip to Candy Girls,and talk about excited I am not sure who was the most excited myself or Mistress.
Master had cooked us a lovely dinner,well a lovely barbecue in the garden,with me and Mistress chatting about what I was going to wear and also what Mistress was going to wear.
Mistress had decided earlier on in the day what was to be my look
I was to go as a 50s girlie and OH MY i do so so love the look,so after doing my make up and hair to perfection,i was put in a white lace and silk all in one,over which Mistress had decided i was to wear very high gloss shee tights.but over those pink fishet tights to and white shoes
My dress was a pink and white Hell Bunny dress,with a halter neck and a very full skirt,under which i wore two 3 layered net petticoats.
A wide dark pink leather belt went around my waist,and a dark pink cardigan went on my shoulders
I wore white lace fingerless gloves to and carried a white handbag,which Mistress had told me to put 10 condoms in OH MY!!!.
I felt so amazing and seeing myself in the mirror fully dressed brought me so close to tears,twars of such joy,Mistress had again made me look so so lovely.
The tension waiting as Mistress dressed was so intense to,and then she appeard OH MY looking so so stunning in aq short very tight dress in black,now I wont tell you more than that (what a tease) as there will be pics here soon.
She looked STUNNING a true beauty as she always is now what we did will follow later.
Master took some pics of us all ready to go,and then he was so kind he drove us to Candy girls,well we were both so excited by then
I must say as we walked into the club,we were both so unsure what to expect but we were so very well welcomed,and as soon as we walked in we were made to feel so very welcomed,I know everyone was so knocked out by how lovely Mistress looked,we were to greeted by the lovely steffi x who was so nice to us,and spent a lot of the evening with us.
Whilst we had a quick look around downstairs,I peeked into the entrance hall and OH MY what a lovely suprise,coming in the door was the wonderful Madame Caramel,and Miss Talia who had come to be with us that night.
We did a tour of the club,and all of us agreed it was really a very well set out lovely club so clean which is so great,what worried me there was so many dark rooms where so many naughgty things could go on.
Well it was not long before Mistress took me to the dark room,and had me please a Gentleman,which Mistress loved watching,the whole night was such fun,and I was taken to quyite a few of the rooms,and also chained up in the dungeon and spanked by Mistress and Madame Caramel.then my chastity was displayed to all those in the room,where i was then touched and teased.
Mistress had so much fun to and ended up spanking 4 other girls there which she so loved doing
Lol a bit of a shock for the girls as two of them had never been spanked before,well they know what its like now,steffi seem to like watching me being punished to,she is a lovely girl who i hope i will meet again soon.
Well sadly by 1.30 we had to leave,but WE WILL BE BACK lol Mistress so so loved it there,and be warned next time she is bringing some of her toys with her!!!.
Thank you again to all those i met there and to all those lovely compliments you gave me.
Wednesday 24th July
Well another very different day,was instore for me today was to be a Mistress and Master day,I was to be there toy there play thing.
After my morning chores,Mistress told me i was to report to her upstairs.
Mistress was in a very strict mood and i was sat on the stool as she did my make up,she had told me to stay quiet,in the first part of the day I was told I was to be there frilly sissy plaything,and Mistress proceeded to dress me as a prissy sissy like in the cartoons.
And she decided i was to do a show for them in the garden,the same as the sissy had done on monday,but that was after I had spent some time in the cage in the garden.
The dance I had to do was so shaming in front of my Master,It amused Mistress and Master so much though.
Now the second part of the day was so different again,I was taken upstairs again and step by step transformed into a latex doll,in a pink latex dress and white latex stockings,a pink collar and pink cuffs.
I was blindfolded and layed ojn the floor as Mistress got ready,after lots of teasing by Mistress who wore a silk long dress,which she sat on me encased my head in.
I was taken to the bedroom tied blindfolded again and toyed and teased till i was so so excited,but again denied a orgasm,I had to worship both my Mistress and Master totally.
