Your definitive guide to hair donation 2018

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donate your hair

What a great decision, you beautiful person, you. We’ve compiled some tips information for you to help you pilot your way through the process to donate your hair. Have a look and get ready for some serious chops!


Most charities don’t accept hair that’s been color treated (i.e. bleached). This is because donated hair undergoes rigorous chemical cleaning before its safe to be worn as your definitive guide to hair donation 2018 a wig. Too much chemical frying makes it unsuitable for wear. Also make sure that you’re getting regular trims in the months before donation and try conditioning masks so that when it comes time to donate your hair it will be in prime shape.

Daily Hair Health

Keeping hair healthy is mostly a matter of maintenance. When getting out of the shower, use a wide-toothed comb to gently work out any knots. Start with the ends of your hair and take your time working up to the roots. Yanking through knots causes breakage that makes your hair frazzled.

The ends of long hair can get dry. To prevent this, I’ve gotten into the habit of using a drop of argan oil, warmed between my hands, to smooth down over the ends of my hair. This helps keep the ends soft and moist.

When styling, try not to blow dry every day and especially refrain from excessive straightener use. If you have curly or wavy hair that wants to poof out, consider using a that takes less time to smooth hair than a flat iron, reducing heat damage.

How Much to Give

Charities have minimum requirements for hair donation lengths. This means you might have to play the waiting game before you can give. Be mindful of how short you’re willing to go. I would love to sport the super cute pixies that are so popular right now. Alas, my face shape simply doesn’t lend itself to such a cut so I had to wait a bit longer so I could end up with hair just below my chin.

Note, though, that most charities measure the length of the hair when it’s pulled straight. 6” of curly hair when it’s coiled might end up plenty to donate. Also, most charities will allow layered hair to be donated in multiple ponytails, given that the longest layer is the minimum required length. You might not have to wait as long as you think!

Choosing the Charity

Some charities require more hair, some less. Some charge money for their wigs, some give them away. Some cater to women, some to children. Here are the top contenders:

Helping Children with Hair Loss

Wigs 4 Kids (Michigan based)

Wigs for Kids

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

It’s a personal decision, choosing which charity to donate your hair to. Research your options and decide which program you’d most like to support.

The Big Cut

The day has arrived! Carefully read the requirements and guidelines of your chosen charity so that you can be prepared. As a general rule, you’ll need your hair to be clean and dry with no styling products of any kind. Have a plan for what you want your cut to look like after the fact. Some people experience a bit of shock when their locks are taken, so bring a friend for support. Take a deep breath and... snip!

Send in your offering according to your charity’s guidelines (all of them require a plastic bag and padded packaging) and make sure to use adequate postage. Wave adieu and give yourself a pat on the back.

Donating your hair can be very rewarding. It’s an act of selflessness that benefits another, literally giving of yourself. You can contribute to a wonderful cause and end up with a sexy new style all in one day.

Carrie Wright

Contributing author Carrie Wright is a stylist and writer with a serious passion for all things fashion and beauty. She spends her money on hair products and travel deals and is looking forward to her trip to the Czech Republic. She is currently a writer for Perfecter, and enjoys getting a good deal and investing in versatile hair tools to keep her routine chic, but streamlined.

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