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YK Sugi,YouTuber

YK Sugi, YouTuber

Christopher Johnson, lead designer at Devbridge Group

LinkedIn/Christopher Johnson

Former position at Google:Google Meet design lead manager and YouTube Red staff design lead manager

Why he left:Johnson left Google earlier this year after working there for seven years. Though he called Google a "dream job," he said that having children with his wife made him realize he wanted to leave California to live closer to their families in the Midwest.

"We've missed birthdays, holidays, and reunions. It's hard to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with your grandparents over video chat," Johnson wrote in a Medium post in May.

He added: "It finally came down to a question of our priorities as a family. How important was this job? Was it so important that we would sacrifice the family relationships for the money, security, and benefits? Did I believe that I would never be able to find a fulfilling job outside of Google?

"The answers to these questions are incredibly personal and they will vary greatly for different people. But for my wife and I, 10 years in California was enough and we wanted to come back home.


YK Sugi,YouTuber
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