What fully went on that day I cannot say lets say,I was used as a latex plaything and my purpose was to please my Mistress and Master.
I have been told there is more latex to come and my journey will intenseify.
Friday 19th July
Now i am on the countdown to seeing my Mistress for 3 days of heaven,and im so so excited about going to Candy Girls hope to meet some of you there please please do come and say hello to us,Mistress is very excited to. xx
OH MY!!! not long now till Candy girls on July 23rd can't wait so excited about going so is Mistress
She cannot wait to meet as many lovely girls as she can,I am very excited and nervous to,not sure what I will be wearing yet,as Mistress has not told me.
I am here counting the days down till I meet some of you. xxx
Mistress and myself will be at Candy Girls on July 23rd love to see you all.please do come say hello
would love to see as many as we can.
Mistress and I are so excited to be going to our first candy girls,do please let me know if you can come.xx
July 6th
Thank you so so much to all the lovely people that voted for me xxx it has meant a lot to me and I feel I would love to thank you all one by one xxx
June 27th
I am so so amazed I am still number one,it is all so special that you love my pic so,as lots of you have said I look so happy in it,well I am so very happy and so contended,being owned by the beautiful Mistress Elaine,and Mistress and I will be going to candy girls on July 23rd this year and we would so love to meet lots of the girls from here,and I can thank you personally to,it will be lovely to meet the girls I chat to,I am so excited about this and so is Mistress.
Thank you again as there is so many oh so pretty mature girls in the charts to xxx
June 23rd
Still cannot beleive I am still number one,you are all so kind to vote for me,really lovely of you,I am so proud and Mistress is so pleased and happy.
It is inspiration and and care that makes me look so good,Thank you again you are all so lovely xx
June 18th 19th and 20th
I have been for last three days in sissy heaven
OH MY!!!! three amazing days with Mistress and Governess,and Master to goodness me talk about being on cloud nine, i am on cloud 900 floating on a sea of pure joy and bliss.
Three such diverse days with my Mistress who i adore so much.
As usual I had no idea what was planned for me,except I knew I would be meeting two new girls and one of the most special girls ever the lovely Crystal,who is so special and I know very well as I have done Ladies day with her.
So here are brief dexcriptions of my days.
Tuesday 18th day one
Seeing my Mistress again after what seemed like ages was so lovely,and as usual her stunning beauty shone,her face was lit up with a lovely smile, and dressed in a blue satin blouse and a tight pencil skirt showing off her stunning figure.
And of course to greet me to was Governess Emma who looked so lovely to and I could tell by her wicked smile it would be another day to remember.
Mistress told me it was to be a strict service day,and I knew full well that means perfection,and I was to prepare and serve a late lunch come afternoon tea,along with a new girl,who was very nervous,I told Mistress i would look after her.
Our dresses were to be a pink french maids matching of course,with layered petticoats,as always seeing myself in the mirror I was over whelmed in how Mistress can make me look so pretty.
As Sally Anne was dressed I was sent downstairs to do my chores.
After awhile Mistress introduced me to Sally Anne,who was so lovely and so sweet,I took her downstairs and explaine to her our duties for the day.
Well talk about a day being turned on its head well this was it,Sally anne was a pure joy and so much fun,that the day turned from one of strict service to one of service yes but also fun and lots of giggling to.
Though I was spanked very hard otk to start with and then caned to to remind me of my position.
Sally Anne helped me prepare the lunch and srerve it to Mistress and Governes,they were very impressed with our service and attention to detail in laying the table etc.
And they were very happy and had lots of fun as we served them,as Mistress says good service is so important but also so is a happy maid that makes her smile.
After tea we all retired to Mistress's room where I was tied tightly and teased relentlessy as Mistress had unlocked my chastity,teased by Mistress Governess and Sally anne,I was told very strictly I was not allowed to orgasm,Sally Anne was but I was locked back up and denied.
A truly amazing day with a lovely new girl I hope I will see again,Sally Anne loved the day.
Wednesday 19th day two.
Waking up in my nightie and collar is always a joy,and OH MY was a certain part of me aching in its locked cage,trying to break out but unable to.
I went downstairs and started my chores,and preparing Mistress and Master's breakfast as I serve that in bed to them both.
I checked the trays to make sure evrerything was set out correctly then served it to them.
Then got on with my house chores of hoovering dusting and tidying up,I do so love doing these as it makes it all so real.
Mistress and Master then called me up told me today was to be a very naughty day where me and Crystal were to be the sex toys,the play things of them all where we would be used and made to please and worship.
I was to be in a lovely yellow satin french maids outfit and crystal was to be in a peach one,againlooking at myself in the mirror a feeling of contentment of total servitude came over me.
Now what went on that day is well far to naughty to appear here,but do look at Mistress'ssite
Crystal and I were taken on this amazing journey and experince of being cuckolds WOW
And also a new experince of a male slave being there who we had to please to,let me just say the day was very full and so many emotions and feelings were experienced.another day in paradise and being with Crystal is always such fun and a great pleasure.
A oh so so so naughty decadant day where bounderies were pushed wider apart,Mistress says there is more to come of this.
Thursday 20th Day three.
Again waking up feeling so girly so controlled is pure heaven,doing my chores again,sadly burning Master's toast which earned me a otk spanking OUCH!!!!.
Today again a new girl was coming Jessica and she was so very nervous Mistress said but there is no need to be as Mistress is so caring and looks after new girls so well.
Now today was to be a fashion show for Mistress and Governess,now what this entails is Mistress and Governess chose which girl to dres and how they will dress.
After having our make up done I met the lovely Jessica we were each in satin robes,a truly lovely wonderful girl,so very pretty to we chatted and i told her to relax enjoy the day and have fun.
Mistress had picked me to dress and off we went to the dressing room,now what I was to wear I had no idea,but Mistress did of course.
My first look was to be young Paris,well where Mistress gets her ideas from is always so exciting after putting thick beige patterned tights on with brown shorts the look was taking shape and with my new wig OH MY yes yes yes amazing.
My second look was to be dinner on a cruise linerl,A long black silken cocktail dress with a satin boned corset over it to accentuate my figure,and pink satin gloves to really contrast the colours,I could not beleive how I looked,I was stunned with how differnt I looked and also how I felt in this log tight dress walking up and down the hall many times loveing how it felt,I felt like I wanted to go right out the door and have dinner.
My third look was to be the swinging sixties look but with a twist now this I will not tell you about as pics will appear soon so tell me what you think.
So there you are a brief outline of my three days and WOW WOW WOW so so lovely so diverse so sexy so feminine and so controlled which I so adore.
Thank you Mistress xx thank you Master Thank you Governess and thank you to Crystal and Sally Anne and Jessica.
June the 20th
I cannot beleive I am still number!!! thank you from my heart all those that have or are voting for me,you are all so kind and lovely,It is so lovely to know so many of you xx
june 7th
OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow wow wow thank you to everyone,I am number one what can I say,but the biggest thank you ever to all those who voted xxxx
I am so knocked out and proud to be Number 1,Mistress is to she is so happy for me xxx
Monique to who is s special to me xxx she is so pretty to a really lovely girl.
Thank you again to you all xxxx
The dress im wearing is so so special to me Mistress gave it to me on my birthday,specially made for me what a lucky girl i am to be owned by Mistress Elaine,I cannot thank her enough for all she does for me and how proud I am to wear her collar and how happy I am.
June 17th
Wow still number one!!!!! thank you so so much to all of you for voting for me xx,I have been really over whemled with the response,you are all so kind.
Everyone says how happy and contended I look,and how my smile beams out,well it is because I have truly the most wonderful Mistress in the world.
All my happiness comes from serving Mistress Elaine,wearing her collar with such pride.
I have met so many special friends here on chix,I think this is the best site for us girls and has done so much for us.
So a big thank you to all of you who operate this site. xxx
June 6th
OH MY!!!
What a lovely suprise I am number 2 in the chart xxx I would like to say thank you so much to all those who have voted for me,
I have met so so many lovely friends in here,and love chatting to you and some of you I have even met which i do so love doing.
It is so special to me you all like me and my dress,of course me looking that lovely is all down to Mistress Elaine,she always makes me look my best and her choice of my hair and dress.
I am so so lucky to be owned by the most wonderful Mistress ever.
I am so proud to be owned by her and wear her collar,and be her sissy,Mistress has me in the most lovely dresses and uniforms,and of course at times now the latex look.
Thank you again for voting for me,you have made me so so happy xxxx stephy xxx
June 2nd
Well here we are now in sunny june,and getting very excited as in a few weeks I will be meeting a lovely new girl i met here at Mistress's,and I cant wait she seems so lovely and we met here on this lovely site,I am sure we will be in for a most exciting and naughty day(smiles).
And also Mistress has decided she loved me so much in the latex,that soon there will be more pics of me in latex so do watch out as this will be a different colour(so excited but i must keep the secret).
I had so so many responses to my latex pics thank you all,It was as I say a new look for Stephy,but dont worry I will be staying my frilly self a lot to,and also the repomses to my new profile pic of me in my new dress Mistress made me for my Birthday have been amazing,It is such a pretty dress and I so adore wearing it.
It seems you all do to so thank you again for all your kind comments,I am so so proud to be owned by Mistresss Elaine and wear her collar so proudly.
Do watch out as new pics will be coming soon,and thank you to all my lovely friends I chat to here you are all so special to me xx
I would like to share with you a poem I wrote for my Mistress I hope you like it.
The Dream Catcher
Bring me your dreams your fantasies
Said the dark hair Goddess to me
Tell me all what is your mind
Said the Goddess who seemed so kind
What is it you wish to be
Asked This Goddess I had come to see
Her spell her beauty had brought me to this place
I had seen many times in my dreams the beauty of her face
I felt so safe so secure
When this Goddess greeted me at her door
She sat chatted with me awhile
I could sense her understanding see it in her smile.
Was this what I had been searching for all these years
Had I found my heaven after so many tears
Tears of denial tears of shame
I knew all my life who i wanted to be
I felt now with this Goddess I could let that person out of me
Yes I had found what at times I thought would only ever be fantasy
I had found my Mistress who could bring out what was inside of me
Something so special was in her face
Something so special in those brown eyes
I knew I felt I was in a special place
So many years seemed to have past
What for years I had searched for
I knew I had found my true Mistress at last
The Mistress of my dreams I had found for sure
I was now with Mistress I had dreamt of for years
Now I was happy I was Stepanhie so no more tears.
Please do tell me what you think of my new profile pic it was a first for me and Mistress
May 2nd
OH MY what a truly amazing day and night this has been,a day,a day and night of so so many sensations,emotions and feelings,everyhting we did seem so so intense and i was as always in dreamland in this wonderful fantasy world where all can come true and does.
The start of the day as always full of so many thougths of what the day would bring as always I never know what Mistress has planned for me,only Mistress and her lovely wicked mind know that,well and Master of course,who greeted me with this bigh smile and a OH MY!!! stephanie if you knew what was instore for you and gave that wicked laugh he has.
I was summoned straight away to Mistress who was up in the P Room(punishment room),what I saw as i walked in the door was this Stunning Vision of beauty in a figure hugging red satin dress.
Mistress looked sternly at me and with a wicked smile she proceeded to make my bottom very red indeed to remind me of my postion and role as her sissytoy.
As you know from my Ladies day diary Mistress had made me a new sissy dress as a birthday gift which had been unveiled on Ladies before all the Mistres'es and girls.
forget Paris fashion launches that day was far more amazing,well today was the day I was to wear my new dress.
And OH MY!!!!!!!! It is the presttiest dress ever,as Mistress says it is so so me so sissy,seeing myself in it in the big mirror,the Alice mirror I call it as looking back at me was this sissy in this amazing dress,tears as always did well up in my eyes,tears of such happiness and joy and relising how lucky I am to have the best Mistress in the world.
The afternoon was spent with me being stephanie serving and amusing Mistress,I did say I would have been happy to go out the front door and skip down the road,why i say these things they do come true!!!!!.
Now the evening was to be well if its possible more amazing but first I served Mistress and a rather poorly Master drinks in the beautiful garden,and stephy seems to love being out as Master says in the sunshine in that dress I seem to bloom,mind you Master has said he will one day dress me as a sissy flower and plant me in flower pots in the garden And I know he will do it one day.
We were that night supposed to be going to Madame Caramel's lovely Club black whip to celebrate this Lovely Ladies birthday,but sadly due to Master being poorly it was thought best not to.
So my role for the evening and night was to lay the dinner table with a chinese theme to it,as I was to serve Mistress and Master Dinner.
What was to be a first for me I was to be totally in latex,there latex maid there latex toy for the night
As you can see from my new pic that is how I was dressed and served them both that night,Latex dress stockings gloves etc.
And as you can see from that pic look closely at my collar and my necklace I am wearing,as again that night what it says on that sliver necklace,was again reinforced I was there toy.the rest of what happened I will leave to your own immagination.
So Thank you Mistress and Master for as always for the amazing time I spent with you,and to all of you please note I have written this from 8 miles high as i am still so so high xx
April 11th 2013
Well another amazing Ladies day as I said before this was the 14th one and Mistress has said truly the best so far.
These Ladies days have grown so so much over the last few years,and now really is a special event to attend,places at these days do go so quickly as It is becoming the place to be seen.
The theme of this one was hollywood and OH MY!! such stunning outfits were worn by the five Mistrese's and 3 Tv Mistres'es who attended and Mistress Elaine had as always made the most devine maids outfits for the 4 maids there who all looked so so pretty in black and pink,and they did work so hard so a big thank you to Monique,Crystal,Felecity and lovely Minnie.
As you can see the maids had 2 Mistress's each to look after and that is very hard task to do
Now usually at these days I am the cheffette lol so I am usually in the kitchen preparing the food etc,I am told I am a bit like a sissy certain swearing chef out there,I dont see it myself.
But this Ladies day there was to be a special treat for me,Mistress Elaine had told me I was to be the Hostess for the day,I would be running it makinf sure all went smoothly and everyone enjoyed the day and had fun.
I was to join the Mistress'es now for a shy sweet innocent sissy like me (yes I was describing myself lol ) this was a special treat for me as my birthday is coming up very soon.
My outfit for the day was the outfit in my profile pic,and I felt a million dollars to,Wow what a day so much fun first champagne cocktails,then all the maids did a catwalk in front of all the seated Ladies to collect there oscars and to find out who they would be serving,and then even stephanie had to do iThe walk to and at the end of my catwalk,Mistress Elaine asked me to stand beside as she told everyone It was soon to be my big?0 birthday (smiles not telling you my age ) after a Mistress had said so many really lovely things about me she unveiled to everyone a new sissy dress she had made me for my Birthday.
I was in tears from her speech and that was it Stephanie was in a flood of tears tears of such pride and happiness,the dress is so so pretty so sissy I cannot wait to wear it.
Everyone was thereof course my beautiful Mistress Elaine who looked STUNNING oh my Mistress you
made my heart as always skip a few beats in that dress.I am so so proud to be your sissy and wear
your collar with such pride
My wondreful Master Andy was there to and he is well shall I say rather mmmm, dressed like a certain sophiscated british secret agent,at one time I did think he was going to whisk me off in his Aston,but sadly It was in for a service that day and I did'nt know how to ride a bike side saddle lol
The lovely Governess Emma to who is very special indeed,Madame Caramel to who is so special to me to,Mistress Deviant and Madame Rouge you all Looked so stunning really so Glamorous.
And Then Miss Talia poole who is very special to along with Miss Linda and Miss Amanda.You all looked so stunning really did.
One of my tasks for the day was to check the maids appearences constantly now of course I put my whole heart into this you know adjusting petticoats stockings etc of course just to make sure they looked so smart not for my own pleasure (well ok a bit was lol).
The lunch went so very well and this time Master andy did the cooking well Master you were amazing and did so well xx.
Of course the most important thing for me was to make sure Mistress Elaine enjoyed herself which I hope I did well as seeing my Mistress happy is the most important thing in the world to me.
After the lunch was served It was time to relax more and to entertain the Mistress'es in that special way.
Now a ceratin sissy called stephanie was selected first and taken upstairs to the P room(punishment room) now I think this should be renamed the P.E Room (punishment and Entertainment).
I was undressed to my underwear and arms cuffs chained up legs to and blindfolded,now what went on in that room that afternoon was shall I say rather naughty,me at the mercy of 8 Mistress's no escape totally helpless teased and teased,all I will say is at one time there was four sisies in that room and 6 Mistress'es who were being well entertained!!!!!!.you need to look on Mistress's site to see more of the day.
The day was truly amazing really so special as always thank you to all who were there my wish is you all loved it like i did and always do.
To Mistress Elaine again I say such a big big thank you,the so hard work you put into these days is incredible,you put your heart and soul into everyone and all the girls thank you so much for having these lovely days.
And from me Mistress your Stephanie belle I say I do so adore being your sissy,your dolly your toy
Thank you for allowing me to be your hostess,I hope I made you proud and happy?as that is the most important thing to me,and Mistress thank you from the bottom of my heart for my lovely new dress it is truly a special birthday present.
Maid for Ladies Day
March 27th
Hello to everyone next month Mistress is holding one of her very special Ladies day
The date is in early April and Mistress is seeking a new maid to attend the day.
The day will be a lot of fun and are really a very special day indeed,where you would be dressed in one of the new maids dresses Mistress has made for the day.
Then you would be required along with 4 or 5 other maids to serve Mistress and at present another 5 Mistress'es two of which are Tv Mistress'es,the day is a amazing experince beleive me this is my 14th
Now there is only one place at present, So if you are intrested do contcat me here.
This a experience you will never forget,a place at one of these days is very rare indeed.
And I know what the new maids dresses for the day are like to (smiles).
And I wil be there of course so I will be able to meet you and maybe more
March 13th
It is now 12 months to the day that I first appeared on chix,I would like to thank all those over the last year I have met here,all so lovely to me and I have made some really good friends to.
You are all very special to me and I do love chatting to you and hopefully we can chat more in the future.
We all are special girls,and I wish you all a lovely year and never never give up on your dreams
Live your dreams and stay safe and well xxx
March 6th
Have just spent two amazing days with Mistress Master and Governess Emma
The first wonderful day I was introduced to a TV Domme Mistress is training.
Miss Linda was there to learn about how to be served by a sissymaid,Mistress had decided to dress me in my new polka dot 50s style dress with corset and 2 3 layered petticoats nylons and lace ankle socks.
The dress was so so lovely very 50s rock n roll style,my task for the day was to show Miss Linda what she should expect from a good maid.
My task was to do a english afteroon tea for Mistress,Governess and Miss Linda and to serve it in the lounge to them.
well I made a selection of sandwiches and cream cakes all presnted as well as i could,Of course my mistakes were dealt with by Mistress and the Governess,a over the sofa arm spanking with the butter platter (OUCH!!!).
It was a lovely afternoon to as as I did make all of them laugh to with my naughty bit of cheekiness,I was picked up on a few things to which I told them all I was showing Miss Linda how a maid should not behave (smiles).
After tea I was then taken to the P room so Miss Linda could see how to deal with a errant maid
What followed next well You will have to look on Mistress Elaine's site.
March the 7th
Thia day was so so in a way different, I was first to iron my 3 new dresses so Mistress could decide what I was to wear to club black whip that night.
And also to clean the house whilst Mistress was out,then on her return prepare and serve her breakfast.
The afternoon was spent being a toy to Mistress and another TV Mistress Miss Suzzane,I was used as there amusement played with teased tormented and punished.
I was wearing my latest necklace to which will be seen soon hear.
Then it was time for Mistress to get me ready for club black whip,I was my new white 50s dress with black polka dots and a halter neck top,under this was a aal in one black teddy,with black ruffled panties gloss bronze tights over those were a pair of Mistress tan stockings so double layer nylon mmmmmmmm and also lace anklets,black high heels and of course my collar.
My hair was platinum blonde and tied up with a chiffon polka dot scarf.
I felt a million dollars.
Coming with me to the club was to be dear Louise and she was in astuuning pink satin maids uniform.
Mistress looked stunning as always In a black cat suit,Master was in leather trousers
T know what went on at the club keep watching this space and look up the club black whip site to
March 3rd
This week a lot going on I have a busy week planned out for me by Mistrress,On wednesday Mistress is starting to train a new TV Mistress in the ways of a Domme,and i have been selected to carry out the training on OH MY!!! I think it will be a very hard strict day.
I can feel a vrery sore red bottom coming on.
Thurday Mistress has another TV Domme coming, Mistress Suzzane who I have served before and both Mistress and Miss Suzzane like to shame and tease me.
Then On thursday night I am being taken again to club black whip by Mistress and Master,Louise is coming to so should be a very special night.
Mistress has the 3 new hell bunny dresses I have bought for the night so she will decide on my look
I think though very retro and 50s it will be.
Will let you know what goes on and show pics I hope soon
Febuary 27 2013
I have embarked on this dream this journey
I am living a dream I am being who for years I wanted to be
For many years I seeked a dream and dreams cannot be bought
Then after a big part of my life I found what for years I had sought
I had searched for so many years
I had cried so so many tears
Then one day my dream did come true
I found my true Mistress,Mistress Elaine that is you
You have brought me alive I am sure you can tell
You have made me you have created Stephanie Belle
That person living so many years inside of me
Is at last free as she can be what she's always wanted to be
My smile and the happiness that shows on my face
Is because of the feeling and the beauty of satin a and lace
Stephanie belle is alive and so happy
Wearing the collar you placed on her and she is in this place she loves to be
With my Mistress at her side
Wearing your collar her head held with such pride
I never gave up on my search over those lost years
Never give up one day like me your perfect Mistress will appear
I am living my dream my fantasy
Febuary 21 2013
How honured I feel now to have made it into the top mature babes chart thank you to all of you who have voted on my pics It does mean so much to me.
Of course I would love to have made it into the younger catogory as I am really only 25 (opps no thats a dream lol)
I honestly do mean thank you you have made me feel so special,and its Mistress Elaine that makes me look that good and I so adore wearing her collar and serving her.
I am one very proud happy sissy
Febuary 6th 2013
Today is a very special day indeed as Mistress is holding a party to celebrate her birthday,There will be 4 Mistress'es present on this day and one TV Lady who will be with them.
serving these lovely Ladies will be myself,Louise,and Crystal,sadly poor Monique cannot be with us as she has injured her leg,We all miss her so much as she is so special and so lovely to be with.
Mistress dressed each of us in her fav look for each girl so I wore my dolly dress.
The day was so so wonderful we all did our maid duties, Louise layed a really wonderful table for lunch,Crystal who is so lovely to did the drinks service and I did the food side.
Mistress as always looked stunning in a really stunning outfit,that really drove us girls mad
Governess Emma to looked so lovely as always,and Lovely Mistress Sue did to.
All the girls had decided to get a very special cake made which Mistress really loved.
After lunch
Mistress decided it was time all us girls were taken upstairs to the p room for some games,and a few very sore spanked bottoms.and for some wicked games with us girls.
You can read more about this on her site of how the day went.
The following day I did a duo day with the lovely Samantha and was so very different in its dynamics where the day was very strict I was caned.
And both Samantha and I were put through lots of very shaming situations,I was unlocked and let out of my chasity to be teased relentlessly by Mistress and Governess.
Taken so so close and held back so so many times,and on the point where I could go on no more
I was fitted and locked into the neosteel chastity belt.
And teased more and more and made to please both Mistress and Governess.
I am told that something very special is going to be happening soon I have no idea what yet
all Mistress and Master would say was OH MY!!!!!! you wait sissy stephanie belle you wait.
Well we are into another new year,and Mistress has told me that my limits will be pushed further this year,she has told me to expect a lot of new suprises and i will be taken futher and deeper into the world of total sissifacation and control.
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about my new pics,it does mean so much to hear them and I so love making new friends to so please say hello
A few quotes that come to mine which may be apt about me (smiles)
"When I am good I am good,When I am bad I am even better"
"Between two evils,I always pick the one I have never tried before"
"you only live once but if you do it right,once is enough"
Had the most amazing evening last night with Mistress Elaine and Governess Emma,myself and monique were taken to club black whip,spent the night dancing and serving Mistress looked truly stunning as always,and Governess looked amazing,monique was so sexy.
Hi all
My name is Stephanie belle I belong to Mistress Elaine and I am her sissy
I have been with Mistress now 3 yrs and in that time I have been trained to serve please and obey
all her instructions.
I am her sissy and dress as Mistress wishes,from very frilly party dresses with petticoats and hair bows, to the more sexy tarty rauncy look.
I am 5 8 tall slim smooth all over,I am quite pretty im told I am shall I say quite small down there.
I am a slim bulid and have blue grey eyes my hair colour and wig style is up to Mistress
I do wear Mistress Elaine's collar with such pride,it is true honour to be collared by her
I not only serve Mistress Elaine, I serve Master Andy to so I have been trained and still being trained more in all forms of pleasure and service to M'F and othet sissies T.v's.
Also I am Mistress'es amd Masters cuckold sissy.
I am told I am very good at oral pleasure and learning more and more all the time I am very obidient to.
Please do look at Mistress Elaine's forced maid site and also at
There are lots of pics there of me specially in the archive section,I am also in lots of pictures taken on all the Ladies days.
Also you can fine me in Vikki's place.
I am in chastity and Mistress has the key and controls me fully that way,I am into spanking otk hand brush etc,or over bench strap paddle cane.
I am very keen to on bondage ie straps collars leashes I have also been worn face masks and hoods to.
I am very submissive and know my place, I am very friendly and easy to get on with I have a great sense of humour to,I love having lots of fun.
I would so love to meet others like me,other sissies tv's or Domme Tv's for sesions with Mistress or Mistress and Master.
I have been taken out dressed by Mistress and Master,also I have been taken to woods to be shamed.
I love to meet others do duo days with others
I hope you like my pics if you want to see more and you are intrested in me,would like to meet me do contact Mistress Elaine as she owns me totally.
I am here to amuse please and obey
Stephanie belle
Interests: Cross-dressing, Fetish clothing, Rubber, Pvc, Boots, Stockings / Suspenders, Online chat, Lingerie, Dressed nights out, Couples, Panties, Petticoats / slips, Hair accessories, Email chat, Wigs, Admirers / men, Other TGirls, Full Makeup, I am Sub, High Heels, Can Travel, BDSM / Bondage, Bridal/Wedding wear, Toys, Role Play, Uniforms, Tights/Pantihose, Micro/Mini skirts, Gloves, Corsets, Nightclubs, Satin/Silk, Females, Attached, Friendship, Photography, Art Exhibitions, Good Food / Wine, Music Festivals / Gigs, Comedy Clubs / Festivals, TV/TG Activism & Awareness, Maid Service, Mature Admirers / Men, Cosplay / Costumes, Dresses, Skirts, Leggings, Books & Literature, Foot Fetish, Kilts

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